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Top news - Maharashtra

Sanitation workers demand survey of manual scavengers 2023-09-17 [ENS]

207 days of fighting for trade union rights at Barry Callebaut Baramati 2023-09-13 [IUF]

Three workers half buried after soil slides in the gas pit 2023-09-07 [HT]

Bollywood's behind-the-scenes women bypass 'boys' club' unions 2023-09-01 [The Straits Times]

GM India union wants Hyundai Motor to absorb workers, threaten hunger strike 2023-08-20 [The Express]

Journalist assaulted by thugs after criticizing chief minister 2023-08-17 [IFJ]

CWFI mourns the tragic death of 17 construction workers at Thane, Mahararastra and demands probe to fix accountability at the highest level 2023-08-04 [CITU]

CWFI mourns the tragic dead of 17 construction workers at Thane, Maharashtra and demands probe to fix accountability at the highest level 2023-08-05 [CITU]

Bodies of 3 workers trapped under soil during well construction recovered, search for 4th continues 2023-08-04 [PTI]

Crane collapse kills 16 workers in India's Maharashtra state 2023-08-01 [Reuters]

Mumbai court acquits Chhota Rajan in trade union leader murder case 2023-07-30 [Panorama]

Unions protest against BMC’s list of 32K legit hawkers, demand re-survey 2023-07-20 [Hindustan Times]

Two workers killed in fire at Pune eatery 2023-06-13 [PTI]

Over 2,500 NTC workers stop work for non-payment of salaries for 8 months 2023-06-05 [HT]

Pandemic lessons: Maha inks labour code for migrant workers 2023-05-23 [The Times]

How Pune sanitation workers joined hands to improve each other’s lives 2023-05-13 [The Times]

Pune: PMC Workers' Union to hold protest march on May 1 2023-04-28 [The Free Press Journal]

Attack on workers� rights in India 2023-04-01 [IndustriALL]

New labour rules slammed by unions over job security 2023-03-21 [The Times]

State employees protest for higher pension benefits 2023-03-19 [BOL News]

Nurses, helpers at both GMCs on strike from today in Nagpur 2023-03-14 [The Times]

Government staff to begin indefinite strike for old pension scheme 2023-03-14 [The Economic Times]

Maharashtra journalist targeted in hit and run 2023-02-09 [IFJ]

Mathadi workers likely to go on strike tomorrow, fruit and vegetable supply may be hit 2023-01-31 [Express News Service]

Union power yields collective bargaining agreements 2023-01-21 [IndustriALL]

Pune Labour Commissioner’s office summons Amazon over layoffs 2023-01-12 [Mint]

Avighna Tower: 2 workers killed as hydraulic lift malfunctions 2023-01-10 [Express NewsService]

Resistance & defiance: Incredable victory to the Maharashtra striking workers 2023-01-08 [CITU]

Petroleum Workers Stand Strong with Striking Maharashtra Electricity Workers & Employees 2023-01-07 [CITU]

Resistance & Defiance: Incredible Victory to the Maharashtra Striking Workers 2023-01-07 [CITU]

Govt says no move to privatise state-run power firms; employee unions call off strike 2023-01-05 [The Times]

Employees of three state-owned power companies go on 72-hr strike 2023-01-04 [PTI]

Massive Fire After Explosion In Nashik Factory, Workers Feared Trapped 2023-01-01 [NDTV]

Two workers die of suspected asphyxiation 2022-12-14 [PTI]

Health workers in India held successive protests to demand unpaid bonuses 2022-12-03 [PSI]

Six workers injured in explosion at steel plant in Jalna 2022-11-03 [PTI]

BEST contract workers go on flash strike at Santacruz depot 2022-10-23 [The Times]

Three workers killed in AC compressor blast at RCF unit in Maha's Raigad 2022-10-20 [PTI]

Three workers die, eight injured after explosion in Indian factory 2022-10-01 [IndustriALL]

One worker dies, four are injured after gas leak in India 2022-09-08 [IndustriALL]

‘BMC is yet to honour SC’s 2017 judgment on contract workers’ 2022-09-05 [Indian Express]

Mumbai: Auto-taxi indefinite strike from Sept 15 2022-08-30 [Times of India]

Mumbai teachers union stir over vacancies 2022-08-30 [Times of India]

Bitter Truth: Women sugarcane labour ‘sacrifice' uterus for wages 2019-12-26 [CanIndia]

Manual sand miners to be offered new jobs after deaths exposé 2017-09-18 [Reuters]

How Mumbai's sanitation workers fought the municipal corporation – and won 2019-03-04 [Scroll]

Direct BMC to ‘adopt' BEST, striking workers tell state 2019-01-13 [The Times]

Citu protests against ‘insufficient compensation' to Asha workers 2021-08-11 [TNN]

‘Scam' in garbage collection, pvt co workers go on strike 2022-05-06 [TNN]

Medical teachers call off strike ‘for one month' 2022-03-21 [TOI]

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