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NTA, COP open to talks with JTUM on election alliance 2024-06-24 [Newsday]

Three more JTUM members support call to oust PNM 2024-06-23 [The Guardian]

OWTU opposes potential refinery interest by Indian businessman 2024-06-22 [Newsday]

Lum Kin: TTUTA will remain apolitical 2024-06-22 [Newsday]

MSJ calls for education of working class 2024-06-21 [Newsday]

JTUM members divided on Opposition talks 2024-06-21 [The Daily Express]

Minister invites trade unions to revive tripartite talks 2024-06-20 [Loop]

Union leaders at Butler’s gravesite call for end to ‘oppression’ 2024-06-20 [The Daily Express]

JTUM to work with UNC and other parties to remove PNM 2024-06-20 [Trinidad Guardian]

Labour leaders seek alliance with UNC, other parties – Roget: Let us unite against PNM 2024-06-20 [Newsday]

Labour Day '24: Trade Unions expected to show full support 2024-06-19 [Loop]

Labour Minister commends trade union movement 2024-06-19 [Newsday]

History lecturer: Trade unions begging for scraps 2024-06-19 [Newsday]

Kamla: Labour gave workers rights 2024-06-19 [Newsday]

OWTU: Many workers still to get backpay 2024-06-13 [Trinidad Express]

CAL denied stay as it opposes union's right to represent workers 2024-06-11 [Today]

Abdulah: 75% of workers not unionised 2024-06-06 [Newsday]

Port of Spain corporation, workers dispute overtime pay 2024-06-06 [Newsday]

Revenue Authority delayed as PSA goes to Privy Council 2024-06-05 [Newsday]

PSA condemns Government's tax plans 2024-06-05 [Newsday]

Unions call for removal of Special Tribunal chairman 2024-06-03 [Newsday]

PSA set to go to Privy Council on TTRA matter 2024-05-29 [Trinidad Guardian]

PSA vows to take Revenue Authority matter to the Privy Council 2024-05-29 [Newsday]

Unions mum on SWWTU fiasco 2024-05-25 [The Guardian]

Chaos as SWWTU members confront executive member 2024-05-24 [Trinidad Guardian]

Former Petrotrin workers demand transparency on land distribution 2024-05-23 [Trinidad Express]

Police union pledges to support Police Commissioner 2024-05-15 [Newsday]

CWU ‘disappointed’ report into TSTT cyberattack not public yet 2024-05-07 [Trinidad & Tobago Guardian]

Bishop Anstey/Trinity teachers to meet TTUTA today 2024-05-07 [Trinidad Express]

TTUTA to meet with BATCE teachers Tuesday 2024-05-05 [Trinidad Guardian]

MATT wants greater protection for media workers 2024-05-04 [Newsday]

MSJ May Day message: Unite against anti-worker policies 2024-05-03 [Newsday]

Union woman: Government in war against workers 2024-05-02 [Newsday]

Fire Service Association roasts Hinds for ‘confusionist’ remark 2024-04-30 [Newsday]

Appeal Court confirms union’s right to represent CAL workers 2024-04-27 [Trinidad Guardian]

Wrightson Road firefighters sleep with firetrucks 2024-04-26 [Newsday]

OWTU hopes Gonzales can help T&TEC workers 2024-04-26 [Newsday]

Equipment ‘adjustment’ worries nursing union boss 2024-04-25 [Trinidad Guardian]

OWTU delivers concerns to Public Utilities Ministry 2024-04-24 [Newsday]

Trade unions to observe May Day with march and rally in Sando 2024-04-24 [Newsday]

Prison officers want Port of Spain jail shut down 2024-04-24 [Newsday]

PSA boss wants NWRHA heads held accountable 2024-04-23 [Trinidad Guardian]

Union boss on rejection of Constitution (Amendment) Bill: Stop playing politics with TTPS 2024-04-22 [Trinidad Guardian]

POA head transferred to city jail 2024-04-21 [Trinidad Guardian]

Nursing Association head: Port of Spain doctor sent on leave is 'low-hanging fruit' 2024-04-21 [Newsday]

TTRNA on death of babies at PoS hospital: Heads must roll 2024-04-14 [Trinidad Guardian]

Communication Workers’ Union demands information on retroactive salaries 2024-04-11 [Newsday]

JTUM in talks with MSJ to ‘rescue Trinidad and Tobago’ 2024-04-04 [Newsday]

Duke, PSA fined $35,000 each in contempt matter 2024-04-03 [Trinidad Guardian]

Massy Stores changes security firm 2024-03-30 [Trinidad Express]

This month in labour history

This month in labour history

28-06-1903 Malcolm Nurse, better known as Pan-African socialist and trade unionist George Padmore, is born inTacarigua. [more]