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US includes Taiwan on forced labor list due to fishing industry abuses 2020-10-01 [Seafood Source]

Education union’s pressure prompts a private educational provider to apologise for harassment 2020-10-17 [EI]

Education union’s pressure prompts a private educational provider to apologise for harassment 2020-10-16 [Education International]

MOL punts on plan to expand migrant workforce in construction 2020-09-29 [Focus Taiwan]

Taiwan records 4th longest working hours worldwide in 2019 2020-09-30 [Focus Taiwan]

Ministry of Labor announces work hour restriction exemptions for wind power workers 2020-09-18 [Baker McKenzie]

Labor group details struggle facing Taiwan's migrant workers 2020-09-22 [Taiwan News]

Nighttime inspections find banks breaching labor act 2020-09-16 [Taipei Times]

Minimum wage to increase next year by NT$200 2020-09-09 [Taipei Times]

Global Worker's Organization set up football league for migrant workers 2020-09-08 [Taiwan News]

Bus drivers’ union vows to file suit over labor breaches 2020-08-30 [Taipei Times]

Taiwan High Speed Rail Corp implements pay increase 2020-08-26 [Taipei Times]

Taiwan Railways Union members demonstrate against owed pay, new work schedule 2020-08-18 [New Bloom]

Taiwan to raise minimum monthly wage by less than 1% in lowest hike since 2016 2020-08-18 [Taiwan News]

Employers who who illegally cut migrant workers' wages face heavy fines 2020-08-18 [Taiwan News]

Union protests overtime pay delay, new schedule 2020-08-04 [Taipei Times]

Teachers' unions push for air conditioning in schools 2020-06-23 [Focus Taiwan]

Even with few COVID-19 cases, more workers are furloughed due to overseas demand 2020-07-24 [Focus Taiwan]

Nursing conditions in poor state of health 2020-07-21 [The Times]

Prompt action to stop the spread of COVID-19 and keep schools open and safe 2020-03-27 [EI]

Organizations call for illegal migrant worker amnesty 2020-03-04 [Focus]

Baby or a job? Stark choice for Taiwan's migrant workers 2019-12-19 [Reuters]

Attacks Against the Yilan Migrant Fishermen Union Force the Resignation of Union President 2019-11-03 [The New Bloom]

Most food drivers hired as staff: MOL 2019-10-31 [The Times]

EVA, union continue dispute over strike 2019-09-07 [The Times]

Taiwan's labor groups call for at least 5% hike in minimum wage 2019-08-12 [Taiwan News]

Taiwanese workers demand fair distribution of income 2019-08-12 [IndustriALL]

Union leaders call for adjustments to labor laws after strike 2019-07-31 [Focus]

EVA Management Retaliates Against Union After End of Flight Attendants’ Strike 2019-07-26 [The New Bloom]

EVA Air cabin crew end strike 2019-07-09 [The Times]

'You have messed with the wrong people' says union leader as unprecedented airline strike ends 2019-07-08 [Outlook]

EVA Flight Attendants’ Strike Comes to an End 2019-07-07 [The New Bloom]

Flight Attendant Strikers Call for Solidarity 2019-07-06 [Labour Notes]

Eva Air fails to sign agreement with union, strike continues 2019-06-30 [The Post]

Eva Airways Strike Expected to End Saturday, Union Says 2019-06-29 [Bloomberg]

EVA Air Cabin Crew Strike Enters Seventh Day. 2019-06-27 [AIN]

Transportation, labor ministers divided on issue of strike notice 2019-06-23 [The News]

EVA Airways files suit against union 2019-06-22 [The Times]

EVA Air sues union for 'illegally' striking 2019-06-22 [The News]

Flight delays expected as cabin crew from Taiwan’s EVA Air strike over pay 2019-06-20 [The South China Morning Post]

Taiwan EVA Air flight attendants protest ahead of strike vote results 2019-06-04 [Taiwan News]

Vietnamese migrant workers strikes after retaliatory actions taken by management against organizers 2019-05-31 [New Bloom]

Prospect of Further Strikes Threaten Taiwanese Carriers 2019-05-16 [AIN]

Pastry operator agrees to pay migrant workers unpaid overtime 2019-05-04 [Focus Taiwan]

Eleven unions back striking CAL pilots 2019-02-10 [The Times]

Pilot union gives 6-hour notice before strike 2019-02-09 [Eleven]

Pilots Strike Over Lunar New Year, Criticizing Overwork 2019-02-08 [The New Bloom]

Interview: 2018 Taiwan International Labor Film Festival 2018-10-22 [The New Bloom]

Taiwan media unions make good governance happen 2018-10-02 [UNI Global Union]

Pilot negotiations focus on discrepancy between aviation rules and labor laws 2018-08-21 [The Times]

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