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Workers to be laid off from Canon factory in Zhuhai negotiate for severance compensation 2022-01-19 [China Labour Bulletin]

Voices of China’s young and isolated workers in retail and service industry 2022-01-13 [China Labour Bulletin]

Top Chinese Tutoring Company Laid Off 60,000 Workers After Crackdown 2022-01-10 [Wall Street Journal]

Shanxi accident shows systemic failures in keeping miners safe 2021-12-21 [China Labour Bulletin]

Tell the IOC: ensure protection for ALL taking part in and attending the Beijing Winter Olympics 2021-12-14 [ITUC]

Officials commission surveillance system targeting journalists 2021-12-06 [IFJ]

Olympics: Protect Peng Shuai 2021-12-03 [UNI Global Union]

They helped Chinese women, workers, the forgotten and dying. Then they disappeared 2021-12-03 [LATimes]

U.S. and China to relax journalists' visa restrictions 2021-11-19 [IFJ]

#MeToo journalist and labour activist facing ‘subversion’ charge must be released 2021-11-12 [Amnesty International]

A gold medal for repression 2021-11-10 [ITUC]

Beijing Olympics get ‘gold for repression’ in labor report 2021-11-10 [AP News]

Foreign press group calls for full access to Beijing’s Winter Olympics 2021-11-05 [IFJ]

Gas explosion in Shenyang takes five lives 2021-10-26 [China Labour Bulletin]

White-collar workers aggregate data on their long working hours 2021-10-22 [China Labour Bulletin]

14 workers dead after company bus submerged in flood water in Hebei province 2021-10-18 [CLB]

Authorities plan to ban private investment in news outlets 2021-10-15 [IFJ]

US electronics firm struck deal to transport and hire Uyghur workers 2021-10-07 [Reuters]

Construction workers dead, missing in Sichuan mudslide despite disaster warning 2021-10-06 [China Labour Bulletin]

ACFTU in Beijing Issues Guidelines for Unionizing Gig Workers: What Comes Next? 2021-09-28 [China Labour Bulletin]

Independent journalist Huang Xueqin and labor activist Wang Jianbing disappeared 2021-09-25 [NGOCN]

High-level guidance on platform employment lacks teeth 2021-09-23 [China Labour Bulletin]

Celebrating the ordinary workers at the heart of the movement 2021-09-21 [China Labour Bulletin]

Press freedom groups call for release of Zhang Zhan 2021-09-17 [IFJ]

Tutors struggle for compensation after mass layoffs 2021-09-09 [CLB]

Didi and JD.com workers get unions in watershed moment for China's tech sector 2021-09-01 [Saltwire]

Concerns over journalist’s health on hunger strike 2021-08-27 [IFJ]

Alibaba employee's stand shows failure of corporate anti-harassment policies 2021-08-24 [CLB]

Henan overtakes Guangdong in number of worker protests 2021-08-24 [CLB]

Will China’s trade union finally live up to its obligations under the Work Safety Law? 2021-08-24 [CLB]

Media calls on China to release Australian journalist Cheng Lei 2021-08-13 [IFJ]

Citizen journalist jailed for providing information to human rights groups 2021-08-07 [IFJ]

Foreign journalists covering flood disaster harassed 2021-07-28 [IFJ]

Fourteen construction workers confirmed dead in Zhuhai tunnel flooding 2021-07-26 [CLB]

Chongqing government amends discriminatory policy after public outcry 2021-07-19 [CLB]

Vocational school intern jumps to his death at Shenzhen factory 2021-07-12 [CLB]

Government urges its exhausted workers not to “lie down” 2021-07-03 [CLB]

Food delivery workers take action against low pay and “tyrannical” policies 2021-07-03 [CLB]

Food delivery worker burns uniform in symbolic protest 2021-06-13 [CLB]

Workers’ rights further eroded by new legislation in Shenzhen 2021-06-06 [CLB]

Workers underwhelmed by new three-child policy 2021-06-06 [CLB]

Tiananmen Square, June 4: We remember and fight on! 2021-06-04 [IUF]

A tribute to Robin Munro 2021-05-24 [CLB]

Factory districts and construction sites hit by tornadoes 2021-05-24 [CLB]

The Covid-19 Story: Unmasking China’s Global Strategy 2021-05-12 [IFJ]

IFJ to launch report on China – The Covid-19 Story: Unmasking China’s Global Strategy – on May 12 2021-05-11 [IFJ]

Government report documents migrant worker struggles in 2020 2021-05-09 [CLB]

Beijing official makes a big show of understanding gig workers 2021-05-09 [CLB]

Leader of Delivery Riders Alliance Detained, Solidarity Movement Repressed 2021-05-03 [Labour Notes]

Jailed Uyghur journalist confesses in Beijing’s propaganda video 2021-04-22 [IFJ]

This month in labour history

This month in labour history

17-01-1922 Huang Ai and Pang Renquan were beheaded for their role in organizing a mill workers strike. [more]

18-01-2013 1000 migrant factory workers in Shanghai stopped work and held 18 bosses hostage in protest at a new disciplinary policy, which included a two-minute limit on the bathroom breaks. The company quickly withdrew the policy. [more]