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Heathrow bosses reject Unite pay offer 2020-10-17 [Union News]

Unite accuses Cornwall’s Tory MPs of hanging county out to dry over lack of COVID support 2020-10-15 [Union News]

TUC launches Day of Action to save Yorkshire’s buses amid government funding crisis 2020-10-06 [TUC]

RMT suspends Friday’s Victoria Line strike 2020-09-30 [Union News]

Workforce balloting on strike action to save historic Lancashire Rolls-Royce factory 2020-09-29 [Unite the union]

Unite victory: Major London bus operator rules out remote sign on 2020-09-29 [Unite the union]

Merseyrail Covid redundancies - TSSA union says proposals are 'premature' 2020-09-29 [TSSA]

Bus workers vote overwhelmingly for a strike ballot as union leader warns of international action 2020-09-11 [The Morning Star]

Yorkshire leaders get together to bat for county on economic recovery, net zero and tourism 2020-09-10 [TUC]

News listing 349,500 furloughed workers in the North East face cliff edge 2020-09-07 [TUC]

Ministers need to make waves to support Appledore shipyard, says Unite 2020-09-05 [Unite the union]

Revealed: auditors raised minimum-wage red flags at Boohoo factories 2020-08-30 [The Guardian]

More support offered on second day of Bullivant strike 2020-08-26 [NUJ]

Newspaper journalists on strike today 2020-08-25 [NUJ]

Newcastle airport protests following ‘cruel’ easyJet base closure 2020-08-21 [Unite the union]

MPs write to Ofcom over BBC regional news cuts 2020-08-11 [BECTU]

Call for Robert Jenrick to reimburse Nottingham council for Covid-19 costs, as jobs threatened 2020-07-23 [Unite the union]

All editorial staff at daily facing axe risk, union says 2020-07-21 [HoldtheFrontPage.co.uk]

Unite members at Jamie’s Italian win landmark tribunal case against former employer 2020-07-19 [Union News]

Strike ballot as Tate Enterprises continues 200-plus redundancies 2020-07-17 [PCS]

Rousing Transport for London[TfL] funding rally 2020-07-16 [TSSA]

Sir Keir Starmer slams Government at virtual Durham Miners' Gala 2020-07-12 [Evening Chronicle ]

Exclusive: Arthur Scargill pays tribute to 'unsweving Jack Charlton for miners strike solidarity 2020-07-11 [Morning Star]

Unite supports appeal over refusal to give permission for Stansted Airport’s expansion 2020-07-11 [Unite the union]

Unite reaction to East London crane collapse 2020-07-08 [Unite the union]

GKN Automotive must use furlough scheme ‘properly’ and halt ‘rash’ Birmingham redundancies 2020-07-02 [Unite the union]

RMT slams threat to axe nearly half of the staff at Britannia's famous Liverpool ‎Adelphi Hotel 2020-07-01 [RMT]

FBU vows to fight £25m London fire cuts 2020-06-28 [Union News]

NUJ calls for people who attacked journalists during London protests to face charges 2020-06-19 [The Voice]

Nottinghamshire Rolls Royce supply chain redundancies ‘nasty shock’ to local economy 2020-06-15 [Unite the union]

Young workers in Yorkshire and the Humber are three times more likely to work in sectors where jobs are most at risk 2020-06-15 [TUC]

The Collective Bargaining Challenges to The Restraint of Police Behaviour 2020-06-15 [www.ocnus.net]

Rugby Players Association threatens legal action over enforced pay cuts 2020-06-10 [Guardian]

Union calls for sick pay support as test and trace begins 2020-06-06 [Islington Tribune]

New award launched in journalist and training chief’s memory 2020-06-02 [HoldtheFrontPage.co.uk]

GMB moves towards pay dispute at Homerton 2020-05-31 [Union News]

Threat of attack on journalist and family must be lifted immediately 2020-05-28 [NUJ]

Sheffield logistics workers to lose jobs at Tradeteam drinks delivery depot - 'Brutal' says Union 2020-05-21 [BBC]

RMT warns of strike action over any cuts to London’s transport system 2020-05-21 [TransportXtra]

TSSA issues lists of demands to protect members following the death of Belly Mujinga 2020-05-14 [Union News]

ASLEF leader calls on commuters to stay off public transport 2020-05-14 [Union News]

Union threatens strike as Londoners pack trains and buses after coronavirus lockdown loosens 2020-05-14 [ABC]

Packed tube trains prompt union anger at Johnson's 'back to work' message 2020-05-13 [The Guardian]

Railway worker, 47, dies of coronavirus after being spat at on duty 2020-05-12 [SBS]

Footballers voice 'genuine concerns' over 'Project Restart' 2020-05-11 [RTÉ]

RMT calls on Sadiq Khan to ‘meet’ Tube cleaners over safety fears 2020-05-05 [Union News]

Unions angry after pay talks for Cornish carers deferred due to coronavirus 2020-05-03 [Union News]

UCU slams University of Manchester over coronavirus job loss threats 2020-04-27 [Union News]

Unite saves hundreds of jobs at Bentley Motors 2020-04-21 [Union News]

Prospect secures furlough deal for National Trust staff on flexible hours contracts 2020-04-11 [Union News]

This month in labour history

This month in labour history

4-10-1936 At Cable Street, London, thousands of trade unionists, socialists and communists throw up barricades to block the British Union of Fascists from marching through the Jewish neighbourhoods of the East End. [more]

6-10-1913 The conference of the Miners Federation passes a motion in favour of a general strike in Britain to support Dublin's locked out workers, with only one vote against. [more]

25-10-1895 Socialist and feminist Edith Lanchester captured by her family and institutionalised for opposing the institution of marriage [more]