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Top news - Minnesota

Amazon campaign activists win new law in Minnesota to make warehouses safer 2023-05-26 [UNI Global Union]

Workday Magazine is Relaunching to Better Tell Pro-Labor Stories 2023-05-25 [Racket]

Changing UAW’s Culture & The 1990 CIA AFL-CIO Attack On Mexico City Ford Workers With Rob McKenzie For more info 2023-05-04 [LVP]

Postal Service workers to protest in Twin Cities as a part of nationwide union effort 2023-04-29 [KARE]

St. Paul Starbucks workers’ strike, walk off job Thursday 2023-04-28 [KMSP]

Workers At 33 Cub Foods Stores Will Strike Before Easter 2023-04-06 [Patch]

AT&T moving hundreds of jobs out of downtown Minneapolis 2023-04-05 [Axios]

Non-compete agreement leaves workers homeless and jobless 2023-02-06 [Labor Notes]

Minnesota House Backs Extended Jobless Pay for Mine Workers 2023-01-25 [Lakeland PBS]

Amazon workers rally outside Shakopee warehouse for better pay, safer work 2022-12-09 [MN Reformer]

Shipt sued by DC, Minnesota attorneys general over worker classification 2022-10-29 [Grocery Dive]

Minnesota attorney general accuses Target-owned Shipt of cheating workers 2022-10-28 [Star Tribune]

Workers from various jobs march to demand 'unions for all' 2022-10-15 [KARE]

Mental Health workers plan to strike 2022-09-29 [KSTP]

15,000 nurses determined to win a fair contract to put patients before profits after historic strike 2022-09-15 [Minnesota Nurses Association]

Employers seeing ‘renewed interest’ in labor unions this year 2022-09-16 [Fox]

Breaking: Hospital executives launch desperate attack on collective rights of nurses fighting for better patient care and working conditions 2022-09-01 [Minnesota Nurses Asociation]

Twin Ports nurses to gather withcommunity supporters ahead of strike 2022-09-09 [Minnesota Nurses Association]

15,000 Minnesota Nurses Wage Largest Private Sector Nurses’ Strike in US History 2022-09-13 [Truthout]

15,000 nurses in Minnesota go on strike over critically low staffing levels and overwork; Minnesota Nurses Association-NNU says strike will last three days 2022-09-12 [Washington Post]

15,000 Minnesota nurses to strike for three days starting September 15th 2022-09-04 [CBS]

Trader Joe's Union Campaign Takes Two Steps Forward, One Step Back 2022-08-28 [Labour Notes]

Trader Joe's Union Campaign Takes Two Steps Forward, One Step Back 2022-08-27 [Labor Notes]

Workers organize at a second Trader Joe's, this one in Minneapolis 2022-08-14 [New York Times]

Recently Unionized Minneapolis Starbucks Workers Conduct Two-day Strike 2022-08-14 [Unicorn Riot ]

Starbucks workers strike in South Minneapolis 2022-08-02 [MSR]

El Burrito Mercado, others closed today for ‘Day Without Immigrants' strike 2017-02-16 [Twin Cities]

Union sues, claims Ramsey County has a ‘broken child protection system' 2017-04-11 [Twin Cities]

Amazon Employee on Bezos stepping down: He's ‘gotten very wealthy' off of ‘work that all of his employees have done' 2021-02-05 [Yahoo Finance]

Delta Catering Workers ‘Left In Poverty' To Protest At MSP Airport 2020-02-15 [CBS]

‘Work From Home If You Can' Policy For State Workers Extended Until June 2021 2020-10-22 [CBS]

All minimum wage workers will get a raise thanks to inflation – and a 2014 law 2017-08-18 [Go MN]

‘We're begging for women workers,' says Minnesota building trades leader 2018-05-01 [People's World]

The Amazon Prime Day strike shows how to take on Amazon – and win 2019-07-17 [Guardian]

‘Beat The Machine': Amazon Warehouse Workers Strike To Protest Inhumane Conditions 2019-07-17 [The Verge]

Minneapolis police union endorses Tim Pawlenty, who doesn't like unions 2018-07-23 [City Pages]

