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Security guards to receive pay increase after Minister approves new order 2024-06-14 [Irish Times]

Teenage boy dies in workplace incident in Cavan 2024-06-14 [RTÉ]

Aer Lingus raises concerns over new pilots' strike ballot 2024-06-14 [RTÉ]

Congress urges Irish government to take leadership on sanctions against Israel 2024-06-11 [Irish Congress of Trade Unions]

Players in Ireland calling for improved match facilities 2024-06-08 [FIFPRO]

Redundancy terms at Indeed 'unacceptable' - FSU 2024-06-05 [RTÉ]

Strike next week at National Advocacy Service 2024-06-06 [RTÉ]

Aer Lingus pilots ballot for strike action 2024-06-06 [RTÉ]

New poll finds 88% of voters want government to prioritize delivery of homes that are affordable for all 2024-06-04 [Irish Congress of Trade Unions]

Unions 'deeply disappointed' at top rate of new jobseeker's payment 2024-05-30 [RTE]

Apprentices being 'exploited as cheap labour' - Union 2024-05-30 [RTE]

Congress urges immediate government action on housing commission call for 'radical reset' of policy 2024-05-29 [Irish Congress of Trade Unions]

Hospital overcrowding an recruitment freeze warrants serious response 2024-05-29 [INMO]

SIPTU members in Sky Handling Partner consider industrial action 2024-05-25 [RTÉ]

Worker wins €1,400 over breach of sick leave rights 2024-05-25 [RTÉ]

Aer Lingus pilots urged to reject Labour Court's pay recommendation 2024-05-25 [RTÉ]

Recording of conversations in cabs sees Wicklow firefighters consider data protection complaint 2024-05-23 [Irish Times]

Gardaí retiring from November will have to make ‘false declaration’ they are available for work - GRA 2024-05-23 [Irish Times]

SIPTU members in Sky Handling Partner consider industrial action 2024-05-23 [RTE]

Union says business support measures are 'anti-worker' 2024-05-23 [RTE]

Congress welcomes recognition of the State of Palestine by Ireland and urges more action to hold Israel accountable 2024-05-22 [Irish Congress of Trade Unions]

Public sector workers debate impact of artificial intelligence 2024-05-18 [RTÉ]

Financial Services Union conference to discuss pay, AI and surveillance 2024-05-18 [RTÉ]

Biden administration urges US companies in Ireland to ‘embrace’ unions 2024-05-16 [Irish Times]

Changes to employment permits to allow spouses to work 2024-05-16 [RTÉ]

Public sector workers call for higher starting salaries 2024-05-16 [RTÉ]

Workers cannot be denied right to collective bargaining any longer, says ICTU 2024-05-13 [ICTU]

President Higgins to address trade union event in Dublin 2024-05-11 [RTE]

HR report 'first step in culture change at RTÉ' 2024-05-07 [NUJ]

Work-to-rule at disability service in Longford over pay 2024-05-07 [RTÉ]

On New Developments in Hospitals 2024-05-04 [IWU]

Son of restaurant group founder wins €60,000 for rights breaches in 'bitter' row with new owners 2024-05-04 [RTÉ]

Workers accept deal to reopen Tara Mines 2024-05-04 [RTÉ]

This 1 May, Irish unions build membership and campaign for respect at work 2024-05-01 [UNI Global Union]

Dublin workers set to celebrate Ireland’s inaugural Trade Union Week 2024-04-30 [Dublin People]

Mayo workers set to celebrate Trade Union Week 2024-04-30 [Live]

Dublin vigil for slain journalists 2024-04-30 [NUJ]

RTÉ should not be held to ransom in order to secure funding, says NUJ 2024-04-23 [NUJ]

SIPTU condemns lack of clarity on job losses and irregular contracts at RTÉ 2024-04-25 [SIPTU]

Passing pension auto-enrolment must be a priority for all politicians 2024-04-21 [Irish Congress of Trade Unions]

Unions and PTSB agree 4.7% pay deal 2024-04-20 [RTÉ]

CWU threatens industrial action at DPD Ireland 2024-04-19 [RTE]

Win for union rights 2024-04-18 [Workers Liberty]

SIPTU welcomes Tánaiste’s support for campaign call for a transport police unit 2024-04-15 [SIPTU]

SIPTU strongly supports increase in pay rates for low paid workers 2024-04-12 [SIPTU]

Why class in the workplace remains a taboo subject 2024-04-12 [RTÉ]

Nurse wins €56,000 for maternity discrimination 2024-04-12 [RTÉ]

Horticulture employers say wage increases unsustainable 2024-04-12 [RTÉ]

'Nothing is off the table' in terms of measures to tackle teacher shortages, Minister says 2024-04-08 [The Journal]

SIPTU calls for urgent investment in public healthcare 2024-04-07 [SIPTU]

This month in labour history

This month in labour history

1-06-1914 Jim Larkin is elected president of the Irish TUC in the wake of the Dublin Lockout. [more]

5-06-1868 Birth of James Connolly, Irish socialist and labour organiser, in Edinburgh. [more]

9-06-1918 Women, organised by the Irish Women Workers' Union (IWWU), pledge not to "fill the places of men deprived of their work through enforced military service". [more]