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Danish journalist Matilde Kimer excluded from Ukraine by the authorities 2022-12-22 [EFJ]

Denmark and Sweden’s EU dilemma over minimum wages 2022-10-31 [Nordic Labour Journal]

Layoffs by Danish Crown highlight urgent need for Just Transition 2022-09-21 [IUF]

From opera to Slush – how #metoo is changing the Nordics 2017-12-26 [Nordic Labour Journal ]

Brexit Limbo for EU Workers Has Denmark Inc. Saying ‘Come Here!' 2017-10-16 [Bloomberg]

A historic collective agreement is turning the “bogus self-employed” into “workers with rights” 2018-07-04 [Equal Times]

In Denmark, a historic collective agreement is turning the “bogus self-employed” into “workers with rights” 2018-07-04 [Equal Times]

Norwegian's long-haul-pilots join forces 2019-04-03 [Luftfart]

McDonald's Workers in Denmark Pity Us 2020-05-09 [The Times]

What is a Danish collective bargaining agreement? 2022-05-10 [The Local]

Intelligence services warn media against publishing classified information 2021-12-16 [EFJ]

FinTech workers reach groundbreaking sectoral agreement 2021-05-08 [UNI]

Consent law leaves sex workers out in the cold 2020-11-26 [Deutsche Welle]

Dental Hygienists Strike Back 2020-11-14 [UNI]

Danish drive against sexual harassment at work 2020-11-11 [Nordic Labour Journal]

Cases of harassment in the media industry spark #MeToo movement in Denmark 2020-09-30 [EFJ]

Confronting sexual harassment at work 2020-03-05 [Nordic Labour Journal]

Less part-time work to secure more 'warm hands' 2020-02-16 [Nordic Labour Journal]

How a squabble over union membership led to major delays at Copenhagen Airport 2019-09-13 [The Local]

Burger King workers win their first collective agreement 2019-07-29 [IUF]

Pre-election childcare demand is not 'ultimate' 2019-06-30 [The Local]

Union argues four months paternity leave as the only way towards equality 2019-03-08 [The Post]

Trade union movement gathers the troops 2019-02-11 [Nordic Labour Journal]

3F organizes for a collective agreement for Tivoli Gardens fast food workers 2019-01-05 [IUF]

Union calls for authorities to pursue Uber, not just its drivers 2018-09-21 [ITF]

3F reaches groundbreaking collective agreement with platform company Hilfr 2018-09-21 [UNI Global Union]

Public broadcaster DR to cut 400 jobs 2018-09-21 [EFJ]

Worker shortage hitting farmers hard: Every fifth needing help 2018-06-18 [The Post]

'One in four' social healthcare workers in Denmark subjected to harassment: survey 2018-05-29 [The Local]

The sound of the voiceless: Danish art installation shines a light on the plight of refugee bottle collectors 2018-05-17 [Equal Times]

Public sector unions win nationwide labour agreement on May Day 2018-05-07 [PSU]

National strike and lockout postponed by two weeks 2018-04-18 [The Post]

Trade secrets: the Danish union secured protection for journalists and whistleblowers 2018-04-18 [EFJ]

Labour conflict still possible after marathon Sunday negotiations 2018-04-16 [The Local]

Declaration of Support to all Public Sector Workers and their Unions in Denmark 2018-04-13 [ETUC]

Lockout looms with no agreement between Danish unions, authorities 2018-04-12 [The Local]

A Labor Dispute Threatens to Wipe Out Economic Growth 2018-03-14 [Bloomberg]

Thousands of operations could be delayed by Danish labour dispute 2018-03-14 [thelocal]

Danish government to examine bonuses for public sector bosses 2018-03-13 [thelocal]

1,000 staff in prison system could be affected by labour dispute in Denmark 2018-03-13 [thelocal]

Danish public sector workers cancel holidays as 'historic' strike, lockout threaten to become reality 2018-03-11 [thelocal]

If nothing happens in the meantime to prevent it, Denmark is on course for the worst industrial disruption for decades 2018-03-08 [The Post]

Nationwide public worker strike looms as talks break down with government 2018-03-01 [The Copenhagen Post ]

Eastern Europeans head home just as Denmark needs them the most 2018-01-31 [Bloomberg]

Nordea Bank Forbids Workers From Owning Bitcoin: Unions Threaten Legal Action 2018-01-25 [The Coin Telegraph]

Film producer returns to work despite harassment allegations 2018-01-12 [The Local]

Union think-tank argues Danish economy good enough to increase wages 2017-12-21 [The Local]

Teaching Danes how to manage robots 2017-12-12 [Nordic Labour Journal]

Danish firm hands out 65,000 kroner Xmas bonus to employees 2017-12-09 [Copenhagen Post]

Foreign academics face prosecution over visa technicalities 2017-12-04 [The Local ]

This month in labour history

This month in labour history

4-01-1961 End of the barbers' assistants strike in Copenhagen. Lasting 33 years, this is apparently the longest strike ever. [more]