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Joint letter: ‘e-evidence’ regulation must protect journalists 2020-09-21 [EFJ]

ETUC welcomes von der Leyen vow to protect collective bargaining 2020-09-15 [ETUC]

EFJ and IFJ demand use of Extended Collective Licensing in new EU Copyright Directive submission 2020-09-15 [EFJ]

Foresight: will it make fairer EU policies? 2020-09-11 [ETUC]

EU countries with weak collective bargaining have lowest wages 2020-09-11 [ETUC]

Restructuring disguised as liquidation? How cross border union solidarity is saving livelihoods at Camaïeu fashion retail chain 2020-09-08 [UNI Europa]

Private Equity and nursing homes: a lethal cocktail 2020-09-08 [UNI Europa]

Amazon's Unrestrained Power Is a Threat to the European Social Model 2020-09-07 [UNI Global Union]

How the little-known Energy Charter Treaty is holding environmental policy hostage 2020-09-07 [Equal Times]

Huge majority of trade unions call for EU law on fair wages 2020-09-04 [ETUC]

The women changing the face of French agriculture 2020-09-04 [Equal Times]

Job protection schemes must stay as unemployment rises again 2020-09-02 [ETUC]

In Central and South-Eastern Europe, media freedom is under attack, and journalists are on the frontline 2020-08-24 [Equal Times]

Just Eat to stop using gig workers 2020-08-14 [BBC]

Covid led to ‘brutal crackdown’ on garment workers' rights, says report 2020-08-07 [Guardian]

MFF and Recovery Plan: the ETUC demands reinforcement of social partners involvement 2020-08-07 [ETUC]

Two million posted workers finally receive equal pay 2020-07-31 [ETUC]

New EU report calls for permanent European fund for journalists 2020-07-30 [EFJ]

120 alerts in 4 months: first MFRR-report documents severe threats to media freedom across Europe 2020-07-30 [EFJ]

Unions back MEPs demanding EU budget & recovery plan improvements 2020-07-24 [ETUC]

MPM2020: poor working conditions for journalists in 13 European countries 2020-07-24 [EFJ]

EU Recovery Plan good news for 60 million at risk of unemployment 2020-07-22 [ETUC]

IUF Europe: New EU guidelines on seasonal workers a step in the right direction but binding measures are urgently needed 2020-07-21 [IUF]

60m workers depend on EU recovery fund 2020-07-21 [ETUC]

Journalists unions demand transparency and a fair share for journalists in Google’s deals with publishers 2020-07-18 [EFJ]

Long distance drivers win real rest breaks as MEPs back Mobility Package 2020-07-10 [ETUC]

Statement in support of the mandate of the OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media 2020-07-10 [EFJ]

National UPdates n°17 - July 2020 2020-07-07 [ETUC]

New report exposes the web of subcontracting behind a pandemic of exploitation in European road transport 2020-07-06 [IUF]

'What you do not see does not exist' – Promoting gender equality & diversity in the European audiovisual sector 2020-07-06 [UNI Global Union]

Fresh attacks worsen climate of hostility against journalists covering protests across Europe 2020-07-06 [EFJ]

900,000 new unemployed during first 3 months of Covid crisis – Recovery Plan needed now 2020-07-03 [ETUC]

Unions join campaign to stop EU-Mercosur 'free trade agreement' 2020-07-02 [IUF]

New Youth Guarantee delivers never ending training rather than real jobs 2020-07-02 [ETUC]

Getting our act together: in the European non-profit cultural sector 2020-07-01 [Opendemocracy]

Workers' voice - The ETUC newsletter - June 2020 2020-07-01 [ETUC]

Real Youth Guarantee needed as under-25s unemployment set to rise by 70% 2020-07-01 [ETUC]

Commission delays action on collective bargaining for self-employed 2020-07-01 [ETUC]

Airbus to cut 15,000 jobs to survive coronavirus crisis 2020-07-01 [Daily Maverick]

The pandemic in road transport 2020-06-28 [ITF]

EUobserver under attack in wider battle for EU free press 2020-06-26 [Eu observer]

Stop use of SLAPPs: EFJ joins coalition to express concern about legal threats against EUobserver 2020-06-26 [EFJ]

What future for the EU after COVID-19? 2020-06-25 [Opendemocracy]

EFJ calls on States to implement OSCE Decision on Safety of Journalists 2020-06-24 [EFJ]

EU Social Partners reach agreement on digitalisation 2020-06-23 [ETUC]

Skills & innovation for media: discover the Stars4Media Pilot Project 2020-06-23 [EFJ]

EU Recovery Plan: Workers need more support not more summits 2020-06-22 [ETUC]

Covid-19-impact on access to information in CoE countries 2020-06-22 [EFJ]

42 million jobs at stake in Council decision over EU Recovery Plan 2020-06-19 [ETUC]

ETUC backs new EU pledge to end exploitation of cross-border workers 2020-06-19 [ETUC]

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