People's Victory 21

No. 7
November 24th, 1997

Published by Solidarity Committee of People's Victory 21 "for Democracy and Progress"

Edited by International Solidarity Team

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Hello, we are Solidarity Committee of the People's Victory 21 "for Democracy and Progress". In Korea, there will be presidential election on December 18th. Korean progressive forces have had people's candidates in '87 and '92, and this year workers' movement on the basis of KCTU(Korean Confederation of Trade Union) and almost all of progressive forces have gathered to make People's Victory 21, now stepping forward to the independent political influence. This newsletter will be composed of reports on People's Victory 21 and quick news of the workers' struggle, and will be published two times every week on Monday and Thursday. From next issue the election pledges of People's Victory 21 will be covered in series. We want you to have interests in our struggles and election activities and we would like to have practical solidarity with all of you. If you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to send e-mail to us. We want your opinions so that we can announce them on newspaper or network in our country.


1. The Current Situation of People's Victory 21 "for Democracy and Progress"
2. Quick news of the struggles of workers and people in Korea
3. 10 Major pledges of PV21
4. Press Release of People's Victory 21

1. The Current Situation of People's Victory 21 "for Democracy and Progress"

In Kyungju, Kwon obtained more support than conservative parties' candidates

On November 19th, Kyungju committee of KCTU announced the result of survey on workers in Kyungju that support rate of workers in Kyungju on Kwon Youngkil was 37.9%, which is much more than that of conservative parties. Percentages of other candidates are 19.5% of Yi Inje(NPP, New Party of People, newly-separated party from NKP), 9.9% of Kim Daejung(NCNP, National Conference for New Politics, first opposition party), 2.6% of Yi Hoechang(NKP, New Korean Party, present ruling party), and 24.8% answered, "I don't support any candidate". 64.2% of workers in this city agreed to the election tactics which set up independent candidate, and 61.8% predicted change of political power. Moreover, 68.6% agreed to the KCTU's participation in election, and 77.5% demanded the construction of new independent party of KCTU and people's organisations. In the last elections, 31.7% in '87 and 30.8% in 92 workers in this city voted for ruling parties.

Result of opinion survey by Hangyore Daily

Seoul - HC(34.8%), DJ(35.9), IJ(17.8), Kwon(1.0)
Inchon/Kyungki - HC(34.3), DJ(30.8), IJ(23.1), Kwon(2.7)
Pusan/Kyungnam - HC(35.1), DJ(13.7), IJ(36.8), Kwon(.0)
Daejun/Chungchong - HC(23.4), DJ(31.5), IJ(26.1), Kwon(.0)
Kwangju/Junra - HC(4.3), DJ(83.5), IJ(5.3), Kwon(.0)
Taegu/Kyungbuk - HC(45.9), DJ(8.9), IJ(19.1), Kwon(2.2)
HC(Yi Hoechang, NKP), DJ(Kim Daejung, NCNP), IJ(Yi Inje, NPP), Kwon(Kwon youngkil, PV21). Figures are percentages.
Upper statistics is most recent one. As you see, PV21 gets very little support. Most people, even workers, still have an illusion on the conservative oppositional party(NCNP), and they have had no experience of independent political party. So people who supported General Strike in January don't support in the election. Anyway we are doing our best and we're on startline.

Forum with Kwon Youngkil on the policy on women held

On November 21th, there was forum with Kwon on the policy on women was held in Jongno Christian Hall. Kwon announced his policies on women such as 30% obligatory employment of women, national accounting on unpaid housework, abolition of Hoju System(this law defines fathers' domination in family), etc.

Conversation with Kwon Youngkil ranked on 12th in the big bookstore.

A journalist wrote a book, Conversation with Kwon Youngkil, and in the rank of sale at one of the biggest bookstore in Korea this book was ranked on 12th. PV21 expects financial fruit and high notification of Kwon through this book.

Press interview of Kwon on environmental policy

In the press interview with journalists, Kwon called for the "basic rights of people for the clean environment" and announced his policies such as reconsideration on present government's energy policy centered on nuclear power, correction of development-led economic policy, reform of environmental management.

2. Quick news of the struggles of workers and people in Korea

Union of Hanyang Univ. Hospital returned to work

Union of Hanyang Univ. Hospital decided to stop strike after most unionists was released. Union announced, "management is efforting to incapacitate union through threatening workers, so we have to return to workplace, reorganise union, and struggle in the basis of workplace". Federation of Hopital Workers had a rally and demanded "performance of agreed points, release of imprisoned unionists, stopping of oppression on union". And if management do not perform these measures, they will make intensive struggle including general strike.

Continual repression on students' union

On November 22th, newly elected leaders of students' union of Seoul University were arrested by the guilt of violation of national security law (engagement in pro-enemy organisation). And the candidate for students' union of Hanyang Univ. was also arrested. Government and police aim at annihilating Hanchongyon (Korean Confederation of College Students' Unions) and are doing witch hunt. In the process of arrest, policemen didn't show warrant of arrest and they even shook club and hammer.

3. 10 Major pledges of PV21

Pledges on politics

"Enactment of special law against corruption! Construction of information democracy! Full realization of democracy!"

1. We will establish 'special law against corruption' for the complete reform of political system and eradicate corruptive politics through 'real name system of political funds'.

2. We are against the constitutional revision into parliamentary system, which will only lead to conservative parties' oligarchy, and we will strengthen the power and role of the parliament for the devision of three powers.

3. We will change the present minor constituency system into the medium/major constituency system and proportional representation system. And we will execute final vote system for the election of president who receives more than half of the people's support.

4. For the full realization of democracy we will perform following policies.

  1. We will abolish National Security Law and disorganise National Security Planning Center(Korean CIA).

  2. We will enlarge the rights of local self-government and guaranttee fully the freedom of political activity of trade union and social movement organisation.

  3. We will enlarge direct deomocracy through 'summon by the people' and 'suggestion by the people'.

5. We will make democratic network information society led by people.

4. Press Release of People's Victory 21

A position of Kwon Young Kil, presidential candidate of People's Victory21, on Korean government's application of IMF's rescue loan

1. Recent crisis of finance & foreign exchange in Korea result from structural problems such as economic structure which has considered big company firstly, for example big companies' management depending on loan, irresponsible investment, untruthful loan of monetary circulation's organs, high interest & high price of land - structure, fragile structure of stocks. And it also results from incompetent economic policies of government & foreign disbelief due to connection with government and company, politics of conservatism and corupption.

2. In spite of this situation, government has not tried to get rid of these fundamental factors which caused today's economic crisis, but it is making a mistake by appilicating IMF's rescue loan which would cause loss of economic sovereignty & pains of people. Applicating IMF's rescue loan is not only a conduct of selling economic sovereignty to powerful states like USA, Japan but also cause legally reasonable dismissal on a large scale. So, People's Victory 21 makes manifest that application of IMF's rescue loan without real economic reform is only a temporary policy which has no meaning.

3. We propose that Kim Young Sam President declares a emergent state of foreign exchange and then prohibits the import of luxurious articles like fur, western liquor and restricts unnecessary travels abroad. At the same time we urge that government should strengthen 'financial real name system'. And we also insist that Kim's administration should strenthen foreign confidence on their policies through dismantlement of high-interest structure, high land's price structure, for example lowering of legal highest interest, protection of lease on landed estate, stbility of rent. We also argue that the Minister of Finance, which is responsible for recent economic crisis, should be dismantled immediately and reorganize completely recent economic team through experts & administrators who have right resolution & philosophy.

November 22th

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