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Top news - Scotland

GMB blast ministers over lack of intervention on equal pay 2024-05-22 [The Herald]

Victory for worker in rape centre gender row 2024-05-20 [The Times]

Union warns £6.6bn needed now to save 30,000 Scots oil and gas jobs 2024-05-20 [www.heraldscotland.com]

Power station workers to walk out after rejecting ‘real terms pay cut’ 2024-05-14 [PA Media]

Thousands of council workers expected to be consulted on strike action 2024-05-13 [The Standard]

Teachers ‘morally blackmailed’ into excessive hours, union says 2024-05-10 [Morning Star]

Most food delivery couriers in Scotland feel ‘unsafe’ at work, study finds 2024-05-08 [Morning Star]

STUC cautions Labour against 'weakening workers' rights pledges' 2024-05-05 [The National]

Scottish Labour fury as Keir Starmer waters down workers' rights plan 2024-05-03 [The National]

STV members strike action, day two 2024-05-01 [NUJ]

Unite secures 10.9% pay uplift for OCS workers at Glasgow airport 2024-04-30 [Unite the union]

Scottish government join Tories to block support for injured workers 2024-04-19 [Morning Star]

Unite says Scottish government needs ‘reality check’ over failing emissions and green jobs policies as targets ditched 2024-04-18 [Unite]

STUC calls for devolution of employment law to Scotland 2024-04-18 [The National]

STUC back worker-led just transition 2024-04-16 [Morning Star]

Union cancels STV 24-hour strike amid talks on pay dispute 2024-04-16 [The Herald]

Union claims striking staff cannot 'speak freely' 2024-04-16 [BBC]

Scottish Trades Union Congress fails to back no-cuts motion 2024-04-15 [Morning Star]

Workers Winning Together - Over £4.4 Billion Won by Unions 2024-04-15 [STUC]

Scottish workers bag £4.4bn in two years, STUC announces at annual congress 2024-04-15 [Morning Star]

Scottish Parliament urged to back Labour MSP's safety at work Bill 2024-04-13 [Morning Star]

Dundee women must get compensation they deserve in equal pay fight, trade union chief says 2024-04-10 [The Courier]

Politicians invited to 'rat summit' in Glasgow by union 2024-04-09 [The Times]

Aberdeen trade union demands public inquiry on 15th anniversary of fatal North Sea helicopter crash 2024-04-02 [Live]

Union calls for teacher guidance on restraining pupils 2024-03-30 [BBC]

Scottish government failing on green jobs, says Clark 2024-03-26 [Morning Star]

STUC: Keir Starmer 'must not U-turn' on workers' rights 2024-03-24 [The National]

STUC backs college strikers, branding cuts an ‘absolute scandal’ 2024-03-23 [The Morning Star]

Employers in Scotland fined £9.4m for health and safety violations 2024-03-17 [The Ferret]

ScotRail workers to strike over on-call working arrangements 2024-03-16 [PA Media]

Women and girls 'had to join the miners' strike cause' 2024-03-10 [BBC]

Roz Foyer: Women have always been at the heart of the trade union movement 2024-03-08 [The National]

Dunfermline Tesco store hosts 'Freedom from Fear' campaign 2024-03-04 [The Press]

PFA Scotland and SPFL united in calling for improved concussion management ahead of IFAB meeting 2024-03-02 [FIFPRO]

Unite provides safety ‘road map’ to First Minister for Scottish bus drivers 2024-02-29 [Unite]

The Fight to Keep Scottish Strip Clubs Open 2024-02-13 [VICE]

'Scottish workers can still benefit from work of trade unions in EU' 2024-02-10 [The National]

Trade unionists and anti-racist groups to mark one year of 'fight against fascism' 2024-02-04 [The National]

Covid Inquiry: BBC accused of misrepresenting trade union evidence 2024-01-31 [The National]

Union demands pay compensation after Scots workers ‘not given notice’ over loss of building jobs 2024-01-16 [The Daily Record]

Nurses' trade union says SNP Government plan for care services should be scrapped 2024-01-15 [The Daily Record]

Scottish trains are on track for further chaos, says union 2024-01-14 [The National]

Exclusive: Jobs-threat uni staff ‘feel sick’ at thought of returning to work after hellish holiday 2024-01-11 [The Press and Journal]

MSPs reject industrial injuries Bill which could help footballers with dementia 2024-01-11 [The Daily Record]

Scottish Water branded 'out of control' over near-£500m spend on private firms 2024-01-07 [The Daily Record]

Salmon farming giant Mowi's 'double standards' in treatment of Norwegian and Scots workers 2024-01-07 [The Daily Record]

Assaults at Scottish schools lead to major rise in teacher compensation claims 2024-01-03 [Aberdeen Live]

Aberdeen University workers to ballot for strike action 2024-01-03 [Morning Start]

Scottish union chief calls for clarity on public service cuts 2024-01-01 [BBC]

Trade union leader says public services under ‘attack’ from Scottish Government 2023-12-31 [The Daily Record]

This month in labour history

This month in labour history

4-05-1926 For the first and so far only time in British history, the TUC calls millions of workers out in a general strike, in support of coal miners. [more]

5-05-1882 Sylvia Pankhurst, suffragette and revolutionary socialist, is born. [more]

10-05-1920 Dockers refused to load arms shipments to be used by White armies in Russia. [more]

14-05-1771 Socialist philanthropist Robert Owen is born [more]

30-05-1984 Miners leader Arthur Scargill, along with 81 other pickets, is arrested at the Orgreave coking plant in South Yorkshire. [more]