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Nurses' unions say no to the conciliation committee pay deal proposal 2022-05-13 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Welfare sector says Finland wants more foreign labour 2022-05-10 [YLE]

Local government strike closes schools, daycare centres, museums, public libraries 2022-05-03 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Paper workers end historic UPM strike in settlement 2022-05-02 [IndustriALL]

UPM strike over - paper machines up and running again 2022-04-29 [Trade Union News from Finland]

UPM strike over, workers head back to make paper 2022-04-27 [Print 21]

UPM paper strike ends: 1900 workers return to work 2022-04-26 [Wide Format]

25,000 health care workers end 14-day strike 2022-04-16 [PSI]

Strike pay varies a lot from union to union 2022-04-13 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Nurses take to streets, paperworkers' strike continues 2022-04-10 [YLE]

Healthcare workers' strike postponed by two weeks 2022-03-29 [YLE]

Unions ask UPM shareholders to act over strike 2022-03-29 [Printweek]

25,000 nurses to go on strike from beginning of April 2022-03-29 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Industrial Union to support paper workers' strike at UPM to the tune of 2.2 million euro 2022-03-25 [Trade Union News from Finland]

UPM frames paper mill strike as a force majeure 2022-03-08 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Stora Enso suspends Russia operations 2022-03-07 [BWI]

UPM paper strike extended into April as talks stall 2022-03-04 [Print 21]

Tehy and Super issue a five-year rescue programme for social and health care 2022-02-25 [Trade Union News from Finland]

UPM framing strike as force majeure 2022-02-18 [Print 21]

Unions put pressure on UPM customers as Europe faces paper shortage 2022-02-17 [IndustriALL]

Unilever’s Sipoo ice cream site faces possible closure 2022-02-16 [IUF]

European printing industry appeals to UPM to settle the strike quickly 2022-02-15 [Trade Union News from Finland]

UPM finally to sit down at the negotiation table, perhaps 2022-02-14 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Paper workers extend strike at UPM mills 2022-02-04 [NASDAQ]

New collective agreement for the commerce sector gives similar pay rise as the other pay deals this year 2022-02-04 [Trade Union News from Finland]

UPM’s refusal to engage in collective bargaining means losses in profit of up to 20 million euro a week 2022-02-02 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Employment rate clearly up in one year 2022-01-28 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Finnish paper strike solid as UPM refuses to negotiate 2022-01-27 [IndustriALL]

Ideology takes upper hand in UMP labour market policy 2022-01-27 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Using social media to promote education union’s development cooperation and solidarity work 2022-01-22 [EI]

New collective agreements for salaried employees in the technology industry 2022-01-18 [Trade Union News from Finland]

First pay deals for the technology industry are born 2022-01-13 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Supreme Court overturns conviction of journalist Johanna Vehkoo 2022-01-12 [IFJ]

UPM strike extended by two weeks 2022-01-06 [NASDAQ]

UPM braced for strike action at Finnish ops 2022-01-03 [Printweek]

Strikes shut down UPM pulp and paper plants 2022-01-03 [Reuters]

Strikes shut down UPM pulp and paper plants 2022-01-03 [Nokia News]

Strikes shut down UPM pulp and paper plants 2022-01-02 [The Financial Post]

Industrial Union threatens strikes, 300 tech sites face closure 2022-01-02 [YLE News]

More than 50,000 Finnish industrial workers threaten to strike over wage dispute 2021-12-31 [Reuters]

Industrial Union issues strike warning to Keitele Group 2021-12-30 [The Times]

Strike grinds Finnish ports to a halt on Tuesday 2021-12-28 [YLE]

UPM plant workers to go on strike 1 January 2021-12-23 [YLE]

UPM promise to pay extra to strikebreakers 2021-12-20 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Workers union Pro warns of strikes at UPM's Finnish plants 2021-12-18 [Saltwire]

Antti Palola continues as STTK President 2021-12-16 [Trade Union News from Finland]

UPM cuts down collective bargaining 2021-12-15 [IndustriALL]

Paper workers in Uruguay are worried about UPM actions in Finland 2021-12-14 [Trade Union News from Finland]

UPM isolates itself more due to its labour market policy line 2021-12-13 [Trade Union News from Finland]

Violence and harassment at workplaces affects women more often than men 2021-12-07 [Trade Union News from Finland]

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