Friday morning updates: Facebook page, IUF victory, video of the year, and open rates for mass emails

Our Facebook page went from 0 to 117 likes in the first 24 hours online.

Yesterday’s mass mailing focussed on the IUF’s victory in Indonesia against Nestle – driving a substantial amount of traffic to the IUF website as a result.

The number of submissions to the Labour Video of the Year has stalled.  Only 2 new submissions came in as a result of the mass mailing.

17 hours after our mass mailing went out and only 10% of the list has opened the message.  MailChimp claims that it’s normal for 20-30% to do so.  Our best result in the last month in a mailing to the English list was to get 18% to open.  Any ideas on how we can improve the open rate?  (It’s higher for mailings to our correspondents – as many as 24% will open a mailing.  Still, that means 3 out of 4 correspondents don’t open their emails from us.)


  • Could we be blacklisted somewhere? It can happen from others spamming from a shared host server without LabourStart’s address ever being mentionned. I found this out setting up a company newsletter. The mails don’t even arrive in subscriber’s inboxes but are thrown out by Gmail, Hotmail and antispam software using these lists.

    Comment | April 2, 2011
  • Eric Lee

    Well, that’s one of the reasons for using a commercial email provider – they bend over backwards to ensure that they are not listed as a spammer, and actually took the precaution of suspending our account as I reported last week. We are more likely to be blacklisted if we do it ourselves.

    Comment | April 2, 2011

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