People's Victory 21 - Newsletter No. 9

December 1st, 1997

Published by Solidarity Committee of People's Victory 21 "for Democracy and Progress"

Edited by International Solidarity Team
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Hello, we are Solidarity Committee of the People's Victory 21 "for Democracy and Progress". In Korea, there will be presidential election on December 18th. Korean progressive forces have had people's candidates in '87 and '92, and this year workers' movement on the basis of KCTU (Korean Confederation of Trade Union) and almost all of progressive forces have gathered to make People's Victory 21, now campaigning for the independent political influence of the workers. This newsletter is composed of reports on People's Victory 21, quick news of the workers' struggle, and the election pledges of People's Victory 21. We want you to have interests in our struggles and election activities and we would like to have practical solidarity with all of you. If you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to send e-mail to us. We want your opinions so that we can announce them on newspaper or network in our country.


  1. The Current Situation of People's Victory 21 "for Democracy and Progress"
  2. Quick news of the struggles of workers and people in Korea
  3. 10 Major pledges of PV21

1. The Current Situation of People's Victory 21 "for Democracy and Progress"

Financial crisis of PV21

After 6 days of election canvassing, so called Big Three, conservative parties' candidates have a TV speech, newpaper ads everyday. But Kwon of PV21 cannot inform his existence because of financial difficulty. Beside the placards, we can't make other P.R. such as paper ads, posters, and bill. We can't even give one bill per house because we don't have 300,000$. Broadcasting Companies have excluded small candidates(including us) from TV forum, so most effective P.R., TV ads is a only way for us. But this costs 6,600,000$ totally, so we want to at least one ad which costs 900,000$.

Rally against "TV Forum Committee"

'Election TV forum committee' decided to allow one TV forum for 4 small candidates on 10 a.m. December 10th. This is contrasted to the decision Big Three was allowed three times at prime time and against the constitutional equal rights. PV21 will have a rally in front of KBS on December 1st when only Big Three have TV forum.

Major slogan - "Wake Up, Korea"

PV21 decided a major slogan as "Wake Up, Korea". If real subject of production, 12 million wage earners, workers, and farmers, don't gather their power and make independent political power, they would be in the sway of small number. This slogan means 95% people should 'wake up' against despair and 'stand up' the failed nation. After the rescue fund by IMF, conservative parties made a slogan meaning 'reviving economy', but 'real reviving economy' can be taken from large number of people.

Press release:
Real Name Account System Rather Must Be Strengthened!
Against conservative parties' demand for immediate abolition of Real Name Account System

Conservative parties, such as Hannara Party(former New Korea Party), National Conference for New Politics, and New Party of People, continously demand immediate postponenment or abolition of real name account system. Real name account system is a reformative measure for separation of economy and politics, and eradication of secret fund and hidden capital. So it has helped make clean politics, block the inflow of real name capital into private loan business and real estate market, and normalize the flow of capital.

Nevertheless, conservative politicians, by the order of conglormerates and big private moneylenders, pervert the reality as though real name account system made the black money hidden. This is an irresponsible and shameless attitude that aims at only large vote by shuffling off the responsibility of economic crisis. They close their eyes on the desire of the people for the eradication of plutocracy, development of sound economy, and realization of social justice.

Where does present economic crisis come from? As everybody knows, is it from conglormerates' management based on large debt, octopus-like and unproductive investment, goverment-controlling and preferencial financing, and conservative politicians who caused these situation in hands with conglormerates? Is the reason hidden capital didn't come into the open inconclusive enforcement of real name account system?

In order to make any better national economy through eradication and transformation into industrial capital of hidden capital, real name account system must be rather strengthened than be postponed or stopped.

For this, we will strengthen real name account system to the degree that all false name dealings be illegal, in case of violation on this both finacial institutes and dealers be punished, and dealers inform banks of the origin and usage of money if the money is over some limit. And this must be developed to Real Name Account Law rather than emergency presidential decree.

And also, we require government to reform the conglormerate system, enact the anti-corruption law and prohibit the adhesion between economy and politics, and expose a high land value and high interest rate system.

November 28th, 1997

2. Quick news of the struggles of workers and people in Korea

Evacuated people take a sit-in in NCNP building and go on a hunger strike

On November 28th, 20 removed people of NURP (National Union of Removed People) took a sit-in in NCNP building and went on a hunger strike. Last summer, there was a illegal and forced evacuation by policemen and gangsters, and Park Soonduk, mother of two children, died. But authority still don't punish responsible person, and on the contrary they arrest and put into prison removed people who have taken a sit-in with Park. And also, temporary accommodation facility for removed people, which had been deceased Park's desire, has not yet been constructed and compensation on household property hasn't been taken, either. 20 people of NURP demand the enforcement of the law against forced evacuation and punishment on responsible person for arson and murder.

Federation of Bank Workers, takes an intensive action against forced downsizing

While banking institutions are blamed as an criminal who caused IMF rescue fund, FBW takes an intensive action against downsizing and large scale dismissal. FBW held a meeting and said, "We will cooperate with company in order to solve financial crisis and recover competitiveness of banking institutes, but strongly oppose to the governemnt that ascribe the responsibility of economic crisis on banking workers." They made a plan of rally against forced downsizing and for stability of employment on December 2nd and demanded the construction of 'cooperative organisation by large comprimise among labor, management, and government'.

3. 10 Major pledges of PV21

5. Pledges on reunification

Reconciliation and Cooperation between South and North Korea!
Realization of Peaceful Relationship in Korean Peninsula!
Fulfillment of South-North Agreement!

  1. By government's support on famine North Korean people, we will make higher the reconciliation and cooperation of Korean people. And also, we will help civil campaign for helping famine in North Korea.

  2. We will make new step forward to reunification by realisation and regularisation of summit conference between South and North Korea.

  3. We will lay a foundation of reunification by Parliament's ratification on South-North Agreement.

  4. We will abolish National Security Law, activate interchanges between South and North, support civil campaigns for reunification, and propel meeting of divided families.

  5. We will realize peaceful relationship led by South and North, abolish the share of expenses for foreign army station, and collect rent for army base. And through these measures, we will realize people's desire for independence and peace.

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