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Tunisian journalits union say president is the No 1 enemy of press freedom 2023-05-23 [Reuters]

Pro-Democracy Unions Protest Escalating Crackdown 2023-04-07 [Solidarity Center]

Thousands of workers protest Saied’s authoritarianism 2023-03-07 [BWI]

IUF stands with unions defending trade union rights 2023-03-06 [IUF]

Tunisia: Government bans vists from international trade unionists 2023-03-06 [ITUC]

President accused of suspending judge for not jailing political rival 2023-03-05 [The Arab News]

Union urges president to accept ‘dialogue’ 2023-03-05 [The Arab News]

Trade union protests against Tunisia president after crackdown 2023-03-05 [Al Jazeera]

Thousands protest in Tunisia against president in major trade union rally 2023-03-05 [My Droll]

The national executive office strongly condemns the denial of entry into Tunisian territory by Comrade Marco Perez Molina 2023-03-02 [UGTT]

Tunisian union holds biggest protest yet against president 2023-03-04 [Reuters]

IUF full support to Tunisian unions defending trade union rights 2023-03-04 [IUF]

Council of Global Unions expresses solidarity with Tunisia's UGTT 2023-03-04 [BWI]

Council of Global Unions expresses solidarity with Tunisia's UGTT 2023-03-02 [BWI]

TUAC joins call to Tunisia to end persecution of trade unions 2023-03-02 [TUAC]

Transport unions around the globe condemn crackdown on Tunisian workers 2023-02-25 [ITF]

ETUC joins Tunisia protests against anti-union crackdown 2023-02-21 [ETUC]

Expulsion ‘tip of the iceberg’ in anti-union crackdown 2023-02-21 [ETUC]

ITUC condemns expulsion of ETUC General Secretary 2023-02-21 [ITUC]

Irish trade union official expelled from Tunisia 2023-02-19 [RTÉ]

President Saied expels Europe's top trade unionist for 'interference' 2023-02-19 [Middle East Eye]

Powerful Tunisian trade union defies president with mass protests 2023-02-18 [Reuters]

Arrests raise opposition fears of wider crackdown 2023-02-15 [Saltwire]

Global Community Denounces Tunisian Union Leader's Arrest For more info 2023-02-10 [Solidarity Center]

BWI calls for unconditional release of union leader 2023-02-08 [BWI]

Tunisian Call Center Workers Win Big Wage Boost For more info 2023-02-07 [Solidarity Center]

Union leader arrested in Tunisia must be released immediately 2023-02-04 [IndustriALL]

Union leader arrested in Tunisia must be released immediately 2023-02-02 [IndustriALL]

Public transit workers strike over pay, bonuses 2023-01-03 [Deutsche Welle]

Strike over pay paralyzes transport in the Tunisian capital 2023-01-02 [The Arab News]

UGTT approves two-day strike by transport workers 2022-12-29 [Middle East Online]

Powerful labour union rejects December election, attacks president's agenda 2022-12-03 [Saltwire]

PSI's Tunisian affiliates created a play on GBV 2022-11-19 [PSI]

Introducing the GCM for a Better Integration of Migrants workers in Tunisia 2022-10-29 [PSI]

Attendance of members of the general university of basic education to support the sit-ins at the regional delegation for education in Ben Arous 2022-10-16 [UGTT]

Tunisia Public Employees Win 5% Wage Boost For more info 2022-09-26 [Solidarity Center]

Advanced workshop for the mobilisation and organisation of women unionists 2022-09-01 [PSI]

Tunisian general strike shows potential to resist coup and IMF together 2022-08-23 [Mena Solidaity Network]

General strike shows potential to resist coup and IMF together 2022-08-28 [MENA Solidarity Network]

Journalist jailed by military court for “harming the army’s reputation” 2022-08-18 [IFJ]

Maior sindicato da Tun�sia amea�a greve do setor p�blico 2022-08-09 [MEMO]

Journalists attacked by security forces while covering a demonstration 2022-07-30 [IFJ]

Remarks on the draft constitution issued by the official major on June 30th 2022 2022-07-30 [UGTT]

UGTT remarks on review of draft constitution on July 25th referendum 2022-07-24 [UGTT]

Statement of the National Executive following the attacks on journalists and demonstraters 2022-07-24 [UGTT]

Tunisie : les taxis individuels maintiennent la grève 2020-02-16 [Kapitalis]

COSATU extends condolences to UGTT on the passing of General Secretary – Brother Bouali Mbarki 2020-11-02 [COSATU]

Grève générale régionale à Sidi Bouzid 2019-04-29 [Business News]

“La plupart des conflits collectifs du travail sont réglés dans le cadre des négociations collectives et du dialogue social” 2019-10-25 [Direct Info]

In Tunisia, Black Africans face “the harshest exploitation” 2020-05-04 [Equal Times]

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