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Onomo Hotel workers demand end to retaliatory subcontracting 2024-06-07 [IUF]

Unions suspend national strike after union boss released 2024-03-01 [Mining Tech]

Workers’ protest in Guinea: The government must listen to the people, shun violence, and utilise genuine dialogue to address the impasse 2024-03-01 [ITUC Africa]

ITUC demands release of union leader 2024-02-28 [ITUC]

Guinea labor unions start an indefinite strike to demand an end to internet and radio restrictions by government 2024-02-26 [Bloomberg]

Journalists raided and arrested by security forces 2024-01-23 [IFJ]

Onomo Hotel Conakry workers win union recognition 2024-01-22 [IUF]

Onomo Hotel workers fight for a free and fair union election 2023-08-27 [IUF]

Bauxite workers and their families fight for access to their pensions 2023-08-03 [Equal Times]

Hotel workers in Conakry continue to fight and build the movement 2023-01-30 [IUF]

Sheraton Grand Conakry workers fight for their jobs and their futures 2022-08-27 [IUF]

Гвинея ратифицировала Конвенцию МОТ №176 о безопасности труда на шахтах 2017-01-05 [IndustriALL]

The ongoing struggle to protect Guinea's domestic workers 2020-09-24 [Equal Times]

The ongoing struggle to protect Guinea's domestic workers 2020-09-30 [Equal Times]

Hotel union commemorates housekeeper's death and escalates healthcare fight 2021-06-26 [IUF]

IUF calls on IFC to intervene at the Sheraton Grand Conakry 2022-06-15 [IUF]

Struggle continues at the Sheraton Grand Conakry 2022-04-11 [IUF]

Sheraton Grand Conakry closes after workers submit strike notice 2022-02-16 [IUF]

Workers at Sheraton Grand Conakry set to strike 2021-10-27 [IUF]

Labour movement unites behind terminated union leaders at the Sheraton Grand Conakry 2021-10-03 [IUF]

Union leader harassed by police after criticizing government tax decree 2021-06-07 [UNI Global Union]

Second hotel votes for union and ILO agrees to investigate complaint 2021-04-19 [IUF]

Sheraton Grand Conakry: IUF moves rights violations complaints to the ILO 2021-02-22 [IUF]

The Fight Gains Momentum for Sheraton Grand Conakry Union Leaders 2020-12-10 [IUF]

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