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Unpaid carers 'being left behind' new carer's leave law 2024-04-08 [BBC]

PSNI: Ex-officer loses appeal over dismissal amid abuse claims 2024-04-08 [BBC]

RCN rejects NI pay offer, while other unions vote in favour 2024-03-23 [BBC]

Education: main teaching unions vote to accept pay offer 2024-03-22 [BBC]

Lecturer unions UCU and NASUWT reject 'insulting' pay offer 2024-03-20 [BBC]

From ‘Banter’ to ‘Abuse’?: New Northern Ireland guide aims to eradicate sexual harassment in the workplace 2024-03-12 [News Letter]

Belfast City Hall statues of historic female activists installed ahead of International Women’s Day unveiling 2024-03-05 [The Irish News]

Police laid surveillance trap for journalists 2024-02-29 [NUJ]

Strikes: Where each sector stands as unions ponder over pay deals 2024-02-27 [Belfast Telegraph]

Health staff and civil servants offered 5% rise 2024-02-27 [BBC]

Translink: Bus and rail strikes suspended after latest pay offer 2024-02-25 [BBC]

Junior doctors in NI vote for strike action over pay 2024-02-20 [BBC]

Executive’s £688m for public sector pay may not end industrial action, unions warn 2024-02-16 [Belfast Telegraph]

Doctors' pay: BMA 'disappointed' after talks with health officials 2024-02-16 [BBC]

Transport unions give Department of Infrastructure ‘two weeks’ to resolve pay dispute 2024-02-14 [Belfast Telegraph]

School strikes: teaching unions postpone industrial action 2024-02-13 [BBC]

Unite seeking meeting with minister for economy Conor Murphy over proposed closure of Castlereagh campus 2024-02-12 [Unite the union]

CWU bid to save 300 local jobs at BT Enniskillen after shock announcement 2024-02-10 [CWU]

Pay must be priority for new government, union boss says 2024-02-04 [RTÉ]

Transport workers to delay strike to allow space for pay offer 2024-02-06 [SIPTU]

Bus and train workers cancel planned February strike 2024-02-06 [BBC]

MenoVest event – raising awareness of menopause in the workplace 2024-02-01 [Belfast Telegraph]

Bus and train workers strike again despite Stormont progress 2024-02-01 [BBC]

Seagate Technology workers vote for union recognition 2024-01-31 [BBC]

Translink strike to go ahead without more pay detail - union 2024-01-28 [BBC]

Nursing unions ‘taking stock’ after strike 2024-01-26 [Nursing Times]

Viberoptix: 100 jobs under threat at broadband contractor 2024-01-26 [BBC]

Major public transport strike action planned for February 2024-01-25 [SIPTU]

Transport strike: Translink workers to strike again in February 2024-01-23 [BBC]

EPSU message of solidarity to union action day in Northern Ireland 2024-01-20 [EPSU]

'Going on strike was our last resort': public-sector workers in North grittily determined amid snow 2024-01-19 [The Irish Times]

Unions say further strike action ‘inevitable’ if demands not met after 'watershed moment’ 2024-01-19 [Belfast Telegraph]

Northern Ireland comes to ‘unprecedented’ standstill as public sector workers strike 2024-01-19 [The Irish Times]

Public sector strikes: Which workers are still on strike on Friday? 2024-01-19 [BBC]

Thousands of public sector workers stage 24-hour strike 2024-01-19 [Guardian]

What's next after NI's public sector strike? 2024-01-19 [BBC]

NIPSA says the appearance of the Head of the Civil Service at picket lines was a 'representation of support' 2024-01-19 [Belfast News Letter]

Ulster Bank staff vote to accept pay deal 2024-01-18 [RTÉ]

Thousands attend rallies in major strike over pay 2024-01-18 [BBC]

16 unions walk out in Northern Ireland's biggest-ever strike 2024-01-18 [BBC]

Thousands of public sector workers stage 24-hour walkout 2024-01-18 [BBC]

'Who is going on strike on Thursday?' And other questions answered 2024-01-17 [BBC]

Civil service boss makes urgent call for funding 2024-01-16 [BBC]

Police Federation urges lawful protests 2024-01-16 [BBC]

PFNI: ‘Keep strike action proportionate and lawful’ 2024-01-16 [Police Professional]

Public sector strike: Health bosses warn of 'profound impact' 2024-01-15 [BBC]

Road gritters to take week-long strike action 2024-01-15 [BBC]

Roads Service and Forestry service workers to strike for a week commencing on 18 January 2024-01-15 [Unite]

Thousands expected to take part in one of biggest strikes ever witnessed in Derry 2024-01-15 [The Journal]

Public sector strike: Civil disobedience call 'not endorsed by all unions' 2024-01-14 [BBC]

This month in labour history

This month in labour history

6-04-1912 After 37 days, Britain's first national coalmining strike ends. It results in the passage of the Coal Mines (Minimum Wage) Act. [more]

10-04-1984 The House of Commons meets for an emergency debate on the role of police in the miners strike, [more]

15-04-1856 Tom Mann, British syndicalist and a leader of the dock strikes in 1889 and 1911, is born [more]

23-04-1914 First publication of the classic socialist novel 'The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists' [more]