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Fiji human rights activists pay tribute to slain Gaza journalists, but shunned by local media 2024-01-14 [Asia-Pacific Report]

FTUC bulletin: Announcement of dates, venue and other information of 2024 conferences 2024-01-24 [FTUC]

Unions To Shut Down Air Travel For Two Days 2024-01-19 [Barron's]

Felix Anthony has been re-elected as the ITUC-AP President. 2023-12-22 [FBC]

University of the South Pacific: Staff issues unresolved over three years 2023-12-09 [RNZI]

FTUC National Secretary, Mr Felix Anthony re-elected as the ITUC-AP-president 2023-12-06 [FTUC]

FTUC press statement: FTUC supports call to action for Black Day in India-3rd October 2023 2023-10-06 [FTUC]

Union Rep Refused Entry To EFL Depot 2023-07-07 [The Sun]

‘Long time no see!’ | Journalist and union leader reunite after 4-year ban 2023-07-07 [The Times]

EFL workers contemplate strike action 2023-06-23 [The Times]

Anthony expresses concern over comments 2023-06-22 [The Times]

Fiji is committed to advancing social justice-President Katonivere 2023-06-16 [FTUC]

Fijian government values the rights of of its people: Employment minister SIngh 2023-06-16 [FTUC]

Employment minister addresses 111th session of the International Labour Conference 2023-06-16 [FTUC]

2023 World Day against child labour celebrations 2023-06-12 [FTUC]

Fiji journalists celebrate as draconian media law is repealed 2023-04-12 [Radio New Zealand International]

Update from FFATU on Fiji Airways reinstatement 2023-03-07 [FTUC]

'They must be reinstated without delay on the same terms and conditions they enjoyed prior to termination' -Anthony on Fiji Airways workers 2023-03-07 [FTUC]

Fiji teachers union in solidarity for Myanmar people's silent strike 2023-03-02 [FTUC]

Economic inequality the reality for women in Fiji, report finds 2023-03-02 [Stuff]

Harassment, intimidation and arrest of trade union leaderswill now become a thing of the past says Minister 2023-02-18 [The Times]

Fiji's media vetrans recount intimidation under FijiFirst's government-eye on reforms 2023-02-09 [The Daily Blog]

Redundancy notices given to employees, union tells 106 workers to report to work 2023-01-17 [Fiji Times]

Update 2:Meeting s with ministries regarding workers issues in party manifestoes 2023-01-16 [FTUC]

Democracy at last 2022-12-22 [FTUC]

Opening speech by Mr Felix Anthony, National secretary and president ITUC-AP-spokesperson for the workers group at the 17th Asia and Pacific regional meeting in Singapore from 6th to 9th December 2022-12-07 [FTUC]

'Enough is enough', Mr Agni Deo Singh, NFP's national candidate's message to FTUCmembers at the FTUC workers rally 2022-12-07 [FTUC]

National Federation Party leader Professor Biman Prassad's opening remarks: FTUC workers rally, 1st December 2022 at FTA Hall, Suva 2022-12-07 [FTUC]

The Copyright Experience of the University of the South Pacific: a Union Perspective 2022-11-29 [Education International]

BWI visits Fiji worksite, assures workers of strong support 2022-11-22 [BWI]

Court trial commencement of FTUC national secretary, Mr Felix Anthony 2022-10-27 [FTUC]

ITUC/ ITUC-AP/ FTUC National organizing academy training workshop -20th-21st September at Tanoa International Hotel, Nadi 2022-09-26 [FTUC]

FTUC National Councilors meet in Nadi 2022-09-14 [FTUC]

Who is the ITF? A response to the Fijian Government 2022-09-04 [ITF]

Must read: FTUC General Secretary Mr Felix Anthony challenges Fiji PM and the A-G 2022-09-03 [FTUC]

FTUC press statement on the passing away of the justice Jai Ram Reddy 2022-09-03 [FTUC]

FTUC replies to AG's statement regarding ITF-'Do not deflect the real issues at stake'-Anthony 2022-08-29 [FTUC]

Fiji government accused of misusing country's pension fund, putting hundreds of thousands of workers' future at risk 2022-08-22 [FTUC]

Airports takeover of ‘utmost concern’ 2022-08-19 [The Times]

Government accused of misusing country’s pension fund putting hundreds of thousands of workers’ futures at risk 2022-08-18 [ITF]

FTUC: PM's praises abroad for human rights “ironic” 2018-09-29 [The Times]

Unions ‘still being targeted', Singh claims 2018-09-24 [The Times]

Airline Union ‘Ready To Move Forward' 2019-01-20 [The Sun]

Minister's “belittling attacks” on teachers' professionalism must cease immediately 2021-11-25 [EI]

‘Did the ship shrink?' – Red flags raised over Goundar ship registered in Fiji 14 metres shorter than in Canada 2021-04-03 [ITF]

Attar to raise workers' rights 2018-10-03 [The Times]

Fiji Bank & Finance Sector Employees Union's Golden Jubilee 2018-07-23 [UNI Global Union]

Workers' Union Presses For Contempt Proceedings 2018-02-06 [The Sun]

History of workers' rights abuses in Fiji must not be repeated: Ged Kearney  ActNOW!  2018-01-19 [ACTU]

Teachers' union sharp reply to Minister on undermining the positions of school leaders 2022-02-04 [EI]

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