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Semiconductor industry in Europe: between geopolitics and tech race 2024-04-17 [Industriall Europe]

La Hulpe : A project of hope - Intervention of Esther Lynch, ETUC General Secretary 2024-04-17 [ETUC]

La Hulpe supports social progress not deregulation 2024-04-17 [ETUC]

European Parliamentary breakfast on the protection of a work-free Sunday in Europe 2024-04-13 [CESI]

Invest in teachers to ensure quality education for all: European Union supports United Nations recommendations on the profession 2024-04-12 [Education International]

European Project TRIREME Kicks-Off to boost skills in the automotive sector with social partners' involvement 2024-04-12 [Industriall Europe]

ECB must accept there is no wage-price spiral 2024-04-12 [ETUC]

EU poll shows MEPs must reject austerity 2.0 2024-04-12 [ETUC]

Migration pact couldn’t be further from solidarity 2024-04-11 [ETUC]

The Impact of EU Fiscal Rules on Social and Green Investments 2024-04-10 [Industriall Europe]

Exploring Energy Transition and Industry 4.0 in the Western Balkans. 2024-04-10 [Industriall Europe]

EFBWW, EFFAT and ETF join forces to Combat Labour Exploitation in Subcontracting Chains and Labour intermediation 2024-04-10 [ETF]

Study: Fiscal rules stop new schools and hospitals  2024-04-10 [ETUC]

Exploring energy transition and Industry 4.0 in the Western Balkans 2024-04-10 [IndustriALL]

New job: Policy Officer for Aviation 2024-04-09 [ETF]

World Health Day 2024: from applause to action 2024-04-07 [EPSU]

About the new EU regulation on Artificial Intelligence 2024-04-07 [FIA]

EPSU supports Kenyan health workers 2024-04-07 [EPSU]

Player unions address growing workplace violence issues with football stakeholders 2024-04-06 [FIFPRO]

CoE’s Recommendation represents a significant milestone in the fight against SLAPPs 2024-04-05 [EFJ]

Vote in favour of improvement of the European Works Council Directive 2024-04-04 [Industriall Europe]

European mobilisation on 7 April 2024-04-04 [EPSU]

Call for Consultant: Expert to Analyze Women’s Role in European Rail Sector 2024-04-04 [ETF]

MEPs: Give workers a real voice in multinationals 2024-04-04 [ETUC]

European Transport Workers’ Federation Calls for a Visionary Future for Rail Transport in Europe 2024-04-02 [ETF]

ROGE25: Constructive dialogue enables unions to adapt toolkit to better support women’s players 2024-04-01 [FIFPRO]

FIFPRO and Leagues drive conversations on player data and technology at SportsInnovation 2024 2024-04-01 [FIFPRO]

Upcoming on April 10: Parliamentary breakfast on ‘Sunday protection’ in EU policy 2024-04-01 [CESI]

CESI welcomes new EU initiative for fair traineeships 2024-04-01 [CESI]

Traineeship proposal arrives from Commission 2024-04-01 [Eurocadres]

EFJ joins call for EU to prioritize rule of law 2024-03-28 [EFJ]

EFJ calls for immediate and ambitious implementation of the European Media Freedom Act 2024-03-27 [EFJ]

EPSU Collective Bargaining Newsletter - 2024 March, No: 7 2024-03-27 [EPSU]

New impulse for peace needed 2024-03-25 [ETUC]

Kickoff of multi-sectoral negotiation to step up protection against work-related violence and harassment 2024-03-24 [ETUCE]

IUF affiliates demand clarity from Danone on threatened job cuts 2024-03-24 [IUF]

ETF at the Tripartite Social Summit 2024-03-22 [ETF]

13 unions from 4 countries are continuing the strike against Tesla 2024-03-21 [Xekinima]

ETF welcomes important first step with Due Diligence Directive with criticism 2024-03-21 [ETF]

Social partners take action against third-party violence and harassment at work 2024-03-21 [EPSU]

MFRR Monitoring Report 2023 – 1,117 media freedom alerts in the past year 2024-03-21 [EFJ]

Standing up for journalism as a public good 2024-03-21 [EFJ]

Clarity needed to end the scandal of unpaid traineeships 2024-03-21 [ETUC]

Tripartite Social Summit – Intervention of Esther Lynch, ETUC General Secretary - Together for a European Industrial Strategy with quality jobs at its heart 2024-03-21 [ETUC]

Report: Pay still not keeping up with prices 2024-03-21 [ETUC]

Getting Stronger Together: Trade Union Renewal in Education (2024) 2024-03-20 [ETUCE]

Workers’ rights to receive major boost from EU supply chain Directive 2024-03-20 [ITF]

EPSU Statement for World Social Workers Day 2024 2024-03-19 [EPSU]

Due diligence: a major boost for workers' rights in company supply chains 2024-03-18 [ETUC]

EU loses almost a million manufacturing jobs in just 4 years 2024-03-18 [ETUC]

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