People's Victory 21 - Newsletter No. 8

November 27th, 1997

Published by Solidarity Committee of People's Victory 21 "for Democracy and Progress"

Edited by International Solidarity Team
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Sisters and Brothers! we are Solidarity Committee of the People's Victory 21 "for Democracy and Progress". In Korea, there will be presidential election on December 18th. Korean progressive forces have had people's candidates in '87 and '92, and this year workers' movement on the basis of KCTU(Korean Confederation of Trade Union) and almost all of progressive forces have gathered to make People's Victory 21, now campaigning for the independent political influence of the workers. This newsletter is composed of reports on People's Victory 21, quick news of the workers' struggle, and the election pledges of People's Victory 21. We want you to have interests in our struggles and election activities and we would like to have practical solidarity with all of you. If you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to send e-mail to us. We want your opinions so that we can announce them on newspaper or network in our country.


  1. The Current Situation of People's Victory 21 "for Democracy and Progress"
  2. Quick news of the struggles of workers and people in Korea
  3. 10 Major pledges of PV21

1. The Current Situation of People's Victory 21 "for Democracy and Progress"

Started 22 days' long march

PV21 started 22 days' long march after Kwon enrolled as a candidate on 26th. Before enrollment, Kwon took an oath of struggle by paying reverence to the deceased in 4.19 graveyard which is the cemetery of martyr for people's democracy. And Kwon announced following and made first street canvassing.

A starting declaration of Kwon Young Ghil, a progressive candidate of Korea

People's Victory 21 will drive a "People's judgement campaign on corrupted politics" during this presidential election. Who caused HanBo company's scandle? HanBo scandle which drived Korean economic situation into catastrophe, was caused by Kim Young Sam's administration, New Korea Party(ruling party) and opposition political forces. But none of them are responsible for the scandle. Moreover Kim Hyun Chul, a second son of President, has been released and corrupt politicians who received black money at that time are again going on with plutocracy. The legally limited election-expense which can be paid by established conservative parties is about 150000000$(US). This amount is not little with facing a national whole crisis. But real amount of their election-expense is more than the legally limited one. It will be unimaginable one. We know clearly where the money come from. People's Victory 21 will drive a People's judgement campaign on corrupted politics in order to cut a bad connection between economy and politics.

People's Victory 21 will drive a national referendum campaign for defending financial real name system and opposing legally reasonable dismissal. We will make this presidential election a political stage which each candidate is competing with his policies. Only People's Victory 21 has the rightest alternative plans. The financial real name system comes to a crisis of disappearance. The typhoon of legally reasonable dismissal will come soon in the name of economic crisis. People's Victory 21 and Kwon Young Ghil are going to drive a national referendum campaign for defending financial real name system and opposing legally reasonable dismissal during this presidential election.

People's Victory 21 will make people who are discouraged because of national whole crisis hopeful by pleasant election campaign. We will drive a pleasant election campaign with people. People's Victory 21 will make this election a political stage to act in common with the people, to revive our country, to create working people's hope & pleasure. We, all the activists of People's Victory 21 are going to thread our way through the crowd, and hold spot debating societies which speak for people's real intention. We will make these spot debating societies small festivals in which all the people such as men, women, the young and the old get together. With these kinds of election campaign, we will make a opportunity for people to step forward as a real political subject.

People's Victory 21 will drive a election campaign which can prepare Korean society's future of the 21st century. The 21st century will be a era of democracy and progress. Far-right forces and conservative ones are not reasonableness of history. We oppose rebuilding of political powers for defending vested rights, and also oppose an illicit connection among conservative forces in the name of a change of political powers. One vote for Kwon Young Ghil, a candidate of People's Victory 21, is not a dead one at all. A vote for conservative candidates among whom there is no political differences will come back to us as a blade that force out our family into the street. On the contrary, A vote for People's Victory 21 & Kwon Young Ghil is sure to be a investment for our future.

People's power which get together in this presidential election will be a basis of founding a new progessive political force in Korea. For these aims, we will do the best.

November 26th, 1997
Presidential Candidate of People's Victory 21,
Kwon Young Kil

2. Quick news of the struggles of workers and people in Korea

Federation of Democratic Taxi Workers' Union, go on a strike on December 2nd demanding 'minimum wage proper to working time'.

FDTWU had a press interview and announced that they would go on a national strike if the Ministry of Construction and Transportation ordered company to pay complete salary. They insisted that for the safe and comfortable taxi, it is necessary to guarrtee of minimum wage proper to working time. Bae Sukbom, vicarious deputy of KCTU, said, "we will take an intensive action to support taxi workers."

Federation of Hopital Workers decided national strike

On November 19th, combatant policemen raided on striking hospital workers and arrested 117 unionists in Hanyang Univ. Hospital. After this attack, leaders of FHW and students started a sit-down. FHW demands reappointment of dismissed ex-unionleader Cha, release of all the arrested, government's apology on the violent raid.

Federation of Democratic Metal Union demands 'the withdrawl of 3000 personnel cut by Halla Heavy Industries'

Yesterday, Halla Heavy Industries announced that they would dismiss 3000 workers for downsizing. FDMU insisted that this was an attempt to solve the crisis by the sacrifice of workers. And also, FDMU said, "Halla must solve the crisis on the basis of stability of employment and government must also make measures such as Special Law for the Stability of Employment."

Downsizing plan of Halla is starting a large dismissal among companies after the application for financial rescue of IMF. Samsung, largest conglomerate in Korea, also announced -30% downsizing and 34 spinoff. After the application for financial rescue of IMF, government and management intend to carry out anti-worker policies such as worker dispatch law(casualisation of labor), dismissal for restructuring(this was postponed for 2 years by the General Strike), freezing of wage or wage control in 3% increase for 5 years. KCTU are preparing actions against these policies which impose the economic crisis resulting from the failure of economic policy and bad management on workers.

There will be 5% of unemployment rate next year.

3. 10 Major pledges of PV21

4 - Pledges on social welfare

Social Welfare Revolution! Protection of Basic Rights of People!

1. We will increase the budget for social welfare to 20% of total budget, so that we might guarrantee the basic rights in the sphere of education, health care, housing etc.

2. We will guarrantee all the people's social security, and increase welfare pay to the degree of minimum wage.

3. We will integrate four social insurance and democratise fund management.

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