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Western Balkan unions express solidarity with Hungarian childcare workers action 2023-04-01 [EPSU]

Balkans: Women workers unite for gender equality and just transition 2023-04-01 [BWI]

Rising ECB interest rates: CESI calls for differentiated solutions to bring down prices 2023-04-01 [CESI]

CESI welcomes European Parliament approval of a new pay transparency directive 2023-04-01 [CESI]

Will the European Year of Skills deliver? 2023-04-01 [Eurocadres]

We call for investment in workers at TSS 2023 2023-04-01 [Eurocadres]

Benchmarking Europe shows severity of PSR crisis 2023-04-01 [Eurocadres]

Civil society and democracy organisations issued priorities for the EU Defence of Democracy package 2023-03-31 [EFJ]

Pay transparency wait would cost women €17,000 2023-03-31 [ETUC]

Strikes, protests in Europe over cost of living, pay and welfare 2023-03-28 [Saltwire]

Apply now for the Local Media for Democracy grant 2023-03-24 [EFJ]

Career development and gender equality in academia and research 2023-03-23 [ETUC]

Sectoral Social Dialogue in Education meeting on inclusive education 2023-03-23 [ETUC]

South East European Constituency and solidarity with people in Turkey 2023-03-23 [EPSU]

Tripartite Social Summit – 22/03/2023 - Intervention of Esther Lynch, ETUC General Secretary 2023-03-23 [ETUC]

Press Freedom On The Line: the MFRR Summit 2023 full program 2023-03-21 [EFJ]

Letter to the Swedish Presidency: Anti-SLAPP compromise proposal raises serious concerns 2023-03-20 [EFJ]

Action needed on the EC Safety of Journalists Recommendation 2023-03-20 [EFJ]

The European Parliament for improved social protection of EU workers 2023-03-18 [CESI]

ECB rates hike hurts workers and risks recession 2023-03-18 [ETUC]

A year of progress, but a lot left to do 2023-03-11 [Eurocadres]

Council of Europe report highlights the need for independent journalism 2023-03-09 [EFJ]

IWD: Bosses' 'blind spot' over harassment of women commuters 2023-03-09 [ETUC]

Which countries have the most strikes in Europe? 2023-03-08 [Euronews]

Council of Europe’s Member states must uphold obligations on freedom of expression 2023-03-08 [EFJ]

International Women’s Day: EFJ stands up for the safety of women journalists 2023-03-08 [EFJ]

Launch of the 2023 Annual Report of the Council of Europe’s Safety of Journalists Platform 2023-03-07 [EFJ]

Framework of Actions on the Attractiveness of the Teaching Profession 2023-03-04 [ETUC]

Orpea – case against workers’ chair European Works Council dropped 2023-03-04 [EPSU]

Protect work-free Sundays 2023-03-04 [CESI]

Women three times more likely than men to suffer from unwanted sexual attention in the workplace 2023-03-02 [RTÉ]

MEPs back workers' voice in corporate due diligence 2023-03-02 [ETUC]

European unions’ solidarity brings progress on social and policy dialogue, gender equity and union renewal 2023-03-01 [Education International]

Workers' voice - The ETUC newsletter - February 2023 2023-02-28 [ETUC]

2023 Rule of Law Report: Recommendations to the European Commission 2023-02-27 [EFJ]

Staff shortages, European Health Data Space and Social Dialogue discussed by the Health and Social care trade unions 2023-02-25 [EPSU]

CESI welcomes Council move on EU accession to Istanbul Convention 2023-02-25 [CESI]

EU finally ratifies Istanbul Convention – now protect women at work 2023-02-23 [ETUC]

Microsoft Activision Merger Gets Support From Global Unions Ahead of EU Hearing 2023-02-21 [Playstation Lifestyle]

European trade union chief expelled from Tunisia after joining protests 2023-02-19 [Politico Europe]

CESI calls for ambitious EU mental health strategy 2023-02-19 [CESI]

Empty promises or steady progress? 2023-02-19 [Eurocadres]

Eurocadres hosts first ever communications workshop 2023-02-19 [Eurocadres]

EU warns wages won’t catch-up with cost-of-living anytime soon 2023-02-14 [ETUC]

EU Council: No industry subsidies without social conditions 2023-02-13 [ETUC]

Rising pizza prices show knead for pay rises 2023-02-13 [ETUC]

Fortress Europe no friend of workers 2023-02-13 [ETUC]

Looking at the future – The future of work is now 2023-02-12 [CESI]

Earthquake in Turkish-Syrian border region: Presidium of CESI expresses condolences to the victims 2023-02-12 [CESI]

European Council: Combining solidarity with Ukraine with the need to advance on the policy agenda 2023-02-12 [CESI]

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