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BWI on the arrest of Hong Kong labour leader Elizabeth Tang 2023-03-18 [BWI]

IUF stands with IDWF General Secretary Elizabeth Tang 2023-03-18 [IUF]

IDWF stands with our General Secretary, Elizabeth Tang 2023-03-18 [IDWF]

BWI on the arrest of Hong Kong labour leader Elizabeth Tang 2023-03-18 [BWI]

UNI in full solidarity with IDWF General Secretary Elizabeth Tang 2023-03-18 [UNI Global Union]

The Rise And Fall Of Hong Kong�s Courier Strike 2023-03-16 [The Voice]

Elizabeth Tang Granted Bail after 2 Days of Detention 2023-03-11 [Hong Kong Labour Rights Monitor]

Elizabeth Tang, Prominent Hong Kong Trade Union Leader and Lee Cheuk Yan's Partner Arrested Today by Police 2023-03-09 [Hong Kong Labour Rights Monitor]

Elizabeth Tang, prominent Hong Kong union leader arrested after prison visit 2023-03-09 [Reuters]

Elizabeth Tang, wife of jailed Hong Kong opposition politician Lee Cheuk-yan arrested by national security officers after prison visit 2023-03-09 [SCMP]

Elizabeth Tang arrested - accused of 'colluding with foreign forces' 2023-03-09 [HKFP]

Chinese government urged to review anti-trade union laws 2023-03-09 [ITUC]

HK White Collar Union became the second trade union de-registered by the HK government 2023-02-22 [Hong Kong Labour Rights Monitor]

UN experts raise concern over restrictions on Hong Kong trade unions under the National Security Law 2023-02-17 [Hong Kong Labour Rights Monitor]

Workers’ rights in Hong Kong: A chat with the Association for Rights of Industrial Accident Victims 2023-02-21 [China Labour Bulletin]

Hong Kong gov’t deregisters pro-democracy union that called for protest ahead of security law 2023-02-17 [hongkongfp]

Free-to-air broadcasters ordered to transmit patriotic programming 2023-02-17 [IFJ]

Domestic workers’ union slams Hong Kong lawmakers’ ‘racist’ proposals as legislature discusses crackdown on ‘job-hopping’ 2023-02-15 [hongkongfp]

Winnie Yu pleads not guilty to subversion charge For more info 2023-02-06 [The Witness, SCMP, Mingpao]

Cathay Pacific passengers enjoy smooth check-in process at Hong Kong airport even as cabin crew union starts work-to-rule policy 2023-01-19 [South China Morning Post]

IFJ launches campaign to support Hong Kong journalists 2022-12-13 [IFJ]

ITUC World Congress passed Emergency Resolution to demand the revocation of the National Security Law and release trade union leaders in Hong Kong 2022-11-29 [Hong Kong Labour Rights Monitor]

Lee Cheuk Yan’s Bail Application Denied 2022-12-12 [Hong Kong Labour Rights Monitor]

Jimmy Lai sentenced to over five years on fraud charges 2022-12-12 [IFJ]

Veteran journalist Bao Choy loses appeal, faces fine 2022-11-09 [IFJ]

ITUC-Asia Pacific condemns aggressive attacks against trade unions in Hong Kong 2022-11-07 [Hong Kong Labour Rights Monitor]

Launch of Association of overseas Hong Kong media professionals 2022-11-02 [IFJ]

HKCTU former Executive committee members found guilty of not providing operating information to police 2022-11-01 [Hong Kong Labour Rights Monitor]

BWI: Stand with Hong Kong in the fight for freedom and democracy 2022-10-27 [Hong Kong Labour Rights Monitor]

New Hong Kong report calls China to account for gutting media 2022-10-17 [IFJ]

History will Remember HKCTU’s Legacy 2022-10-04 [Hong Kong Labour Rights Monitor]

Who is to be held accountable for the fatal industrial accidents in Hong Kong? For more info 2022-10-04 [Hong Kong Labour Rights Monitor]

Hong Kong journalists' union head charged before overseas trip 2022-09-20 [Straits Times]

HKJA reveals alarming decline in press freedom 2022-09-27 [IFJ]

HKJA chair charged with obstructing police 2022-09-21 [IFJ]

Sidney Ng, Former Secretary of the General Union of Hong Kong Speech Therapists, Court Petition Letter 10/9/2022 2022-09-12 [Hong Kong Labour Rights Monitor]

Hong Kong Speech therapists jailed for 19 months over children book set poor precedent for free speech 2022-09-13 [Hong Kong Labour Rights Monitor]

Trade Unions in HK Receive Warning Letters about Online Comments For more info 2022-08-26 [Hong Kong Labour Rights Monitor]

Journalists' union leader Ronson Chan arrested 2022-09-08 [Deutsche Welle]

Asia-Pacific unions condemn arrest of HKJA chair 2022-09-08 [IFJ]

Steel worker unionists vow to continue to fight for labour rights, despite the collapse of Hong Kong’s civil society 2022-08-28 [The Free Press]

Some 300 workers claimed failed to be covered by govt anti-epidemic subsidy 2022-08-14 [The Standard]

How a Hong Kong law passed by the British to combat strikers is being used by China 100 years later 2022-08-07 [Scroll]

Hong Kong’s Unforgettable Lee Cheuk-yan 2022-08-02 [Tocsin]

Initial probe into accident at Hong Kong boy band Mirror concert to take 2 weeks; group calls for improving dancers’ rights 2022-08-01 [The Free Press]

UN Rights Body calls for end to repression of unions 2022-07-28 [ITUC]

LATEST RESEARCH: 'Hong Kong Trade Union Movement under the National Security Law - Two years into the authoritarian rule' 2022-07-26 [Hong Kong Labour Rights Monitor]

UN experts raised concerns over crackdown on trade unions’ rights in Hong Kong 2022-07-19 [Hong Kong Labour Rights Monitor]

A ‘Bar Bender' in the movement: ‘pessimistic but not stopping.' 2019-10-24 [HKCTU]

‘Battlefield' social workers between police and protesters 2019-10-24 [HKCTU]

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