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Workers Protests In Iran inThe Last Two Weeks (March 5 -19 2023) 2023-03-20 [Free Them Now (FTN)]

Sepideh Gholian released, then re-arrested! For more info 2023-03-20 [SZAC]

IFJ calls on the Islamic Republic to release all journalists in jail 2023-03-20 [IFJ]

We, the workers of Khuzestan, are against the “Minimum Charter”! For more info 2023-03-14 [SZAC]

Workers’ Protests Against The Islamic Regime And Chemical Attacks On Schools 2023-03-08 [Free Them Now (FTN)]

Workers’ Protests Against The Islamic Regime And Chemical Attacks On Schools 2023-03-08 [Free Them Now (FTN)]

Workers’ Protests Against The Islamic Regime And Chemical Attacks On Schools 2023-03-08 [Free Them Now (FTN)]

Nationwide demonstration against the Iranian regime’s poisoning of schoolgirls For more info 2023-03-06 [SZAC]

The FTN Conference In Support Of The “Charter Of The Minimum Demands”, Was Held Successfully, 2023-03-04 [Free Them Now (FTN)]

Toomaj Salehi: rapper and metalworker in solitary confinement for over 120 days! For more info 2023-03-01 [SZAC]

Steelworkers Union Says Several Striking Members Arrested 2023-02-28 [RFE]

Isfahan Steel Company Workers Strike 2023-02-26 [Free Them Now (FTN)]

Daily updates of workers’ protests from February 12th to 25th 2023-02-25 [Free Them Now (FTN)]

The Retirees Call For A Massive Nationwide Rally 2023-02-24 [Free Them Now (FTN)]

We Support The Charter Of Twenty Independent Trade Unions And Civic Organizations 2023-02-17 [Free Them Now (FTN)]

Trade Unions Issue Charter Of Minimum Demands 2023-02-17 [iranwire]

Iranian regime abducts Siamak Ebrahimi and Shahrokh Ahmadi – with no information about their whereabouts For more info 2023-02-16 [SZAC]

Summary Of The News Of Workers’ Protests In Iran During The Last Two Weeks 2023-02-13 [Free Them Now (FTN)]

Islamic Republic must release all imprisoned journalists and restore free flow of information 2023-02-12 [IFJ]

Global Action Day in support of teachers and workers in Iran 2023-02-09 [EI]

Farhad Meysami: hunger strike will continue until executions stop For more info 2023-02-03 [SZAC]

Join The Unions ‘ Call To Picket In Ten Countries Around The World In Solidarity With Iranian Workers 2023-01-26 [Free Them Now (FTN)]

Heavy jail terms for journalists amid new arrests 2023-01-25 [IFJ]

Iranian Labor Unions Have Led Inspiring Solidarity Strikes Amid the Uprising 2023-01-19 [truthout]

Oil industry’s official staff protest, demanding better pay and conditions 2023-01-20 [SZAC]

Rally Of Workers At Qeshm Oil Terminal 2023-01-20 [Free Them Now (FTN)]

Protest Action Of Official Oil Workers In The Gas Platforms 2023-01-07 [Free Them Now (FTN)]

Union Leader Says Protests Aim At Getting Rid Of “Inequality, Discrimination” 2023-01-05 [Iranwire]

Nationwide Strike Of Official Oil Workers, Firemen Of Tabriz And Cement Factory In Iran 2022-12-18 [Free Them Now (FTN)]

#16Days: BWI condemns gender-based violence in Iran 2022-12-12 [BWI]

#16Days: BWI condemns gender-based violence in Iran 2022-12-10 [BWI]

Tug-of-war between Iranian regime and defiant masses continues For more info 2022-12-09 [SZAC]

December 6th: The Second Day Of Strong And Nationwide Strikes By, Teachers, Workers. Students And Businesses! 2022-12-06 [Free Them Now (FTN)]

The strike of truck drivers has become more widespread in Iran 2022-12-03 [Free Them Now (FTN)]

IFJ renews its call for the immediate release of all journalists in jail 2022-12-03 [IFJ]

Woman, life, freedom! 2022-11-30 [Education International]

November26: 4000 Steel Company workers in Isfahan go on strike 2022-11-26 [Free Them Now (FTN)]

The workers of Pars Ampoul Saveh Company went on strike 2022-11-21 [Free Them Now (FTN)]

Indiscriminate killing in Mahabad does not cow Kurdish masses! For more info 2022-11-21 [SZAC]

The promising developments of the mass uprising in Iran in recent days 2022-11-20 [Free Them Now (FTN)]

Esfahan Steel Mill workers go on strike For more info 2022-11-16 [SZAC]

Solidarity with Women and Girls in Iran 2022-11-12 [EI]

Khuzestan Vanguard Socialist Workers’ Cell calls for a socialist government based on workers’ councils For more info 2022-11-09 [SZAC]

Protests, strikes continue in Iran despite killings, repression 2022-10-28 [Green Left Weekly]

October 26: anti-government demonstrations in more than 45 cities in Iran 2022-10-26 [Free Them Now (FTN)]

Factory workers said to be on strike in support of protests 2022-10-23 [The Guardian]

Iranian regime steps up arrests and threats as strikes spread For more info 2022-10-23 [SZAC]

October22 : a big day of protest and revolution in Iran, Berlin and different parts of the world 2022-10-22 [Free Them Now (FTN)]

Schoolgirl dies after being beaten by security forces, teachers' union says 2022-10-21 [France 24]

The striking oil workers in Iran need your support! 2022-10-19 [Free Them Now (FTN)]

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