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Samoan govt puzzled as to how seasonal workers were able to leave 2022-08-11 [Radio New Zealand International]

Samoa to temporarily halt sending more seasonal workers overseas 2022-06-10 [Radio New Zealand International]

Cabinet agrees to temporarily halt seasonal worker flights 2022-03-07 [Samoa Observer]

Union database records 3000-plus seeking jobs 2021-07-17 [The Observer]

Caretaker Prime Minister instigates sexist attack on female journalists 2021-07-15 [IFJ]

March condemns violence against women 2021-07-13 [Samoa Observer]

Elected leader locked out of parliament 2021-06-02 [IFJ]

Seafarers priority unemployment support: union 2021-03-03 [Samoa Observer]

Union expands services as job losses mount 2021-03-08 [Samoa Observer]

No plans for a press gallery in the new parliament 2020-06-04 [IFJ]

Samoa union concerned about terminatiion processes 2020-05-08 [Radio New Zealand International]

Nurse finds strength amid sorrow 2019-12-08 [Samoa Obsever]

Samoa measles epidemic-call for donations to help aid workers 2019-11-26 [Radio New Zealand]

Union upset by employers failing to pay worker's superannuation 2019-04-19 [Radio New Zealand]

Samoa nurses association questions decision to charge nurse 2018-08-16 [Radio New Zealand Intrernational]

Samoan nurse charged with manslaughter over baby vaccine deaths 2018-08-14 [TVNZ]

Samoan nurse charged with manslaughter over vaccine death 2018-08-13 [Radio New Zealand International]

Gvt to crackdown on public servants working with relatives 2018-01-10 [RNZI]

Long serving nurse union leader, who fought for better working conditions and wages, dies 2017-12-29 [RNZI]

Journalist Union says govt undermining media 2017-12-21 [RNZI]

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