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On Workers Day, TTEs to lie down on platforms 2024-05-01 [Indian Express]

Banasura hydel tourism centre closed due to labour strike 2024-02-14 [On Manorama]

Trade unions urge PM to revitalise Willingdon Island 2024-01-16 [The Express]

Creches in Peril as Centre ‘Withholds’ Funds for 22 Months 2023-11-26 [Newsclick]

Mid-day meal cooks in Kerala to suspend work, seek steps to release pending salary 2023-11-19 [The Hindu]

MNREGA Workers Protest Against Central Govt; Condemn Delay in Payment of Wages 2023-11-19 [Newsclick]

AITUC district conference from September 5 2023-09-03 [The Hindu]

NHM Employees Hold March, Allege Neglect from Union Govt 2023-08-03 [NewsClick]

BEML workers' protest crosses 915 days 2023-07-22 [NewsClick]

KSEB trade unions threaten indefinite strike against smart meter project in Thiruvananthapuram 2023-06-10 [The Express]

Over 1,000 workers laid off at govt textile mills 2023-06-09 [Express News Service]

KMCSU State meet unanimously passes resolution to merge with NGO Union 2023-05-27 [The Hindu]

In a first, Kerala will frame Bill for protection of domestic workers’ rights: CM 2023-05-25 [The Hindu]

Contract staff of the State Child Protection Society stage token strike 2023-05-15 [The Hindu]

BSNL contract workers in Kozhikode on hunger strike 2023-04-21 [Newsclick]

KSEB restructuring on cards, unions say excuse to downsize 2023-04-04 [Express News Service]

Penkoottu to honour elderly labourers of Kozhikode on Women’s Day 2023-02-18 [The Hindu]

Huge rally of AITUC in Kerala on December 20th, 2022 2022-12-24 [WFTU]

Swiggy Workers' Strike Enters Third Day in Kochi 2022-11-17 [sab rang]

No salary for three months, HIL employees stage agitation 2022-09-06 [Express News Service]

Port workers to hold protest in Kochi on September 15 2022-08-08 [The New Indian Express]

After a hard-fought 8-year battle, Kerala women workers win ‘right to sit' 2018-07-23 [The Wire]

‘Labour commissioners told to enforce mid-day break rule' 2020-02-24 [Express News Service]

Kochi: BPCL Union Rejects Management's ‘Illegal Strike' allegation 2020-09-12 [Newsclick]

After A Hard-Fought 8-Year Battle, Kerala Women Workers Win ‘Right to Sit'! 2018-07-18 [The Better India]

CITU-Won't allow BEML to be sold to corporates 2021-01-18 [TNN]

Doctors to go ahead with tomorrow's strike 2021-01-28 [TNN]

Trade unions' strike hits normalcy in Kerala 2022-03-29 [The Times]

Trawl ban based on ground reality, say fishers' union 2020-06-08 [The Hindu]

State To Form Welfare Fund For Gig Workers 2022-05-10 [Newsclick]

KSRTC unions to strike work today 2022-05-06 [The Hindu]

KSRTC: No assurance regarding payment of salary before May 5, trade unions call for strike on May 6 2022-04-26 [KAUMUDI]

Refusing to knuckle under, trade unions take on two Kerala govt enterprises 2022-04-18 [Indian Express]

Pro-Left KSEB association to launch indefinite sit-in strike 2022-04-09 [TNN]

CITU protests the Kerala High Court order of banning the strike 2022-03-24 [CITU]

Kerala govt miffed with HC for asking it to declare strike 'illegal' 2022-03-29 [The Business Standard]

Hours after high court order, Kerala govt bars staff from participating in general strike 2022-03-29 [The Express]

Two years on, 700 families in hardship 2022-03-22 [TNN]

Trade union hartal call hits Kerala tourism industry 2022-03-22 [Express News Service]

Zomato Delivery Agents Launch Indefinite Strike in Thiruvananthapuram 2022-03-16 [NC ]

Auto, taxi drivers call off planned protest after meeting with Kerala Transport Minister 2021-12-30 [ANI]

HC against loading heavy goods on heads of workers 2021-12-15 [The Hindu]

Bharat Bandh hartal total and peaceful in Kerala 2021-09-28 [Times of India]

8 hr work-days, weekly off: Kerala to bring in law for domestic workers 2021-06-18 [News minute]

Delayed honorariums, no COVID-19 safety gear: ASHA workers in Kerala struggle 2021-05-09 [The News Minute]

Migrant workers in Kerala to get free vaccination 2021-04-28 [The Hindu]

Kerala takes steps to safeguard guest workers 2021-04-27 [Indian Express]

Alert: Kerala journalist killed in hit-and-run 2020-12-16 [IFJ]

Unions launch protest against privatisation of port 2020-10-06 [The Hindu]

No salary for 300 staff of Kerala pvt hospital after govt turns it into COVID-19 centre 2020-06-21 [The News Minute]

This month in labour history

This month in labour history

1-05-1923 The country's first May Day celebration. [more]

8-05-1974 A national railway strike begins. 1.7 million workers were involved in demanding higher wages and shorter working hours. Indira Gandhi’s government brutally suppressed the strike with 1000s being sent to jail and losing their jobs. [more]

18-05-1905 Seafarer Surat Alley was born in India. He moved to Britain and during WWII and helped organise a strike of seamen to improve conditions for lascars: sailors on UK ships from Asia and the Middle East, who worked under inferior conditions. [more]