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Public Administration: The use of social networks now prohibited during service hours 2024-05-07 [Digital Congo]

GIWUSA accuses South Africa of complicity in DRC imperialism 2024-03-17 [SABC]

DRC: Organizing critical transition minerals value chain 2024-03-07 [IndustriALL]

‘We miners die a lot.’ Appalling conditions and poverty wages: lives of cobalt miners 2024-01-31 [The Conversation]

SNPP, IFJ hold workshop on media, trade unions and labour rights 2023-12-06 [IFJ]

CAS decision rules in favour of Yves Diba in absence of sufficient NDRC in DR Congo 2023-12-03 [FIFPRO]

Cedric Bakambu: 'I want to offer these kids the same opportunities I had' 2023-11-18 [FIFPRO]

Glencore short-changing mine workers in the DRC 2023-05-24 [IndustriALL]

The Democratic Republic of Congo is searching for solutions to its health and social security shortcomings 2023-05-22 [Equal Times]

Battery manufacturing pact stimulant for decent jobs in Africa 2023-01-26 [IndustriALL]

Unions welcome revival of IndustriALL’s campaign against Glencore 2022-10-31 [IndustriALL]

PSI condemns Attacks on Health Care Workers in DRC 2022-07-27 [PSI]

The government must pay “new units” teachers and address COVID-19 financial deficit 2020-07-18 [EI]

As incremental efforts to end child labour by 2025 persist, Congo's child miners – exhausted and exploited – ask the world to “pray for us” 2020-10-16 [Equal Times]

En los mataderos de la República Democrática del Congo no solo se sacrifican animales 2022-06-13 [Equal Times]

Strike ends at Tenke Fungurume after workers agree “isolation bonus” following lockdown 2020-05-25 [MiningMX]

Glencore's Congo tragedy highlights security conundrum for miners 2019-07-01 [Daily Maverick]

FAJ mourns the death of its Steering Committee Member and Congolese Journalists' Leader 2021-01-28 [IFJ]

US and Congolese journalists arrested and detained 2022-07-20 [IFJ]

In DR Congo, civil servants work until the end of their lives 2022-03-27 [The Citizen]

Domestic workers in the Democratic Republic of Congo are campaigning for better working conditions 2022-03-16 [Equal Times]

Congo port workers clash with police over unpaid wages 2021-10-25 [HSN]

Congo port workers clash with police over unpaid wages 2021-10-22 [Reuters]

Journalist and wife stabbed to death 2021-08-17 [IFJ]

Journalist killed in North Kivu Province 2021-08-13 [IFJ]

Doctors end three-week strike 2021-08-05 [News24]

An online union academy made in the Democratic Republic of Congo 2021-07-07 [EI]

An online union academy made in DR Congo 2021-07-02 [Education International]

Online union training full of promise 2021-03-25 [Education International]

Collaboration of education trade unions in the production of a guide on COVID-19 in schools 2020-11-07 [EI]

Mine Workers at Risk During Covid-19 2020-06-12 [Human Rights Watch]

United teaching unions set out firm conditions for the reopening of schools 2020-05-25 [Education International]

Tesla, Apple among firms accused of aiding child labor 2019-12-17 [Reuters/Daily Maverick]

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