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#WomenSpeak: Trailblazing for women empowerment 2022-09-22 [BWI]

#WomenSpeak: Trailblazing for women empowerment 2022-09-21 [BWI]

Unions campaign for decent work in artisanal and small-scale mining 2022-09-01 [IndustriALL]

Trade Unions call on Ghanaian government and employers to step up fight against violence against women in transport workplaces 2022-08-27 [ITF]

Migrant Labour General Workers Union International congratulates IOM Award winners 2022-08-20 [My Joy]

Unions win improved living conditions for public service workers 2022-08-06 [EI]

Striking State Attorneys ‘fight' AG over ‘lay-off threat' 2017-01-04 [Citi FM]

Agric workers laud gov't's ‘planting for good and job' campaign 2017-01-18 [Citi FM]

UG, unions stalemate block ‘back-pay' for lecturers; non-academic staff to get pay-out 2017-11-09 [Demerara Waves]

Guarantee our safety before we'll resume work – ECG workers to Somanya residents 2017-06-14 [Joy]

PURC workers union calls for dissolution of ‘dysfunctional board' 2017-03-21 [Joy]

“Domestic work to be formalized in Ghana,” Labour Minister announces as world marks International Women's Day 2018. 2018-03-13 [PSI]

Blame Union Secretary for problems at Tema Shipyard – Workers 2017-05-07 [CITI]

Remove ‘controversial' articles from US military camp deal – Union 2018-03-29 [CITI]

Education unions give “red flag” to government for plans to privatise public education 2019-03-13 [Education International]

Int'l rating of Ghana's economy doesn't reflect in people's pocket – TUC 2020-03-18 [GTUC website]

Coronavirus: Gov't actively discussing possible lockdown – Akufo-Addo 2020-03-27 [GTUC website]

Passing of Tom ‘Father Africa' Bediako 2018-03-29 [Education International]

Education unions give “red flag” to government for plans to privatise public education 2019-03-13 [Education International]

Pay workers cost of living allowance to avoid labour unrest – TEWU 2022-06-16 [Ghana Business News]

2 million jobs at risk with airline shutdown in Africa – IATA 2020-04-09 [Ghanaweb]

About 50,000 jobs to be lost over benchmark policy impasse – FAWU 2022-01-22 [Ghanaweb]

Coronavirus: Banks in Ghana have disappointed us – GUTA cries 2020-04-02 [Ghanaweb]

Coronavirus: Banks in Ghana have disappointed us – GUTA cries 2020-04-03 [Ghanaweb]

Coronavirus: Exempt us from partial lockdown – poultry farmers to gov't 2020-04-01 [Ghanaweb]

Coronavirus: Forgive Africa's debt, give continent US$150bn for health financing – Ethiopia to G20 2020-03-24 [Ghanaweb]

Coronavirus: We can't reduce number of passengers in trotro – GPRTU 2020-03-18 [Ghanaweb]

Coronavirus: Work from home – AfDB to staff 2020-03-20 [Ghanaweb]

Don't exclude security agencies from unification of pension benefits – TUC to gov't 2021-01-14 [Ghanaweb]

Encroachment on our lands threatens aviation safety – GCAA 2020-02-22 [Ghanaweb]

Ghana association of bankers to support coronavirus fight with GH¢10m 2020-03-26 [Ghanaweb]

Give workers flexible hours – public service commission 2020-03-26 [Ghanaweb]

Gold Fields workers sign redundancy letters ‘under duress' 2018-03-05 [Ghanaweb]

Help us pay our employees – hotels association calls on gov't 2020-03-20 [Ghanaweb]

The ripple effect will come to you – GUTA boss to traders selling sanitizers at high prices 2020-03-19 [Ghanaweb]

8 Gold Fields workers could be charged for unlawful protest – Police 2018-03-15 [Ghanaweb]

Coronavirus: Allow journalists to work from home – GJA 2020-03-23 [Ghanaweb]

Coronavirus: Allow workers to work from home, grant them leave – TUC to employers 2020-03-18 [Ghanaweb]

Coronavirus: Lock down now – Ghana medical association to Akufo-Addo 2020-03-26 [Ghanaweb]

Coronavirus: Over 90 percent of Education ministry staff positive – Minister confirms 2020-07-09 [Ghanaweb]

Doctors contracting coronavirus from hospitals – GMA 2020-07-09 [Ghanaweb]

End social distancing in commercial buses, we need our money – GPRTU to govt 2020-06-05 [Ghanaweb]

Halting workplace sexual abuses – The life story of a domestic worker 2019-01-18 [Ghanaweb]

How can National Cathedral be ‘priority among priorities'? – TUC rejects President's position 2018-10-16 [Ghanaweb]

KNUST: Government ‘undemocratic' on Governing Council constitution - TEWU 2018-11-04 [Ghanaweb]

KNUST: UTAG threatens November 19 strike ‘until further notice' 2018-11-09 [Ghanaweb]

PDS concession fiasco creating anxiety among workers – PUWU 2019-08-04 [Ghanaweb]

UTAG-KNUST's strike threat is illegal – USAG 2018-10-30 [Ghanaweb]

Water delivery system under threat – GWCL workers warn 2019-01-29 [Ghanaweb]

We're not returning to the classroom until the council is restored – UTAG 2018-10-30 [Ghanaweb]

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