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Avera garment workers strike for suspended colleague 2020-07-11 [IndustriALL]

Biggest Gas Field Halted as Workers Strike 2020-06-04 [Canada.com]

53% of migrants lost jobs in Tunisia in COVID-19 lockdown 2020-05-26 [Infomigrants]

Garment workers strike over dismissals of union leaders 2020-05-20 [IndustriALL]

In Tunisia, Black Africans face “the harshest exploitation” 2020-05-04 [Equal Times]

Tunisian unions sign agreement over salaries in time of pandemic 2020-04-29 [IndustriALL]

Union Win: No Layoffs in Tunisia Private-Sector in COVID-19 For more info 2020-04-20 [Solidarity Center]

UGTT and civil society organizations demand protection and support for migrants and refugees 2020-04-18 [IUF]

Tunisie : les taxis individuels maintiennent la grève 2020-02-16 [Kapitalis]

“La plupart des conflits collectifs du travail sont réglés dans le cadre des négociations collectives et du dialogue social” 2019-10-25 [Direct Info]

UNI Day Tunisia! 2019-07-10 [UNI Global Union]

PSI affiliates call on governments to restore rescue operations in the Mediterranean Sea 2019-06-26 [PSI]

Abandoned at sea: crew sent home after 13 months marooned off Tunisia 2019-06-10 [ITF]

Two thousand municipal cleaners demand safe working conditions and statutory recognition for their profession 2019-05-16 [PSI]

New Crisis With Fuel Transport Worker Strike 2019-05-02 [Bloomberg]

Grève générale régionale à Sidi Bouzid 2019-04-29 [Business News]

The tortuous path of transitional justice in Tunisia 2019-04-16 [Equal Times]

‘Made in Tunisia’: the worker-casualties of the globalisation of the textile industry 2019-03-14 [Equal Times]

‘Made in Tunisia’: the worker-casualties of the globalisation of the textile industry 2019-03-14 [Equal Times]

UGTT to set up support centers to defend migrant workers' rights 2019-02-18 [IUF]

Government Accepts Union Demands, Hikes Wages of Employees 2019-02-08 [Newsclick]

Government agrees deal with union to avert strikes 2019-02-08 [The Digital Journal]

Tunisia Public Workers Win Wage Increases For more info 2019-02-07 [Solidarity Center]

Teachers rally for better work conditions, higher wages 2019-02-07 [Middle East Eye]

Teachers’ strike fuels Tunisia turmoil 2019-02-07 [Business Day]

Teachers protest for higher wages, better work conditions 2019-02-06 [Reuters]

Could Unions Help Defeat ISIS? 2019-02-01 [TNR]

Union plans new strike over wages 2019-01-21 [Qantara]

‘None of the revolution’s ideals have been achieved’: Eight years later, Tunisia reflects on the Arab Spring 2019-01-20 [The Independent]

A powerful union of workers launches a new call for general strike 2019-01-20 [The Daily Voice]

Tunisia Labor Union Calls for More Strikes in February 2019-01-19 [AAWSAT]

Tunisian unions strike against IMF austerity 2019-01-18 [IndustriALL]

Big strike paralyses Tunisia, thousands protest over pay row 2019-01-18 [Reuters]

670,000 Public-Sector Workers Strike in Tunisia For more info 2019-01-17 [Solidarity Center]

Tunisian unions strike against IMF austerity 2019-01-17 [IndustriALL]

Powerful UGTT workers union holds nationwide strike 2019-01-17 [Al Jazeera]

Country hit by general strike, amid economic tensions 2019-01-17 [Canada.com]

Govt, union fail to agree pay deal, strike likely 2019-01-16 [Reuters]

Government, Labor Union Fail to Agree on Wages 2019-01-16 [al Aswat]

Powerful labour union to stage strike over wages 2019-01-16 [Al Jazeera]

Revolution anniversary triggers tensions of unfulfilled promises 2019-01-15 [CGTN]

https://thearabweekly.com/social-discontent-fuels-concern-instability-tunisia 2019-01-15 [Arab News]

UGTT Insists on General Strike 2019-01-06 [Al-Awsat]

General strike deadline looms amid social tensions 2019-01-06 [MEO]

Teachers resume protests after winter break 2019-01-05 [Middle East Monitor]

Teachers’ strike continues 2019-01-04 [PFI]

Police, protesters clash again after journalist’s death 2018-12-29 [The Chronicle]

Tolice, protesters clash again over unemployment 2018-12-28 [Fox]

Photographer's Self-Immolation Stirs New Anger in Tunisia 2018-12-27 [Bloomberg]

Hundreds of thousands of workers strike for decent pay 2018-11-28 [UNI Global Union]

This month in labour history

This month in labour history

11-09-1924 Two dockworkers at the port of Bizerte are killed in a strike that is one of a series since August 13 caused by the deterioration of the purchasing power of workers. Several injured and 40 arrested. [more]