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Pay inequality up in majority of EU countries 2021-12-06 [ETUC]

EU Digital Services Act: journalistic content must be protected from interference by online platforms 2021-12-03 [EFJ]

Human rights law disappears from Commission plans 2021-12-02 [ETUC]

Rewriting asylum rules a victory for blackmail 2021-12-02 [ETUC]

Workers' voice - The ETUC newsletter - November 2021 2021-12-01 [ETUC]

Amazon faces Black Friday strikes by workers across Europe 2021-11-26 [CNN]

EU needs to fix its violence and harassment problem 2021-11-26 [ETUC]

Democracy & elections package: small significant steps to strengthen democracy 2021-11-26 [ETUC]

Semester: Looking 'beyond GDP' keeps recovery on track 2021-11-25 [ETUC]

EP ramps up pressure for more Democracy at Work 2021-11-24 [ETUC]

LAREG Meeting in Paris: on the media situation in the Balkans countries 2021-11-22 [EFJ]

EU competition reform needed to stop increasing inequality 2021-11-18 [ETUC]

Unions push back against right-wing attacks 2021-11-17 [BWI]

Collective agreement extensions the second best alternative? 2021-11-16 [Nordic Labour Journal]

Belarus-Poland: The lives of refugees are not a tool in imperialist antagonisms 2021-11-16 [WFTU]

Unions push back against right-wing attacks 2021-11-15 [BWI]

Rent costs over 40% of minimum wage in 11 countries 2021-11-11 [ETUC]

No equal pay without increases in minimum wages 2021-11-11 [ETUC]

Opening speech of Luca Visentini, ETUC General Secretary, at ETUC Midterm Conference in Lisbon 2021-11-11 [ETUC]

Why Southern Europe’s berry farms rely on migrant labour without rights 2021-11-07 [Equal Times]

European women workers extract digital lessons amidst COVID-19 2021-11-05 [BWI]

Workers' voice - The ETUC newsletter - October 2021 2021-10-29 [ETUC]

Low pay causing exodus of care workers 2021-10-29 [ETUC]

European Parliament adopts ambitious much needed Action Plan for media 2021-10-28 [EFJ]

EUCO: Wages missing from energy price debate 2021-10-25 [ETUC]

Luca Visentini speech to Conference on Future of Europe 2021-10-25 [ETUC]

Labour union urges European authorities to widen Amazon antitrust probe 2021-10-24 [Brand Equity]

Study: what can journalists do about populism and polarisation? 2021-10-22 [EFJ]

Asbestos protections could save 90,000 lives a year 2021-10-21 [ETUC]

EU economic review: no return to austerity rules 2021-10-21 [ETUC]

ETUC on Commission Work Programme 2022 2021-10-21 [ETUC]

VTC Tripartite Social Summit for Growth and Employment - Opening speech of Luca Visentini, ETUC General Secretary and speeches from trade union leaders attending the Summit 2021-10-21 [ETUC]

Forbidden stories and beyond: Investigative journalism on the front line across Europe 2021-10-18 [IFJ]

ETUC position on the EU strategic framework on health and safety at work 2021-2027 2021-10-16 [ETUC]

A death blow for the social dialogue as a constitutional mechanism in the EU? 2021-10-04 [Nordic Labour Journal]

President’s speech at the EFJ Annual Meeting 2021 Zagreb 2021-10-13 [EFJ]

ETUC urges EU to back global tax deal - and go further in EU 2021-10-12 [ETUC]

World Decent Work Day: Better conditions for journalists working from home 2021-10-08 [EFJ]

ETUC calls on EU Finance Ministers to overturn 2017 decision on tax havens 2021-10-07 [ETUC]

Workers' voice - The ETUC newsletter - September 2021 2021-10-04 [ETUC]

Joint statement on sustainable corporate governance 2021-10-04 [ETUC]

European Economic and Social Committee: Media freedom must urgently be enforced across the EU 2021-09-30 [EFJ]

Trust in Media Telework Webinar: Challenges, opportunities and the way forward 2021-09-30 [EFJ]

Call for proposals – Covid fund for journalists’ unions & associations 2021-09-30 [EFJ]

EU takes much-needed action on undocumented workers’ rights 2021-09-30 [ETUC]

National UPdates n°21 - September 2021 2021-09-29 [ETUC]

Revealed: exploitation of meat plant workers rife across UK and Europe 2021-09-28 [The Guardian]

EU must follow Germany on minimum wages 2021-09-28 [ETUC]

EFJ joins call for European Commission to strengthen Rule of Law report 2021-09-23 [EFJ]

Low wages leave 3 million workers without heating 2021-09-23 [ETUC]

This month in labour history

This month in labour history

8-12-1989 The European Council adopts the "Community Charter of the Fundamental Social Rights of Workers": pay equity, freedom of association, collective bargaining, equal treatment between men and women, etc. [more]