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Members praised for sterling job on fight against Covid-19 – NEHAWU 2020-03-29 [Politicsweb]

Unprotected retail store workers worried about their health 2020-03-29 [Cape Times]

Moody’s downgrade going to be painful – COSATU 2020-03-29 [Politicsweb]

The economy has been strangled – NEHAWU 2020-03-29 [Politicsweb]

Police left underprotected during coronavirus – unions 2020-03-29 [MyBroadband]

'SANDF organising to fetch masks in China for SA medical personnel' 2020-03-29 [Cape Talk radio]

NEHAWU statement on Independent Development Trust 2020-03-29 [COSATU]

NEHAWU statement on Moody’s downgrade of investment rating 2020-03-29 [COSATU]

COSATU statement on Moody’s decision to downgrade South Africa to below investment grade 2020-03-29 [COSATU]

Cosatu seeks PIC funds for coronavirus plan 2020-03-29 [Bloomberg/Fin24]

NEHAWU statement on march planned for 30th March 2020 2020-03-29 [WFTU]

SASBO statement on banks' sluggish response to union's plight on national lockdown 2020-03-29 [Polity]

Guidelines on essential worker permits unclear, says Fedusa 2020-03-29 [JacarandaFM]

SACTWU concludes further Covid-19 lockdown collective agreement, now for textile workers 2020-03-29 [Polity]

FEDUSA urges presidency to gazette a special consideration for vacant public service posts to bolster capacity to deal with Covid 19 2020-03-29 [FEDUSA]

SAMWU statement on national lockdown 2020-03-29 [SAMWU]

NUMSA v Lufil Packaging (Isithebe) and others 2020-03-29 [Constitutional Court]

NUMSA, SACCA demand action against SA Express board 2020-03-29 [Power98.7]

Mail & Guardian's April salaries in the balance as editor appeals for reader support 2020-03-28 [Fin24]

Saftu slams bosses for telling workers they’re ‘essential services’ 2020-03-28 [The Citizen]

Unions raise concerns over govt guidelines for essential workers during lockdown 2020-03-28 [Eyewitness News]

Clients can do business as usual during lockdown: Banking Association 2020-03-28 [eNCA]

Banks criticised over Covid-19 by unions and some businesses 2020-03-28 [BusinessLIVE]

Agreement reached to make textile workers' lives easier during lockdown 2020-03-28 [Cape Times]

COSATU calls on all workers to play their role and cooperate to make sure we win fight against Covid-19 virus 2020-03-28 [Polity]

Under lockdown SA’s working poor is just poor 2020-03-28 [Mail & Guardian]

Public-sector unions reject new government wage offer 2020-03-28 [Financial Mail]

Labour Implications on BCEA leave provision during Covid19 lockdown 2020-03-28 [allAfrica.com]

Banks’ coronavirus response ‘underwhelming’: unions 2020-03-28 [BusinessTech]

“Our entire livelihoods are coming to a standstill” says waste picker 2020-03-28 [GroundUp]

Sex workers call on Ramaphosa to include them in plan to aid workers during lockdown 2020-03-28 [The Citizen]

UIF offices inundated as the reality of the 21-day lockdown sets in 2020-03-28 [News24]

A Diamond is Forever: Anglo says some mines to operate, NUM slams move as ‘inhuman’ 2020-03-28 [Daily Maverick]

Government revises 0% wage hike for civil servants 2020-03-27 [Eyewitness News]

Unions fight for workers’ rights before lockdown even starts 2020-03-27 [The Citizen]

Workers fear no work, no pay during lockdown 2020-03-27 [IOL]

Union asks govt, business to supplement workers during the lockdown 2020-03-27 [JacarandaFM]

Concourt gives Numsa a smack for not staying in its lane 2020-03-27 [The Citizen]

SAFTU condemns employers who are obsessed with profits in face of biggest health and economic catastrophe ever to face human kind 2020-03-27 [SAFTU]

Union bound by own constitution on who its members are, top court rules 2020-03-26 [DispatchLIVE]

Lockdown: Govt did not engage with unions on worker support – Irvin Jim 2020-03-26 [Politicsweb]

'No income to prepare for lockdown': Unions slam SA Express for unpaid salaries 2020-03-26 [Fin24]

Organisations call for support for informal workers 2020-03-26 [Engineering News]

COVID-19 | Sactwu and employers reach pay agreement 2020-03-26 [eNCA]

R30bn allocated to UIF benefits amid coronavirus outbreak 2020-03-26 [The Citizen]

Employers are not allowed to compel workers to take annual leave during the shutdown 2020-03-26 [COSATU]

Essential services workers plead with the public to obey lockdown rules 2020-03-26 [Eyewitness News]

Coronavirus: SA healthcare staff concerned over 'intermittent' supply of masks 2020-03-26 [News24]

COVID-19: Netcare group restricts visiting hours at hospitals 2020-03-26 [Eyewitness News]

Public-service unions divided over looming wage strike 2020-03-26 [BusinessLIVE]

This month in labour history

2-03-1969 SACTU leaders exiled in Zambia meet to develop a strategy to revitalize the union, which has been rendered ineffective by the apartheid government. [more]

6-03-1955 Progressive members of the TLC join forces with CNETU unions to create SACTU (South African Council of Trade Unions) in Johannesburg with 9 affiliates and 20,000 members. By 1959 there will be 35 affiliates and 46,000 members. [more]