People's Victory 21 Newsletter

No. 10

December 4th, 1997

Published by Solidarity Committee of People's Victory 21 "for Democracy and Progress"
Edited by International Solidarity Team
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Hello, we are Solidarity Committee of the People's Victory 21 "for Democracy and Progress".

There left only two weeks before election. After economic crisis in Korea and induction of IMF's rescue fund, there are national discussion about the solution. PV21 do our best to propose the genuine solution and make people's alternative. This newsletter is still very limited and in poor English. Furthermore, We didn't know what to do and how to do it at first. Anyway this is our second attempt after General Strike this year. We want you to have interests in our struggles and election activities and we want to know your countries' situation. Through these we can have practical solidarity with each other. If you have any questions, comments, or your struggle you want to inform us, don't hesitate to send e-mail to us.

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1. Current Situation of People's Victory 21 "for Democracy and Progress"
2. Quick news of the struggles of workers and people in Korea
3. 10 Major pledges of PV21

1. Current Situation of People's Victory 21 "for Democracy and Progress"

1. Declaration about "nation struggle for keeping people's job"

The agreement between IMF and Korean government has shown that all the people in Korea should face on death. Massive dismissal and unstable employment through legally reasonable dismassal would be inevitable due to this agreement, which includes adjustment in decling 3% of economic growth rate, bankrupcy of several improperly-run banks and acceleration of economic settlement. Therefore, the People's Victory 21 inisted that Chae-bol should disorganize their conglormarate system in order to rebuild Korean economy. She, also, demanded other policy about stable employment and democratizing economy, such as defending from unemployment and legally reasonable dismissal, increasing social welfare, developing technology, rearing well structured small or medium companies. For the sake of uprising this issue, she decleared a movement named "national stuggle for keeping people' job" "As a moupiece for most salary earner," said Mr. Kwon, who is candidating the election , "I'm ready for fighting against a war of disastrous employment." He, also, said that "National movement orgazation for keeping job from dismissal" is going to struggle against ustablized employment with all democatic orgazations including KDWF and KWF. In addition to this, he made clear that every effort would be possible to reach an agreement for stable employment among workers, employers and government. He is going to join 'National rally', which will be held all over the country, and start a 10 million signature-collecting campaign for stable employment. Therefore, "An emergency committee for stable employment", which will be composed of other candidates, workers, employers, government, civil organizations and specialists, was urgently suggested by Mr. Kwon. He insisted "We cannot survive only IMF's support. Meanwhile, the thing we should do is to rebuild, revolutionally, our total economic and olitical system." He ,also, criticized reservation of Real name account law and said " It will be a sad end as long as these 3 conservative parties support Chae-bol" Because dismangling of Chae-bol is the fundmental condition for reconstructing Korean economy, he showed following policy as an alternative.

Mr. Kwon appealed to the nation " If you vote me 2 million, I can stop 'Legally reasonable dismissal. If you vote me more than 3m, I will ban Chae-bol system."

Press Release of PV21

Exclusion of Kwon by TV news, newspaper is a unjust election!

People's Victory 21, December 2nd, 1997.

Kwon youngghil of PV21 has enrolled as a candidate and continued canvass till now. But major broadcasting company such as KBS, MBC, SBS and newspapers like Daily Chosun, Daily Joongang, Daily Hankook are focusing only on Big Three(Hannara Party, New Party of People, National Conference) and don't even mention Kwon of PV21. Especially 9 oclock news is never impartial and disinterested. They even cover up favorite liquor, food, and car of conservative candidates, but don't write a line about Kwon. This election is called as a 'media election', but Kwon is excluded from mass media. Because PV21 has no negotiating body or representative in the Parliament, media handle us impartially like this. This blocks the right of access to information of the people. All election must be partial and give equal opportunity to all the candidates. This impartial attitude of media is violating the article 8(media's obligation of just report) of the law against unjust election. PV21 is going to organise protest phone calls and rally against the media's impartial reports.Call and protest against the impartial reports and violation of election law by Korean media.


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Started making posters!

We started making posters. Booklets were made for only absentee voters due to the lack of money, so posters are only propaganda for all voters. But still we need half a million US dollars for making posters. We started organise nationwide fundraising for this.


. Account of PV21 : 5377 2301 9044 2506 BC Master Card Park Seok Woon

2. Quick news of the struggles of workers and people in Korea

Daejun Holy Mather Hospital imformed union of punishment on union staff

Management of Daejun Holy Mother Hopital, who decided to punish 8 union staff on November 24th, rejected the proposal of preparatory negotiation by union. This attitude reveals their will for the destructuon of union. On November 247th, union proposed to have a formal negotiation on the basis of the article on collective bargaining, which settles "preparatory negotiation with union before deciding personal change on union staff", but management said, "We can't start preparatory negotiation, for it is year-end." Management sent papers, which said, "We decided to punish 8 union staff for settling 'shameful past' and adjusting lazy and loose discipline", and informed planned personnel committee. Union said, "They said the General Strike was a 'shameful past', but present supression on union is really 'shameful'." and declared, "If management continues punishing union staffs, we will make strong struggles including accusation of management on the violation of labor law." Union sent papers again on December 1st, which said, "It is not proper to punish union staffs for the reason of national general strike.", and proposed negotiation again. Federation of Hopital Workers announced that there were a lot of international solidarity campaign against the supression of DHM Hospital. labor organisation like PSI, FIET, OTV, UNISON, CGIL sent a message of solidarity, PSI headquarters and All Japan Medical Workers Union sent a note of protest to the DHM Hospital.

3. 10 Major pledges of PV21

6. Pledges on women

Government's Responsibility on Childcare! 30% Women Employment System! Enactment of Law against Buying and Selling of Prostitution!

1) We will enforce government's obligatory childcare system and guarantee 70% of pay in case of childcare leave.

2) We will develop the system of at least 30% employment of women and enact complete equal employment law.

3) We will enact law against buying and selling of prostitution and law against sexual harrassment, so that we might eradicate sexual commercialization of women.

4) We will enlarge the protection of maternity whose cost is paid by government.

5) We will guarantee the status of women in the family through the abolition of the family-head system(system which insures fathers' dominant power and oppress women in the family) and the assurance of national pension rights of women.

Let's drive an international protest campaign against HyunDai!

An international protest campaign against HanYoung company's oppression on labor movement in Mexico is increasing, which company belongs to HyunDai of Korea. That's why, the issue of a violation of workers' rights by Korean companies which made inroads into foreign countries is again highlighted on a world scale. HanYoung company which is located at free trade zone in Mexico, TIJUANA, fired 12 members of trade union's leadership, as soon as a new democratic trade union was founded at first in that region on October 6. So, four dismissed workers are driving a hunger struggle as demanding a guarantee of independent trade union's action & resumption of dismissed workers. As this news has been known widely, many organizations for workers' rights from USA, Canada, Mexico started to support HanYoung workers' struggle. And USA organizations for workers' rights have driven a boycott campaign of HyunDai's motors in front of the shops of HyunDai Motors located in magor cities of USA at December 1, and will drive the same campaign at December 6.