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Prominent journalist arrested for social media posts 2024-06-11 [IFJ]

Second Labor Activist Arrested In a Month 2024-05-22 [The Diplomat]

Pro-union labour ministry official jailed 2024-05-10 [The Gazette]

False Claims on Labor Rights - Seeking US Trade Preferences, Hanoi Insists Workers Can Organize 2024-05-09 [Human Rights Watch]

Vietnam steps up labour union cooperation with Brazil, Peru, Uruguay 2024-03-12 [Vietnam Plus]

Government likely to permit worker unions to appease EU critics 2024-03-12 [Deutsche Welle]

VND4.2 trillion for Tet care from trade union fund 2024-02-04 [SGGP]

Vietnam Labor Federation Proposes Cut to Weekly Working Hours 2024-01-16 [Vietnam Briefing]

Trade union Tet market goes online 2024-01-15 [Vietnam Plus]

Why Samsung factory workers in Vietnam are becoming beauticians 2023-12-04 [Rest of World]

Cash-on-delivery fraud is a nightmare for gig workers in Vietnam 2024-01-03 [Rest of World]

Labor federation proposes fewer working hours, businesses say ‘no’ 2024-01-09 [Vietnam Net]

Nearly 10,000 join walk to raise funds for underprivileged laborers 2024-01-07 [SGGP]

Tourism workers in Hoi An voice hope over social insurance policies 2023-08-20 [VNN]

Trade union to continue spending $6 million to support laid-off workers 2023-08-15 [VNN]

Provincial Labor Union pays gift visit to workers with difficult circumstances 2023-05-13 [Bao Binh Duong]

Concerns for Vietnamese journalist after abduction 2023-04-21 [IFJ]

Journalist imprisoned in closed-door court hearing 2023-04-14 [IFJ]

Farewell to Jobs: Mass Layoffs and Precarity of Vietnamese Workers 2023-02-14 [Asian Labour Review]

“Mercedes in Two Years?” Grab Workers’ Mounting Discontent and Wildcat Strikes 2023-02-07 [Asian Labour Review]

Desperate Vietnamese draining social insurance accounts 2023-02-03 [asiatimes]

The Vietnamese Debt Bondage Gamble 2023-01-17 [The Diplomat]

First Provincial Labour Arbitration Council: A Solid First Step 2023-01-03 [Fulcrum]

Journalist assaulted by prison guards 2022-10-19 [IFJ]

The women workers of Vietnam’s silk farming industry 2022-08-28 [Equal Times]

Court upholds nine-year prison sentence for journalist 2022-08-27 [IFJ]

New law restricts journalists from recording court proceedings 2022-08-25 [IFJ]

Citizen journalist dies in detention 2022-08-12 [IFJ]

City trade unions ensure happy Tết for labourerS 2018-12-26 [The News]

Việt Nam ratifies ILO Convention on employment for workers with disabilities 2019-03-28 [Vietnam News]

Journalist jailed for publishing ‘anti-state' propaganda 2022-03-24 [IFJ]

Journalist sentenced to ‘re-education' for alleged defamation 2022-04-13 [IFJ]

Govt to introduce extra pay for women's work on period 2020-12-20 [Tuoi Tre News]

The role of labour activism in Vietnam's coronavirus success 2020-07-02 [Equal Times]

Implementing new Labour Code will expedite Viet Nam's path to high income country 2021-01-11 [ILO]

How Will Vietnam's New Labor Code Affect Employers? 2020-03-02 [Lexology]

Challenges in Vietnam's manufacturing M&A 2020-11-09 [Dezan Shira]

UNI Asia & Pacific bolsters ties with Vietnamese trade unions 2022-06-11 [UNI]

Journalist sentenced to prison for 'abusing democratic freedoms' 2022-04-12 [IFJ]

Vietnamese workers at Chinese tyre factory in Serbia get back passports as activists call for human trafficking probe 2021-11-23 [South China Morning Post]

Five journalists sentenced to a combined total of almost 15 years in prison 2021-11-03 [IFJ]

Eight-year sentence for journalist upheld 2021-10-09 [IFJ]

Workers try to flee Vietnam's biggest city as coronavirus crisis worsens 2021-08-16 [Reuters]

Former editor and pro-democracy activist jailed 2021-07-15 [IFJ]

Independent journalist arrested for opposing socialist party 2021-07-05 [IFJ]

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Journalist arrested over infrastructure criticism 2020-12-22 [IFJ]

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