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Statement on the 11th anniversary of the revolution of work, freedom and national dignity 17th Dec 2010-14th Jan 2011 2022-01-20 [UGTT]

Workers facing repression as crisis deepens 2022-01-18 [ITUC]

ILO in action: 'Our objective is to improve the job prospects of young people' 2022-01-05 [ILO]

UGTT implements a protest movement and promises escalation 2021-12-29 [MEMO]

Workers with Disabilities Speak Out in Tunisian Documentary For more info 2021-12-13 [Solidarity Center]

Journalists' union to celebrate public interest journalism 2021-12-09 [IFJ]

UGTT union calls for early polls in absence of plan 2021-12-06 [Al Jazeera]

Death threat against labour union chief 2021-11-30 [MEMO]

23,000 Leoni workers in Tunisia receive record wage increase 2021-09-22 [IndustriALL]

Protest over President Saied’s seizure of powers 2021-09-19 [Al Jazeera]

ITUC backs UGTT call for early election 2021-09-15 [ITUC]

ITUC backs UGTT call for early election 2021-09-15 [Scoop World]

Factory fire in Tunisia shows lack of safety measures 2021-08-24 [IndustriALL]

Unions call for president to form new government 2021-08-05 [BBC]

Tunisia: Dialogue essential to resolve crisis 2021-08-03 [ITUC]

Dialogue essential to resolve crisis 2021-08-03 [ITUC]

Police storm and shut down Al Jazeera’s offices in Tunis 2021-07-27 [IFJ]

More than 100 airport workers reinstated in Tunisia as unions fight back 2021-07-07 [ITF]

25,000 finance workers strike 2021-07-06 [UNI Global Union]

Women Agricultural Workers Push for Safe Transport in Tunisia For more info 2021-05-20 [Solidarity Center]

Training is key for negotiating in the tourism sector during COVID-19 2021-05-05 [IUF]

Tunisian government and UGTT union sign agreement on public sector reform 2021-04-15 [IndustriALL]

Police raid news agency to quell journalists protests 2021-04-14 [IFJ]

Unions from around the world support striking Teleperformance workers in Tunisia and France 2021-03-24 [UNI Global Union]

General meeting of workers of Landor cheese-making company in Ben Arous 2020-11-16 [UGTT]

Statement against normalization with the Zionist entity 2020-12-21 [UGTT]

Union win in Tunisia 2020-12-03 [IndustriALL]

Despite landmark legal protections, women continue to face gender-based violence in pandemic-era Tunisia 2020-11-25 [Equal Times]

Country experiments with a gradual transition to more sustainable jobs and businesses 2020-11-17 [IndustriALL]

Tunisia experiments with a gradual transition to more sustainable jobs and businesses 2020-11-13 [Equal Times]

COSATU extends condolences to UGTT on the passing of General Secretary – Brother Bouali Mbarki 2020-11-02 [COSATU]

Tunisia Union Campaign Wins Big Victory for People with Disabilities For more info 2020-09-30 [Solidarity Center]

Avera garment workers strike for suspended colleague 2020-07-11 [IndustriALL]

Biggest Gas Field Halted as Workers Strike 2020-06-04 [Canada.com]

53% of migrants lost jobs in Tunisia in COVID-19 lockdown 2020-05-26 [Infomigrants]

Garment workers strike over dismissals of union leaders 2020-05-20 [IndustriALL]

In Tunisia, Black Africans face “the harshest exploitation” 2020-05-04 [Equal Times]

Tunisian unions sign agreement over salaries in time of pandemic 2020-04-29 [IndustriALL]

Union Win: No Layoffs in Tunisia Private-Sector in COVID-19 For more info 2020-04-20 [Solidarity Center]

UGTT and civil society organizations demand protection and support for migrants and refugees 2020-04-18 [IUF]

Tunisie : les taxis individuels maintiennent la grève 2020-02-16 [Kapitalis]

“La plupart des conflits collectifs du travail sont réglés dans le cadre des négociations collectives et du dialogue social” 2019-10-25 [Direct Info]

UNI Day Tunisia! 2019-07-10 [UNI Global Union]

PSI affiliates call on governments to restore rescue operations in the Mediterranean Sea 2019-06-26 [PSI]

Abandoned at sea: crew sent home after 13 months marooned off Tunisia 2019-06-10 [ITF]

Two thousand municipal cleaners demand safe working conditions and statutory recognition for their profession 2019-05-16 [PSI]

New Crisis With Fuel Transport Worker Strike 2019-05-02 [Bloomberg]

Grève générale régionale à Sidi Bouzid 2019-04-29 [Business News]

The tortuous path of transitional justice in Tunisia 2019-04-16 [Equal Times]

‘Made in Tunisia’: the worker-casualties of the globalisation of the textile industry 2019-03-14 [Equal Times]

This month in labour history

This month in labour history

14-01-2011 President Ben Ali fled to Saudi Arabia after street protests led by the UGTT brought down his government at the start of the Arab spring. [more]

19-01-1925 A strike at the Hammam-Lif cement plant spreads to the 3rd day, at the quarry and lime factory of Borj Cédria 7 kms away. Violent repression, prosecution of M'hamed Ali and comrades, then dissolution of the CGTT. [more]