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Peer networks and trainings to empower immigrants in services sectors 2024-04-14 [PAM]

SAK unions suspend political strikes as of 8. April – strikes already called to take place as planned 2024-04-06 [SAK]

What is a political strike and why would banning them be wrong? 2024-04-02 [JHL]

HS: Public support for political strikes is high but waning 2024-04-02 [The Times]

SAK and affiliates to continue strikes for a further week 2024-04-01 [SAK]

Union: Lapland seasonal workers report safety concerns on a regular basis 2024-03-27 [YLE]

Unions extend strikes over labour reforms by another week 2024-03-27 [XM]

How Finnish strikes over labour reforms are affecting companies 2024-03-27 [Reuters]

Right-Wing Government Is Trying to Crush Labour 2024-03-21 [Jacobin]

Unions Extend Strikes to Fight Right-Wing Attack on Labor, Safety Net 2024-03-21 [Common Dreams]

SAK’s member unions to extend ongoing political strikes by a week 2024-03-21 [The Times]

Political strikes close Finnish ports 2024-03-21 [ETF]

SAK and affiliated unions to continue strikes 2024-03-21 [SAK]

Labour unions extend export blockade 2024-03-20 [Reuters]

The Industrial Union rebukes the Confederation of Finnish Industries (EK) and Technology Industries of Finland for announcing the largest lockout in Finland’s history 2024-03-18 [Teollisuusliitto]

Strikes in Finland close ports 2024-03-16 [ITF]

Backlash from Finland transport strike brings supply chain chaos 2024-03-16 [The Loadstar]

Political strike closes ports for two weeks 2024-03-14 [Label & Narrow Web]

Workers Announce Two Weeks' Strike 2024-03-12 [TeleSUR]

AKT Plans Two-Week Port Strike Protesting Government Policies 2024-03-09 [The Maritime Executive]

SAK labour federation launches more strikes next week 2024-03-06 [YLE]

SAK planning up to four-day political strikes in coming weeks 2024-03-05 [The Times]

Mass workers’ strike wave continues against gov’t attacks on workers, unions, welfare 2024-02-28 [Green Left Weekly]

Myth busting 20 + 1 falsehoods used to justify reductions in working conditions 2024-02-25 [SAK]

Couriers show the importance of organizing 2024-02-19 [PAM]

Politically motivated strikes have spread into industry and transport, among other sectors 2024-02-14 [YLE]

Over 100,000 Finnish workers to strike this week: A nationwide shutdown 2024-02-13 [The Times]

Strike wave in Finland—a legacy of trust in transition? 2024-02-13 [Social Europe]

300,000 strikers call for no cuts to workers’ rights 2024-02-07 [ITF]

Nationwide strikes rock Finland 2024-02-07 [BWI]

Nationwide strikes rock Finland 2024-02-06 [BWI]

UJF supports journalists in Gaza with €5 000 2024-02-04 [UJF]

SAK and STTK labour confederations: Thousands in Finland say STOP! to cuts in working conditions and welfare 2024-02-03 [SAK]

Industrial Union announces 'large-scale' strikes in mid-February 2024-02-02 [YLE]

Strikes over labour reform empty Helsinki 2024-02-02 [AFP]

Strikes culminate with 13 000 gathering on Helsinki's Senate Square 2024-02-01 [Yle News]

https://yle.fi/a/74-20072472 2024-02-01 [YLE]

Massive strikes protesting plans to cut social security and change how pay is set 2024-02-01 [Today]

Strikes expected to bring country to a standstill 2024-02-01 [The Guardian]

'Mafia' strikes bring Finland to a standstill as unions face down government 2024-02-01 [Euronews]

Workers begin strikes against labour reforms, welfare cuts 2024-02-01 [Reuters]

Massive strikes protesting plans to cut social security and change how pay is set 2024-01-31 [The National Post]

Finland’s services workers are going on a political strike 2024-01-31 [UNI Global Union]

SAK calls for ceasefire in Gaza 2024-01-28 [SAK]

JHL’s strike is expanding: Trains and local traffic will stop, extensive work stoppage for the energy sector 2024-01-26 [JHL]

JHL strike: Strike to hit train, metro and tram services next Friday 2024-01-26 [YLE]

Food industry workers announce strike next week 2024-01-26 [YLE]

Transport, Energy Sector To Join Vast Finnish Strike 2024-01-26 [Barron's]

Industrial Union declares extensive political strike for early February – – “We urge all workers to take part in the mass demonstration organised by SAK and STTK” 2024-01-24 [Teollisuusliitto]

Frequently asked questions on walkouts 6 February 2024-01-24 [Akava]

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