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Climate crisis requires EU law on maximum working temperatures 2022-07-26 [ETUC]

CESI pleads for more solidarity & investments in firefighting and other emergency response services 2022-07-25 [CESI]

Blueprint Alliance for a Future Health Workforce Strategy on Digital And Green Skills: BeWell project kicked-off 2022-07-25 [CESI]

Finding the answer to fake news in ‘post-truth' climate 2017-05-08 [EFJ]

EFJ co-organises the “Free European Media” Conference in Gdansk 2018-02-06 [EFJ]

In France and Italy, the so-called “fake news” have a limited reach, new study reveals 2018-02-06 [EFJ]

The EFJ launches the book “Free European Media” 2018-02-07 [EFJ]

The EFJ thanks Commissioner Muižnieks for his commitment to defend media freedom and journalists' safety 2018-03-01 [EFJ]

Resolution calls for protection of investigative journalists in the wake of murders of Ján and Daphne 2018-04-23 [EFJ]

EFJ is not convinced by the Platforms' so-called “Code of Practice” on disinformation 2018-09-27 [EFJ]

EFJ invites journalists' organisations and media outlets to endorse the ‘Charter on Working Conditions' 2019-11-01 [EFJ]

How European Workers Coordinated This Month's Massive Amazon Strike—And What Comes Next 2018-07-26 [In These Times]

European Amazon Workers Strike and Urge Prime Day Boycott—Will the US Follow Suit? 2018-07-11 [The Observer]

Transition in Trouble? The Rise and Fall of “Community Energy” in Europe 2020-03-27 [TUED]

Workers in nine European countries ‘earned less in 2017 than 2010' 2018-03-23 [EuroNews]

Brutal attack on jobs and working conditions at Nestlé joint venture FRONERI 2017-10-05 [IUF]

NETPoste – Transformations and bargaining of work and employment in European postal services 2018-07-04 [UNI Global Union]

Degendering: how the conception of the ‘woman worker' changes 2019-07-05 [LSE Business Review]

Minimum services to be announced after Ryanair fails to halt “biggest ever strike” 2018-09-25 [El Pais]

Public service media in the Western Balkans – Ensuring complaint mechanisms and audience engagement 2019-02-22 [EFJ]

Over 30 best practices collected during ‘Managing Change in the Media' project 2019-10-17 [EFJ]

Launch of the Stars4Media pilot project – One year to innovate and gain skills! 2019-11-22 [EFJ]

Call for initiatives – Stars4Media exchange and training programme for young media professionals 2020-02-11 [EFJ]

EFJ President: “COVID-19 measures must not be used as a pretext to censor journalists” 2020-03-21 [EFJ]

Věra Jourová: “Journalists need right working conditions” 2020-05-04 [EFJ]

Harlem Désir: “States must support the media financially struggling because of the pandemic” 2020-05-04 [EFJ]

Digital News Report 2020 – We need new business models for journalism 2020-06-17 [EFJ]

Joint letter: ‘e-evidence' regulation must protect journalists 2020-09-21 [EFJ]

Almost 90 journalists' deaths caused by Covid-19 in Europe§ 2021-01-06 [EFJ]

Online webinar “Media councils in the digital age: how to regain trust and ethics in journalism” 2021-01-11 [EFJ]

114 alerts in 4 months – MFRR report sheds light on media freedom violations in Europe 2021-02-22 [EFJ]

First MFRR Summit “Locked Down: Protecting Europe's Free Press”, 17-20 March 2021-03-03 [EFJ]

Register for Creative Skills Europe Webinar: “To produce or not to produce is never the question” 2021-03-12 [EFJ]

WPFD: Safety4Journalists – Have your say! 2021-05-03 [EFJ]

WPFD: Safety4Journalists Survey – Have your say! 2021-06-28 [EFJ]

Takeaways of webinar “Trust in media: Trends, skills and training in journalism” 2021-06-30 [EFJ]

Call for proposals – Covid fund for journalists' unions & associations 2021-09-30 [EFJ]

Final conference “How can gender equality and diversity promote trust in the media?” 2022-02-17 [EFJ]

Act now – open up company and beneficial ownership registers across Europe! 2022-03-10 [EFJ]

Join the MFRR Summit 2022 “Boosting Press Freedom” on 22-24 March 2022-03-21 [EFJ]

CASE coalition published new report on the nature and impact of SLAPPs in Europe§ 2022-03-22 [EFJ]

La transparence dans le porte-monnaie pour réduire les inégalités femmes-hommes 2020-03-06 [Euronews]

JEFTA: The TTIP-style trade deal you've never heard of – and why it matters 2017-03-29 [leftfootforward]

Greve de pilotos de companhia aérea escandinava afeta 72.000 passageiros 2019-04-27 [SIC]

Nýr vefur NFS í loftið 2021-01-30 [BSRB]

“Vote for Social Europe” Video Released 2019-05-01 [BWI]

Unionists plan more joint actions to address “borderless” climate crisis 2022-02-04 [BWI]

Retrait de la plainte contre Farid Borsali, secrétaire CGT PSA Poissy - Relaxe pour Farid 2017-06-22 [change.org]

Black Friday Protests Across Europe Demand Amazon 'Start Treating Workers Like Humans—Not Robots' 2019-11-30 [Common Dreams]

ECB announces €750 billion Pandemic Emergency Purchase Programme (PEPP) 2020-03-18 [ECB]

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