Twin Cities transit workers approve Met Council's latest contract offer, averting Super Bowl strike 2017-12-19 [Twin Cities Pioneer Press]

In Minneapolis strike, teachers say kids aren't all right 2022-03-10 [AP News]

City's Firing of All Full-Time Union Firefighters Broke the Law 2019-10-10 [Bloomberg]

Amazon workers' Prime Day strike begins in Minnesota 2019-07-15 [CNBC]

Under Minnesota's new wage theft law, bosses who don't pay workers could face prison 2019-07-22 [DL-Online]

The 1985 Hormel strike was one of Minnesota's most contentious labor disputes 2019-08-12 [MNPost]

St. Paul classes canceled as city's public school teachers strike 2020-03-10 [MPR]

MN AFL-CIO Calls on Police Union President to Resign over George Floyd's Killing 2020-07-30 [News Break]

Labor has a big stake in St. Paul's fight for $15 2018-08-03 [Workday]

It's Time For Bold Action, and Unions are Up To The Challenge 2020-02-01 [Workday MN]

Amazon's Workers Plan To Disrupt Prime Day With An Organized Strike 2019-07-15 [Z6]

UFCW 663 leaders help workers apply for frontline worker pay 2022-07-09 [Globe]

MN's United's in-house camera crew requests voluntary union recognition 2022-07-09 [FOX]

North Central Planned Parenthood workers file for union election 2022-06-13 [Post Bulletin]

This month in labour history

This month in labour history

3-06-1900 The International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union is founded in New York City. [more]

3-06-2016 A federal judge ruled that women's soccer players could not go on strike, despite their collective bargaining agreement (which included a no-strike clause) having expired. The women were in dispute over pay discrimination. [more]

4-06-1912 Massachusetts becomes the first US state to establish a minimum wage [more]

4-06-2012 When National Football League referees failed to agree to a new contract, which included big pension cuts, the NFL locked them out and began hiring scabs to replace them. Bosses came up with a revised offer which was agreed on 26 September. [more]

6-06-1933 10,000 auto workers strike in Lansing, Michigan and paralyze the city for a month following the arrest of 9 of them, including the union president's wife forced to leave 3 children alone at home. [more]

8-06-1917 Disaster at the Spectator mine in Butte, Montana: 168 dead. [more]

9-06-1865 Helen Marot, campaigner for working women, is born. [more]

10-06-1963 Congress adopts a law on equal pay for men and women. [more]

11-06-1913 Police shoot at maritime workers on strike at United Fruit Co. in New Orleans, killing one. [more]

12-06-1904 Defying AFL's Samuel Gompers, 50,000 members of the Amalgamated Meat Cutters and Butcher Workmen walk off their jobs. [more]

16-06-1918 Railroad union leader and socialist Eugene Debs makes his famous speech against capitalism in Canton, OH, which will land him in jail. [more]

17-06-1903 In Philadelphia, "Mother Jones" organizes a demonstration of children who had been mutilated in textile factories to draw public attention to their fate. [more]

19-06-1912 The eight-hour day is adopted for Federal employees [more]

20-06-1947 President Truman vetoes the anti-union Taft-Hartley Act, but his veto is overturned by Congress three days later. [more]

20-06-1893 The American Railway Union is founded with Eugène Debs at its head. [more]

21-06-1877 Hanging in Pennsylvania of 10 miners accused of being "Molly Maguires" activists sentenced to death on the basis of an investigation carried out by a private detectives agency sponsored by a private company. [more]

23-06-1999 Workers at Fieldcrest Cannon textile plants in North Carolina vote for union recognition after a 25 year struggle [more]

27-06-1905 The Industrial Workers of the World, later popularly known as the Wobblies, is founded in Chicago with the aim of uniting all workers in One Big Union [more]

29-06-1894 Over 125,000 workers on two dozen railroads have joined the boycott of Pullman cars [more]

30-06-1918 Socialist anf labor leader Eugene Debs is arrested under the Espionage Act for making an anti-war speech in Canton, Ohio [more]