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Civil society groups rap gov’t handling of teachers strike 2024-06-23 [Stabroek News]

Guyana teachers’ strike called off; conciliation talks to begin on Wednesday 2024-06-22 [Trinidad Guardian]

Support, assist society’s less fortunate- GAWU encourages in Eid message 2024-06-17 [Newsroom]

Court to rule in teachers’ salary cut case next Friday 2024-04-12 [Kaieteur News ]

Teachers strike 2024-02-04 [Stabroek News]

GTU moving to court today over collapsed talks 2024-03-15 [Stabroek News]

GTU issues new strike ultimatum to gov’t 2024-03-15 [Stabroek News]

Govt, GTU differ over period for salary talks 2024-03-09 [Stabroek News]

International Womens Day 2024-03-09 [Stabroek News]

Judge proposes mediation in gov’t, Teachers Union dispute 2024-02-29 [Stabroek News]

Wider society must stand in solidarity with the Guyana Teachers Union and support our striking teachers 2024-02-08 [Stabroek News]

GPSU proposes increase in income tax threshold and reduction of income tax rate for Budget 2024 2024-01-11 [The Source]

Meeting with teachers was not negotiation- Pres Ali; GTUC sensed no commitment to collective bargaining 2023-10-08 [Demerara]

May Day rally celebrates 100 years of trade union movement 2019-05-01 [Newroom]

Unions must build capacity, leaders must be knowledgeable-oppsition leader in May Day message 2023-05-03 [Newsroom]

Uitvlugt Sugar workers strike over GuySuCo's default on Holiday with Pay commitment 2022-07-13 [Guyana Times]

'As strike commences… Teachers demanding nothing less than 40% salary increase – GTU' 2018-08-28 [Kaieteur News]

'Government has one day to negate teacher's strike – GTU President' 2018-08-31 [Kaieteur News]

'Guyana Teachers' Union [GTU] heartened that govt. trying to locate funds to pay salary increase – but extremely disappointed only 2018 under consideration' 2018-09-02 [Kaieteur News]

'As second week of strike action continues… GTU threatens legal action to prevent illegal appointment of “substitutes”' 2018-09-06 [Kaieteur News]

'UG unions call on Labour Department to intervene in salary ‘row'' 2018-12-06 [Kaieteur News]

‘Partnership' cannot be based on GuySuCo's dictated terms and conditions 2017-10-20 [The Stabroek News]

‘As a trade unionist I take seriously the responsibility to engage in activism that will bring about justice and fair play' 2018-03-29 [The Stabroek News]

GuySuCo aiming for new 55,000 white sugar plant at Albion – GAWU 2019-11-24 [The Stabroek News]

Ministry's failure to bring BCGI's Russian managers ‘in line' contributing to workers mistreatment – union officials 2019-02-08 [The Stabroek News]

Totaltec contract outlawing trade union membership raises oil and gas concerns – Lewis 2019-09-13 [The Stabroek News]

‘We are not sending people back under those conditions' 2019-03-05 [The Stabroek News]

‘Resilience has paid off' 2019-03-17 [The Stabroek News]

Evaluation to be done of VC's performance before decision on new contract –UG unions 2019-05-28 [The Stabroek News]

Narine should say what are the ‘other avenues' available to non-GAWU workers 2022-01-18 [The News]

Sweet success: IUF affiliates welcome the decision to reopen Guyana's sugar estates 2021-02-02 [IUF]

'Unions appeal court's denial quash decision to close sugar estates' 2017-11-28 [Kaieteur News]

'House approves $1.93B for GuySuCo workers' severance pay' 2018-01-20 [Kaieteur News]

'Integrated Security Services' guards stage protest over unpaid wages' 2018-03-15 [Kaieteur News]

'Incensed reactions to teachers' strike' 2018-09-04 [Kaieteur News]

'Almost total shutdown of E'bo schools as 600 teachers stay away' 2018-09-06 [Kaieteur News]

Gov't not delivering on promise to restore collective bargaining 2017-10-29 [The Stabroek News]

Gov't, teachers agree to high-level task force 2017-10-31 [The Stabroek News]

GAWU skeptical about gov't statements on severance pay for sugar workers 2017-12-25 [Stabroek News]

Testing government's take-it-or-leave-it pay negotiating strategy 2017-10-31 [The Stabroek News]

BCGI's Russian management ignores union 2017-12-05 [The Stabroek News]

Teachers' recent strike and workers pursuit of the respect for Collective Bargaining 2018-09-10 [The Stabroek News]

Gov't creates new crisis in teachers' negotiation by imposing a chairperson 2018-10-01 [The Stabroek News]

Wages talks with teachers' union not over -Henry 2018-08-15 [The Stabroek News]

Gov't seeking to source funds to up pay offer to teachers 2018-09-01 [The Stabroek News]

AFC's statements on severance say a lot about the sincerity of their concern for sugar workers 2018-01-18 [The Stabroek News]

Govt's handling of Enmore Martyrs observance was poor, GTUC excluded from planning 2018-06-18 [The Stabroek News]

GAWU's move to court over severance pay was approved by the Union's General Council 2018-07-04 [The Stabroek News]

Unions will continue to press for Labour to be accorded its rightful status in gov't 2018-07-26 [The Stabroek News]

'We want wifi and food': Union reps hold talks with Labour Dep't to resolve Aurora mine strike 2019-07-05 [Stabroek]

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