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Top news - Michigan

Democrats vote to repeal anti-union law 2023-03-20 [Daily KOS]

Persistence pays as MI highly skilled workers secure big pay raise 2023-03-17 [AFSCME]

MI Senate repeals right-to-work-for-less law in historic victory for organized labor 2023-03-16 [Washington Post]

Nursing home workers threaten strike amid contract negotiations in Detroit 2023-01-17 [Click on Detroit]

Nursing home workers threaten strike amid contract negotiations in Detroit 2023-01-17 [Click on Detroit]

Lake Michigan Credit Union Employees Vote in Favor to Form Labor Union 2023-01-07 [CUTimes]

'We aren't being recognized': Workers' union bid at one financial institution 2022-12-18 [Am Banker]

Workers at GM joint venture battery plant vote to join UAW 2022-12-11 [Norwalk Reflector]

More workers say Starbucks retaliated for union efforts: ‘I lost everything when they fired me’ 2022-10-16 [Guardian]

Mine workers ratify contract with Cleveland-Cliffs 2022-10-01 [Cleveland Business Journal]

How Zoomers Organized the First Chipotle Union 2022-09-03 [Labor Notes]

Workers at a Chipotle in Lansing, Michigan become the first location in the U.S. to form a union 2022-08-27 [Fortune]

Chipotle workers vote to unionize at MI location 2022-08-27 [Axios]

Chipotle Workers in Michigan Vote to Join Teamsters 2022-08-26 [Teamsters]

Chipotle workers in Lansing vote 11-3 to form a union, the first for the chain 2022-08-26 [CNBC]

Victory: MI Court Restores Workers’ Full Rights to Paid Sick Time 2022-07-28 [Better Balance]

To preserve jobs, UAW head says battery plants must be union 2022-07-26 [KSTP]

Steelworkers protesting for fair contracts, saying ‘We need to feed our families' 2018-02-16 [FOX]

5th grade charter school teacher Mika Yamamoto, fired from Michigan's Renaissance Public School Academy, where she was the only teacher of color, claims she was told by her principal, “The community is not ready for your voice. 2017-02-20 [I can't escape this blog]

‘Major victory' for teachers: $550M refund 2017-12-21 [Detroit News]

Nurses, UP Health System–Marquette hospital official talk about strike 2017-10-06 [ABC]

Union Members To Honor ‘Rosie the Riveter' By Painting In Dearborn 2019-03-23 [CBS]

‘We're Sick of Giving Away Our Future': An Interview with Kellogg Strike Leaders 2021-10-08 [Labour Notes]

Audio: Kellogg's Executive Described Union as “Terrorists” Emboldened by Social Media 2022-04-30 [Intercept]

Warren Pitches ‘Accountable Capitalism' to Union Voters 2019-10-01 [Bloomberg]

Michigan Senate votes to scrap school union ‘release time' 2018-11-28 [Detroit News]

Battle Creek Kellogg workers picketing against contract givebacks are part of ‘Striketober' 2021-10-19 [Detroit MetroTimes]

Unvaccinated Michigan workers are still required to wear masks – here's how employers must enforce it 2021-05-25 [MLive]

‘I wanted to make this job worth having:' Michigan Starbucks workers join the union fight 2022-06-13 [MLive]

‘Death of 1,000 cuts': Kellogg's workers on why they're striking 2021-10-07 [The Guardian]

Union president calls proposed cuts at Kellogg's devastating 2017-09-02 [FOX]

Detroit charter school teachers get tough news: Their school was in debt so they won't get paid 2017-07-28 [Chalkbeat]

Labor's lame duck victories here offer a blueprint for the battles ahead 2016-12-23 [Eclecta Blog]

Judge Blocks Seattle's Plan to Unionize Uber 2017-04-08 [IWF]

UWUA celebrates Women's History Month with an original Rosie the Riveter 2019-03-30 [The Press and Guide]

Kellogg's to replace some striking workers after talks stall 2021-11-24 [AP]

Workers, hotel reach an agreement at Detroit's Westin Book Cadillac 2018-11-05 [Curbed Detroit]

We don't even make a living wage: Grad employees call for change at rally 2019-03-21 [State News]

Grad Workers' Strike Shows Labor Why It Must Become Abolitionist 2020-11-17 [Truthout]

Workers strike at Detroit's Westin Book Cadillac hotel 2018-10-08 [WVVA]

MI bills target payroll fraud, bolster AG's crackdown 2019-08-31 [Wichita Eagle]

Detroit teachers unions won't be hurt by the Janus decision. They already survived. 2018-06-22 [Chalkbeat]

Kellogg flooded with fake applicants amid company's attempts to replace striking union workers with scabs 2021-12-11 [Daily Dot]

It's the summer of pension reform for Teamsters 2018-08-01 [The News]

BCTGM seals 5-year deal with Kellogg's 2021-12-29 [IUF]

Protesters celebrate Wendy's pulling out of University of Michigan, call for continued boycott 2019-03-11 [MLive]

Kellogg's to replace some striking workers after talks stall 2021-11-25 [News Tribune]

Striking Kellogg's workers to get 3% raises in new contract 2021-12-03 [WAGM]

To win the Midwest, labor-backed coalition pursues minorities who haven't voted before in midterms 2018-11-01 [WaPo]

Kellogg's and its striking workers to resume talks next week 2021-11-28 [WENY]

This month in labour history

This month in labour history

6-03-1913 Joe Hill's song "There is Power in a Union" first appeared in the @_IWW union's Little Red Song Book. [more]

7-03-1932 Unemployed workers stage a hunger march to the Ford complex at Dearborn, demanding workers be rehired. Police shoot at the demonstration, killing 4 and injuring 60 [more]

7-03-1860 Some 6,000 shoemakers, later joined by 20,000 other workers, are on strike in Lynn, Massachussets. They get wage increases but not recognition for their union. [more]

7-03-1920 “Hunger march” by the unemployed to the Ford factories in Dearborn, asking for help and hiring. Police shoot at crowd, killing 4 and injuring 60 people. [more]

8-03-1942 Lucy Parsons, founding member of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW), and powerful orator for women, working people, and political prisoners died. [more]

8-03-1926 Fur & Leather Workers Union (mostly women) went on strike in NYC, enduring beatings by police. They won a 10% raise and a five-day week. [more]

9-03-1910 Westmoreland County Coal strikes begins, ending in 1911. It is known as the 'Slovak strike', as 70% of the miners are Slovakian. 16 people are killed. [more]

11-03-1950 TWU members at American Airlines win 11-day national strike, gaining what the union says was the first severance pay clause in industry. [more]

12-03-1929 Lupe Anguiano, women's rights activist and labour organizer, is born. [more]

12-03-1912 The Bread and Roses strikers won all their demands. The strike was organized by mostly women workers and the Industrial Workers of the World and included 20,000 workers. [more]

13-03-1830 The term “rat,” referring to a worker who betrays fellow workers, first appears in print in the New York Daily Sentinel [more]

15-03-1917 The Supreme Court approves the 8-hour day law as rail workers threaten national strike. [more]

15-03-1948 National strike by bituminous coal miners demanding pensions. [more]

16-03-1960 The United Teachers' Federation is formed in New York to represent public school teachers and later all education workers in the metropolis. [more]

18-03-1937 New York City police arrested striking Woolworth's store clerks - mostly women - who had occupied stores demanding a 40-hour workweek. [more]

31-03-1927 Cesar Chavez, Mexican-American labour leader, is born. [more]