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Labour Ministry Breaks Major Agreement Between LAC Management & Workers 2024-04-02 [GMN]

China Union Workers Stage Indefinite Strike Over Bad Labor Practice 2024-02-14 [Front Page Africa]

Health Minister Accused of ‘Coercing’ Health Workers to Vote Weah 2023-11-07 [The Daily Observer]

Tailor Union Threatens to Sue Labor Ministry 2023-06-13 [The New Dawn]

United Workers Union Debunks NUHACE for Purportedly Representing Bea Mountain, Urges Bea Mountain Workers to Desist Listening to NUHACE 2023-05-26 [Front Page Africa]

Bea Mountain Workers’ Union Blast Ministry of Labor for Ignoring their Complaints, Threatens Strike Action Against Company’s ‘Bad Labor Practice’ 2023-05-25 [Front Page Africa]

Workers strike for better wages at ArcelorMittal Liberia 2023-05-17 [IndustriALL]

Absolute Defiance: AML Workers’ Union Challenges Labor Court and Labor Ministry – Continues Illegal Strike 2023-05-16 [GNN]

ArcelorMittal Workers on Go-Slow Over Salary Disparity 2023-05-15 [The Observer]

Truck Workers Union suspends operation 2023-05-12 [The New Dawn]

Labor Minister denies exclusion of civil servants from Labor Congress 2023-05-08 [The New Dawn]

Government Proposes Legislation to Differentiate between Child Labor and Adult Work; Warns Against Exploitation of Children 2023-05-05 [Front Page Africa]

PUL Raises Concern Over Brutalities Against Journalists 2023-04-05 [The Observer]

United Seamen, Port and General Workers Elect New Leadership 2023-04-05 [FPA]

Firestone Condemns Workers' Strike Action as “Misconduct” 2018-08-13 [The Daily Observer]

As Liberia outsources its education, teachers' rights are under siege 2017-06-28 [Equal Times]

For falsifying, paddling MIA's payroll: human resource director dismissed 2020-03-25 [The observer]

Gov't sets committee to probe journalists' petition 2020-03-19 [The observer]

Journalist Tyron Brown's killer guilty of murder 2020-03-18 [The observer]

MNG-Gold Management, Workers' Union Signed CBA 2019-07-23 [The Observer]

Publishers call on gov't to pay debts to media 2020-04-09 [The observer]

ITUC-Africa urges Weah to reset industrial relations space 2022-07-20 [Blueprint]

Health Workers of Liberia received Global Labour Prize 2022-06-16 [PSI]

Custom Officers cause of recent delays at Freeport of Monrovia 2022-05-18 [FrontPageAfrica.com]

Liberian Health Workers' Union wins Global Trade Union Award 2022-04-15 [PSI]

Arthur Svensson Prize awarded to Liberian trade union and trade union leader 2022-04-07 [Arthur Svensson Prize]

Union signs collective agreement with ArcelorMittal Liberia 2022-03-24 [IndustriALL]

Victory for dockers in Liberia after titanic struggle for justice 2021-05-08 [ITF]

ITF Dockers union victory at Liberian APMT 2021-04-24 [ITF]

LINACEA releases new farm gate cocoa buying price 2020-10-26 [The observer]

Action plan to fight privatisation and strengthen education union 2020-10-17 [EI]

Striking Health Works Accept UN Intervention, Suspend Strike 2020-10-12 [The Observer]

Over 200 Redundant Workers of ArcelorMittal-Liberia Receive Payments 2020-10-07 [The observer]

Labour Ministry Suspends Dock Workers Union Certificate 2020-10-05 [The Observer]

Liberia: Healthcare Workers Raise Alarm For more info 2020-04-09 [Solidarity Center]

FUN wants collaborative planning for future of fragile agri-sector 2020-04-09 [The observer]

AAIWUL, GVL sign agreement to improve workers conditions 2020-04-07 [The observer]

Nine teachers receive certificates in basic reading skills 2020-03-23 [The observer]

Ensure, equal economic rights, opportunities for all 2020-03-19 [The observer]

Inquirer reporter held for taking picture 2020-03-19 [The observer]

16 Liberian entrepreneurs benefit from ILO SIYB program 2020-03-12 [The observer]

US 2019 human rights report highlights torment Liberian journalists face 2020-03-12 [The observer]

PUL to stage protest over constant Brutality against journalists 2020-03-10 [the observer]

EPA shuts down steel company for 'bogus' environmental permit 2020-03-06 [The observer]

Deadline for fishing license payment extended to April 4 2020-03-06 [The observer]

Renewed fight against increasing privatisation 2019-11-08 [Education International]

Civil society calls on government to stop the expansion of private education 2019-08-21 [Education International]

Liberian Rubber Workers Face Job Cuts, Rights Reversals For more info 2019-08-01 [Solidarity Center]

Liberia Workers Win Large Pay Raise For more info 2019-01-08 [Solidarity Center]

EI condemns crimes against girls at the US charity operated school More than Me 2018-10-18 [Education International]

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