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Several Finnish unions plan strikes in February over wage disputes 2023-01-27 [Reuter]

SAK unions intensify their cooperation in collective bargaining 2022-12-17 [SAK]

Trade Union News from Finland ends its news service 2022-12-17 [Trade Union News from Finland]

SAK unions intensify their cooperation in collective bargaining 2022-12-15 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Employers' determined coordination widely scuppering collective bargaining 2022-12-09 [Trade Union News from Finland]

ITUC elects Antti Palola to Executive Bureau 2022-11-28 [Trade Union News from Finland]

No take-off for Finnair as cabin crew strikes 2022-11-21 [EURACTIV]

Finnair Cancels Flights As Workers Go On ‘Illegal’ Strike 2022-11-21 [Simple Flying]

Maria Löfgren elected Akava President by clear majority 2022-11-16 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Exciting and even race for Akava presidency 2022-11-04 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Employers' television commercial attacks public sector employees 2022-10-19 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Negotiations for pay rise in technology and chemical industry come to nothing and have now been terminated 2022-10-17 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Nurses’ unions accept the new pay deal 2022-10-05 [Trade Union News from Finland]

The new controversial Patient Security Act limits the right to strike 2022-09-18 [Trade Union News from Finland]

ICU workers plan strikes over 'coercive' Patient Safety Act 2022-09-13 [YLE]

Nurses' Autumn of discontent 2022-09-09 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Survey: UPM do not treat salaried employees even-handedly 2022-09-01 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Akava President Sture Fjäder moves on to politics 2022-08-26 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Labour market parties shoot down the Minister's proposal of income tax cuts to partly replace pay rise 2022-08-12 [Trade Union News from Finland]

New union website helps to deal with racism in multicultural workplaces 2022-08-05 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Electrical Workers´ Union choose a new President and continue to defend Polish workers' rights at the Olkiluoto construction site 2016-12-19 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Katja Lehto-Komulainen of ETUC: Workers´ voice must be heard in Europe 2017-02-03 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Millariikka Rytkönen is the new Tehy President 2017-11-21 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Sture Fjäder re-elected as Akava President 2020-09-07 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Metsä Group refuses to obey court verdict 2021-10-01 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Finally, a pay deal for the municipal sector – excluding nurses' unions 2022-06-10 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Akava President Sture Fjäder to step down prematurely 2022-06-21 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Annika Rönni-Sällinen is the new President of the Service Union United PAM 2019-06-07 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Finnish €6 wage trial has failed 'shamefully' 2017-03-15 [Business Insider]

Work stoppages to disrupt construction projects in April—May 2018-04-06 [The Times]

Union Council re-elect Päivi Niemi-Laine as JHL President 2017-06-08 [JHL]

Out with the trade union sauna – in with gender equality! 2017-03-14 [Nordic Labour Journal]

Women still earn 17% less – but who should fix the wage gap? 2017-03-15 [YLE News]

Forestry workers on strike – No Work without Compensation 2020-01-31 [BWI]

Three journalists face jail term for allegedly “disclosing state secrets” 2021-11-04 [IFJ]

Men's Finnish national football team willing to cut their pay to support women's national team 2018-08-28 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Neoliberal think tank issues complaint to EU Commission about Finland's collective agreements 2018-09-28 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Finnish employee must work 34 days to reach a single day's pay for CEO 2019-02-18 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Citizens' initiative to stop activation model voted down in Parliament following most unusual debate 2019-02-21 [Trade Union News from Finland]

The National Conciliator's proposal to end the postal strike totally ignored the core issue 2019-11-20 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Tax day reveals everyone's income and tax data 2021-11-11 [Trade Union News from Finland]

UPM's refusal to engage in collective bargaining means losses in profit of up to 20 million euro a week 2022-02-02 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Helsinki's immigration unit hit by staff shortage 2017-03-16 [helsinkitimes]

Finnish forest company UPM attacks workers' fundamental rights 2021-03-19 [IndustriALL]

SASK launches campaign on migrant workers' rights 2021-11-19 [BWI]

SASK launches campaign on migrant workers' rights 2021-11-19 [BWI]

Today's Priority - The future of Finland's education policy 2019-01-25 [Education International]

Using social media to promote education union's development cooperation and solidarity work 2022-01-22 [EI]

What is the solution to Finland's labour market mismatch? 2017-07-13 [Equal Times]

Unilever's Sipoo ice cream site faces possible closure 2022-02-16 [IUF]

This month in labour history

This month in labour history

1-02-2010 More than 1,000 stevedores go on strike without warning in the country's ports. [more]