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Unions demand input on draft social security and retirement law 2023-04-01 [IndustriALL]

Iraq ratifies two ILO Conventions 2023-03-24 [ILO]

Education union joins global campaign for increased public financing of education 2023-03-04 [EI]

Recognise the importance of teaching in the Kurdish mother tongue and teaching Kurdish history 2023-02-08 [Education International]

KJS reports 73 cases of media and journalists’ rights violations in 2022 2023-02-02 [IFJ]

Alarm sounded over safety and health in Iraq's oil and gas sector 2022-11-19 [IndustriALL]

ILO builds capacity of tripartite partners on collective bargaining and labour agreements in Iraq 2022-10-20 [ILO]

Strengthening the capacity of women unionists to organise, mobilise and campaign 2022-10-08 [PSI]

Call for increased financial means for quality public education as new academic year starts 2022-09-23 [Education International]

Iraqi unions: “We want bread, not bullets” 2019-11-06 [IndustriALL]

Violations against journalists have reached a “dangerous level” in the Kurdistan Region-Union 2017-06-05 [NRT]

Illness benefit to increase to €305 per week during coronavirus outbreak 2020-03-10 [The Independent]

Journalists' organisations call on government to drop charges against journalist 2017-11-14 [IFJ]

Local journalist's house shot at in east Baghdad 2017-09-12 [IFJ]

Teachers' salary cuts limited 2018-05-29 [Education International]

Education union's first teacher capacity development training focuses on new teaching methods 2020-11-25 [Education International]

Modern teaching methods focus of education union's teacher training 2020-12-11 [Education International]

Academics' freedom and trade union rights under attack 2021-02-20 [EI]

Trade union's ongoing struggle to ensure decent living conditions for educators 2021-08-18 [Education International]

High-level support for education union's work in Kurdistan region 2022-01-28 [Education International]

Kurdistan's educators advance climate change education 2022-05-02 [EI]

Trade Unions Stand in Solidarity with Protestors' Demands 2018-07-31 [ITUC]

A country is in the making: report from Baghdad's occupied Tahrir square 2019-11-23 [Opendemocracy]

Iraqi Union Leader Wins Workers' Unpaid Wages after Solidarity Center Training For more info 2017-08-23 [Solidarity Center]

An attack on teachers leads to the destruction of society 2022-07-09 [EI]

Electricity workers protest against privatisation 2022-04-07 [PSI]

British delegation to Iraqi Kurdistan calls for Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdoganto be charged with war crimes and for immediate investigations into the alleged use of chemical weapons 2022-03-26 [BFAWU]

Education unionists meet parliamentary committee to enhance teaching conditions 2022-03-12 [EI]

Union presents a plan to develop higher education and research 2022-02-23 [EI]

Teacher union honours 30 teachers and their contribution to society 2022-02-11 [EI]

Reforms needed for quality education 2021-12-15 [Education International]

Climate change, a top priority for educators 2021-11-25 [EI]

ILO workshop on Maternity Protection in Iraq 2021-11-04 [MENA Solidarity Network]

Teachers celebrated as the cornerstone of a sustainable society 2021-10-16 [EI]

PSI Iraqi affiliates joined protests demanding permanent contracts 2021-09-18 [PSI]

Renewed commitment to improve operation and delivery of education in Kurdistan 2021-09-05 [EI]

Social dialogue leads to a roadmap for quality education 2021-07-07 [EI]

The electricity crisis in Iraq and its impact on workers 2021-07-06 [PSI]

Financial wellbeing of teachers at heart of KTU demands 2021-05-19 [EI]

Journalist in intensive care following shooting 2021-05-11 [IFJ]

Trade unionists ready to confront climate change 2021-05-01 [EI]

Trade unionists confront climate change 2021-04-29 [EI]

Iraq: At least 82 people have been killed at a hospital in Baghdad 2021-04-26 [WFTU]

KTU members call for government to provide ongoing training to support quality education during COVID-19 pandemic 2021-04-17 [EI]

KTU succeeds in getting teachers added to COVID-19 vaccine list 2021-03-17 [EI]

Teachers praise KTU training on quality remote education 2021-02-23 [Education International]

Protestors unlawfully detained and tortured in Iraqi Kurdistan 2021-02-09 [Euro-Med Monitor]

Ongoing trade union training to provide quality remote education 2021-02-06 [EI]

Union highlights that pandemic has deepened long-term deficiencies in education 2021-01-20 [EI]

Kurdistan: KJS reports 138 cases of media rights violations in 2020 2021-01-08 [IFJ]

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