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HKJA considers disbanding amidst growing safety concerns 2022-04-21 [IFJ]

Veteran journalist arrested for ‘sedition’ 2022-04-13 [IFJ]

Police arrest six activists for sedition 2022-04-07 [IFJ]

Former union leaders arrested as repression escalates 2022-04-04 [ITUC]

Former union leaders arrested as repression escalates 2022-04-02 [Scoop World]

Shadowy messengers deliver threats to Hong Kong civil society 2022-02-22 [UCA News]

More patients, fewer nurses: Hong Kong's medical frontline struggles with COVID surge 2022-02-22 [Saltwire]

Media launch of Fit for Purpose - assessing compliance with the Code of Practice 2022-02-21 [IDWF]

IFJ report documents dire status of Hong Kong’s media 2022-02-11 [IFJ]

Police detain seven journalists linked to Stand News after raiding newsroom 2021-12-31 [IFJ]

'We are Lee-Cheuk Yan' - Solidarity message to jailed HK union leader 2021-12-22 [BWI]

Lee Cheuk Yan sentenced for candlelight vigil 2021-12-14 [ITUC]

Hong Kong civic society decimated: enough is enough 2021-12-03 [ITUC]

Foodpanda Hong Kong and couriers reach deal on pay packages, ending labour dispute that sparked weekend strike 2021-11-19 [SCMP]

Hong Kong government denies visa of The Economist correspondent 2021-11-16 [IFJ]

The IFJ expresses solidarity with Amnesty Hong Kong 2021-11-05 [IFJ]

As Hong Kong’s Civil Society Buckles, One Group Tries to Hold On 2021-10-24 [The Times]

Trade Unions Are Under Attack 2021-10-09 [Jacobin]

National security law: Hong Kong’s biggest opposition trade union votes by overwhelming majority to disband 2021-10-04 [South China Morning Post]

RTHK staff ordered to support “national security” 2021-10-03 [IFJ]

UNI joins the ITUC in calling on the Chinese and Hong Kong authorities to cease prosecutions and intimidation of trade unionists 2021-09-29 [UNI Global Union]

Over 90,000 people have left Hong Kong in the past year; those who remain face an uncertain future 2021-09-29 [Equal Times]

ITUC affiliate HKCTU to disband 2021-09-22 [ITUC]

Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions to dissolve 2021-09-22 [HKCTU]

Hong Kong's largest pro-democracy union-coalition to disband, cites threats to safety 2021-09-21 [Hong Kong Free Press]

Leading Hong Kong pro-democratic labor group to disband 2021-09-20 [Nikkei]

National security chief accuses journalist association of bias 2021-09-20 [IFJ]

HKCTU, under threat of the national security law, in process of disbanding, vice-chair confirms 2021-09-18 [The Free Press]

BWI decries sedition charges against Hong Kong’s Tiananmen vigil organisers 2021-09-15 [BWI]

Support for Next Digital employees as media group files for liquidation 2021-09-08 [IFJ]

A public letter from a union leader in jail 2021-09-07 [HKCTU]

Government proposes new censorship law and clamps down on media independence 2021-09-01 [IFJ]

HKCTU Gerneral-Secretary and Tiananmen vigil organiser acted as agent for foreigners, national security police claim 2021-08-26 [The Free Press]

Beijing-controlled paper labels Hong Kong press union an ‘anti-govt political organisation’ 2021-08-17 [The Free Press]

Questions over remaining teacher union caseload, as pro-Beijing figures hail disbandment 2021-08-17 [The Free Press]

Disbanded Hong Kong teachers’ union faces further state media attacks; Confederation of Trade Unions in crosshairs 2021-08-17 [The Free Press]

A 48-year-old union gone in 11 days – how Hong Kong teachers lost a powerful voice 2021-08-17 [The Free Press]

Biggest teachers’ union drops political bombshell, announcing its disbandment after authorities cut ties 2021-08-11 [South China Morning Post]

Disbandment of teachers’ union signals intensifying crackdown on independent labour organizations 2021-08-11 [Amnesty International]

Hong Kong's largest teacher's union to disband following pressure from govt and Chinese state media 2021-08-10 [Hong Kong Free Press]

Education International expresses solidarity with Hong Kong education union and academic freedom worldwide 2021-08-04 [Education International]

Education Bureau severs ties with Hong Kong’s biggest teachers’ union, hours after Chinese state media call group a ‘malignant tumour’ 2021-08-02 [South China Morning Post]

National Security Police intimidate reporter and confiscate travel documents 2021-07-28 [IFJ]

Food delivery workers protest pay and working conditions 2021-07-26 [CLB]

Open letter to Hong Kong Secretary for Justice 2021-07-21 [IFJ]

Journalists association release report on the deterioration of press freedom 2021-07-19 [IFJ]

Democracy crumbles in Hong Kong as Apple Daily shutters HK operations 2021-06-25 [IFJ]

Five Apple Daily executives arrested in massive police raid 2021-06-18 [IFJ]

Lee Cheuk-yan’s plea: This is my unrequited love, the love for my country with such a heavy heart 2021-06-06 [HKCTU]

Hong Kong: Lee Cheuk Yan given further jail sentence for pro-democracy protest 2021-05-29 [ITUC]

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