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Education union demands improvements in the education sector 2020-10-17 [EI]

Iraqi Kurdistan: Journalist arrested over defamation allegations 2020-09-30 [IFJ]

Safety and continuity at heart of KTU guidelines for new school year 2020-09-09 [EI]

Angry mob burns down TV headquarters for 'insulting religion' 2020-09-03 [IFJ]

Education unionists alarmed about on-going violations of human rights 2020-07-18 [EI]

Trade union takes stock of pressing issues for educators 2020-07-01 [Education International]

Kurdish journalists repeatedly attacked and excluded from access to official Covid information 2020-06-08 [IFJ]

Protest at Basra Gas Company/Shell over non-payment of salaries 2020-05-20 [IndustriALL]

Education union mobilises to support teachers and students during pandemic 2020-04-19 [EI]

COVID-19 in Iraq: the virus of social inequality 2020-04-02 [Opendemocracy]

Journalist kidnapped by gunmen 2020-03-10 [IFJ]

Illness benefit to increase to €305 per week during coronavirus outbreak 2020-03-10 [The Independent]

Two reporters shot dead in Basra 2020-01-13 [IFJ]

38 construction workers killed in Kurdistan 2019-12-30 [Shafaaq]

In Erbil, IFJ urges Kurdish President to fight impunity 2019-12-19 [IFJ]

Photojournalist killed as another is abducted 2019-12-12 [IFJ]

Pledge to further decent work in the country 2019-12-09 [Modern Diplomacy]

Union leaders join with gov't, employers and ILO in Decent Work programme 2019-12-06 [ILO]

A country is in the making: report from Baghdad’s occupied Tahrir square 2019-11-23 [Opendemocracy]

Journalist wounded and media offices attacked in Baghdad rocket attack 2019-11-20 [IFJ]

Iraqi unions: “We want bread, not bullets” 2019-11-06 [IndustriALL]

Educators join nationwide demonstration 2019-11-04 [Education International]

Protests ramp up, shutting roads, offices and schools 2019-11-03 [France 24]

International organisations call on authorities to protect freedom of speech 2019-10-11 [IFJ]

Education union promotes internal democracy and gender equity and fights climate change 2019-10-09 [Education International]

ITUC calls on Iraqi government to immediately stop crackdown on protests 2019-10-08 [ITUC]

Education union reaffirms commitment to quality public education for all in Kurdistan 2019-08-31 [EI]

Trade union leaders bring educators' views to the Kurdistan Parliament 2019-08-09 [Education International]

The faces behind the oil America went to war for 2019-07-05 [Equal Times]

Oil workers move to reclaim power for the people in Iraq 2019-05-29 [People's World]

Educators take stock of the education system in the Kurdistan region 2019-05-28 [EI]

Teacher union invests in facilities to improve education in Kurdistan 2019-04-10 [EI]

The region and education system of Kurdistan pass into oblivion 2019-03-13 [Education International]

7 journalists attacked by Kurdish security forces 2019-01-30 [IFJ]

In Iraq, trade unions are helping to rebuild popular power 2019-01-05 [Equal Times]

In Iraq, trade unions are helping to rebuild popular power 2019-01-05 [Equal Times]

Influx of Iranian migrant workers worries Kurdish labor union 2018-11-14 [RUDAW]

Trade Unions Stand in Solidarity with Protestors’ Demands 2018-07-31 [ITUC]

Unions condemn violence against protestors 2018-07-28 [Industriall]

Iraqi unions condemn violence against protestors 2018-07-25 [IndustriALL]

Teacher union expands to better advocate for quality public education 2018-07-16 [Education International]

Trade unions are helping to rebuild popular power 2018-06-25 [Equal Times]

In Iraq, trade unions are helping to rebuild popular power 2018-06-25 [Equal Times]

Teachers’ salary cuts limited 2018-05-29 [Education International]

Iraqi electricity workers win inclusion for 150,000 precarious workers 2018-05-18 [IndustriALL]

Iraqi electricity workers fight precarious work 2018-04-11 [IndustriALL]

In Kurdistan, 31,000 students return to school Saturday as strikes end: Halabja official 2018-04-05 [Rudaw]

KRG employees conduct protests and strikes amid salary cuts 2018-03-30 [SOFREP]

Fed up with austerity, civil servants protest across Kurdistan 2018-03-26 [RUDAW]

Betrayed by Erbil and Baghdad, striking teachers, doctors dig in 2018-03-24 [RUDAW]

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