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Another World is Possible: UNI Asia & Pacific at the World Social Forum Nepal 2024-02-28 [UNI Global Union]

Workers score 20% pay rise at Bhat Bhateni, Nepal’s largest supermarket chain 2024-01-28 [UNI]

Nepal Telecom’s Employee Issues Gain Attention After President’s Hunger Strike 2023-12-22 [UNI Global Union]

Employees protest and call for sacking of Nepal Airlines CEO 2023-12-06 [ch-aviation]

BWI and ADB conduct joint inspection and training on energy infra sites 2023-11-29 [BWI]

Empowering the Future: UNI Nepal Liaison Council Wraps Up Youth & Women Conference 2023-11-06 [UNI Global Union]

FNJ protests non-payment of wages and illegal dismissals 2023-10-21 [IFJ]

Victory for Nepalese union wins landmark free health insurance for community health workers 2023-09-27 [UNI Global Union]

Massive mobilisation of teachers denounce education law which aims to restrict their rights 2023-09-23 [EI]

Cane farmers protest auction of Shree Ram Sugar Mills 2023-09-03 [The Post]

Nepalese care union UNIPHIN wins UNI Global Union’s Breaking Through Award 2023-08-29 [UNI Global Union]

Social security extended to migrants, informal workers and self-employed 2023-08-26 [The Post]

Tea Garden Workers Demand Wage Increase 2023-08-26 [GEFONT]

Workers and employees are protesting in Kantipur 2023-08-12 [GEFONT]

Sagarnath Forest Project Sit-In Ends with Working Group Formation 2023-08-12 [GEFONT]

GEFONT celebrated the 72nd birth anniversary of Figurehead Madan Bhandari 2023-08-05 [GEFONT]

Immediate declared: Decent wages for Workers! 2023-08-05 [GEFONT]

Determine the Living Wage: GEFONT 2023-08-05 [GEFONT]

Trainer training on OSH concludes 2023-08-05 [GEFONT]

GEFONT and Helping Hand Community Hospital renewed the Agreement 2023-08-05 [GEFONT]

NTUC organizes march demanding rise in workers' wage 2023-07-16 [Republica]

Workers in Nepal demand fair wages 2023-07-16 [IndustriALL]

FIEUN Hosts a Social Dialogue: Addressing Challenges, Solutions & Future Strategies in Nepal’s Financial Sector 2023-07-13 [UNI Global Union]

Go Public! Advocating for progressive taxation to fund public education 2023-07-06 [Education International]

Journalists threatened, harassed, and detained 2023-07-01 [IFJ]

Casino union wins new members 2023-06-01 [UNI Global Union]

Minister to raise journalist minimum wage by 40 per cent 2023-05-25 [IFJ]

Krishna Bahadur Buda elected as a President of Banke GEFONT 2023-03-04 [GEFONT]

'Campaign for Decent work' Central Level interaction concludes 2023-02-12 [GEFONT]

A journalist is also working class, equipped to move on in collaboration with GEFONT 2023-02-04 [GEFONT]

CBA win at Manmohan Memorial Medical College & Teaching Hospital 2023-01-24 [UNI Global Union]

Nepal’s cleaning workers solidarity against G4S unfair termination saves livelihood of over 150 workers 2023-01-12 [UNI Global Union]

Education unions agree to social dialogue with local governments 2023-01-12 [Education International]

Ensure Social Security for Migrant Workers 2023-01-07 [GEFONT]

Cabinet gives green light for seasonal workers 2022-12-21 [The Post]

GEFONT campaign to absorbed 2 million workers to the Social Security Fund within four years. 2022-12-03 [GEFONT]

Attacks on press freedom rise ahead of election 2022-11-19 [IFJ]

Orientation On Contemporary Trade Unionism for Sales & Shop Sector Union in Nepal 2022-11-09 [UNI]

UNI Mentoring Program Follow Up Workshop 2022-10-22 [UNI]

All-Nepal Security Workers Union (ANSWU) elects new leadership 2022-09-19 [UNI Global Union]

Aid from GEFONT Lumbini for the kidney disease treatment 2022-09-17 [GEFONT]

GEFONT Continue Trade Union Schools 29th batch training concludes 2022-09-17 [GEFONT]

Discussion about the role of workers in the provincial and representative assembly elections to be held on the November 20 2022-09-17 [GEFONT]

Leadership handover and oath-taking of the national committee of GEFONT 2022-09-01 [GEFONT]

AICCTU greetings to the 5th Congress of GEFONT, Nepal 2022-09-01 [AICCTU]

Privatisation does not ensure equal access to education, more investment in public education is needed 2022-08-27 [EI]

Training Program concludes in Kavre 2022-08-27 [GEFONT]

The political report that will be presented at the 8th National Congress of GEFONT has been discussed 2022-08-13 [GEFONT]

Nepali citizenship is not something to throw in the trash: General Secretary Pokharel 2022-08-13 [GEFONT]

GEFONT had concluded its 8th National Congress, Various campaigns will be conducted within the next four years 2022-08-13 [GEFONT]

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