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CLB Report: Waiting for Weiquan: Worker rights protection at the All-China Federation of Trade Unions 2022-08-08 [China Labour Bulletin]

Under extraordinary pandemic conditions, local governments continue to side with employers 2022-07-26 [China Labour Bulletin]

Detained Members of Support Group of Jasic Workers Seemed to “Pledge Guilty” in Videos 2019-01-30 [HKCTU]

Strike Broke Out in an Electronic Factory in Shenzhen. Government Forced Workers to “Settle” 2019-01-11 [HKCTU]

Factory “Shammed” Bankruptcy, 300 Electronics Factory Workers Went on Strike in Shenzhen 2017-09-21 [HKCTU]

Chinese migrant workers in the gambling industry: “Gold Rush” in the Philippines 2019-07-25 [HKCTU]

McDonald's China sale will “put enormous pressure on workers”: antitrust complaint. 2017-03-01 [China Labour Bulletin]

Action needed on Uyghur slave labour Add to favourites Read this article in: English 18 November, 2020The Chinese government continues to hold members of the Uyghur minority group in forced labour camps. Goods produced by these enslaved workers – 2020-11-18 [IndustriALL]

Beijing Olympics get ‘gold for repression' in labor report 2021-11-10 [AP News]

Government urges its exhausted workers not to “lie down” 2021-07-03 [CLB]

Food delivery worker activist accused of “picking quarrels” 2021-03-27 [CLB]

Food delivery workers take action against low pay and “tyrannical” policies 2021-07-03 [CLB]

Gone for 100 days: Three labour activists “disappeared” in China 2019-07-02 [clb]

After report on “appalling” conditions, Foxconn will investigate plant that makes Amazon devices 2018-06-11 [Tech Crunch]

#MeToo journalist and labour activist facing ‘subversion' charge must be released 2021-11-12 [Amnesty International]

The Chinese Labor Activist Who Wants Ivanka Trump to ‘Take Responsibility' 2017-06-20 [Bloomberg]

China's Communist party violently cracks down on a new group — student communists 2018-11-14 [Biz Insider]

Celebrating Inhumanity – Lessons from the Winter Olympics in China 2022-02-21 [BWI]

Los Juegos Olímpicos de Invierno no deben eclipsar la lucha por los derechos humanos 2022-02-04 [IE]

‘Let it rot': China's tech workers struggle to find jobs 2022-06-16 [Financial Times]

Police ‘kidnap' 10 labour activists across China: rights group 2018-11-13 [The Free Press]

Against all odds, China's labour activists ‘hold fast to freedom'  ActNOW!  2019-04-08 [The Free Press]

‘They're not guilty, they have caring hearts': Chinese workers demand release of labour rights activists  ActNOW!  2019-04-23 [The Free Press]

Authorities accuse the BBC of pushing “fake news” 2021-02-08 [IFJ]

Websites and social media shutdown for ‘unlawful activities' 2018-12-13 [IFJ]

IFJ to launch report on China – The Covid-19 Story: Unmasking China's Global Strategy – on May 12 2021-05-11 [IFJ]

A spectre is haunting the West – the spectre of authoritarian capitalism 2020-04-16 [Opendemocracy]

Elon Musk praises Chinese workers for ‘burning the 3am oil' – here's what that really looks like 2022-05-13 [The Guardian]

‘We won't survive': China's migrant workers fear more lockdowns as Covid threat remains 2022-06-16 [The Guardian]

‘If I disappear': Chinese students make farewell messages amid crackdowns over labor activism 2019-06-30 [WaPo]

Absurdity of China's Trade Union Law and ACFTU revealed in Jasic labour dispute 2018-11-03 [HKCTU]

The #MeToo movement beyond the reach of China's women workers 2018-12-21 [HKCTU]

International Labour Organization urge the Chinese Government to respect workers' right to organise 2017-03-15 [HKCTU]

PC Accessories Makers Delayed Workers' Payout Despite Receiving 177 Million for Factory Relocation 2018-01-05 [HkCTU]

Thousand Went on Strike as the World's Largest Mobile Phone Screen Producer Plans to Move 2017-12-20 [HKCTU]

Unusual Features of China's Walmart Workers' Resistance 2016-12-25 [HKCTU]

Joint Statement by HK Labour NGOs: Restore Meng Han's Freedom, Stop all Surveillance Now 2017-09-18 [HKCTU]

Wu Guijun's Wife Taken away by Police for Two Hours, Questioned about Open Letter Posted on Her Wechat Feed 2019-03-20 [HKCTU]

Michael Kors' China Factory Workers Strike Over Alleged Abuse 2018-03-14 [WWD]

The gruelling, six-hour commute of Beijing's workers 2017-02-22 [BBC]

SEIU Launches Website for McDonald's Franchisees Affected by Company's China Sale 2017-06-10 [SEIU]

Hua Haifeng's Wife: My husband is arrested for investigating Ivanka Trump's supplier factory, and I become the main monitored subject 2017-06-17 [China Labor Watch]

How China's Environmental Crackdown Is Affecting Business Owners and Workers: The Case of Chengdu 2017-11-02 [Chinoiresie]

China's teachers follow their American colleagues out on strike 2018-05-14 [China Labour Bulletin]

A decade on, China's Labour Contract Law has failed to deliver 2018-01-04 [China Labour Bulletin]

Foxconn workers are the latest victims of Shenzhen's gentrification 2018-08-02 [CLB]

An indomitable spirit: Labour activist Meng Han talks about his prison ordeal and the continued fight for workers' rights in China 2017-09-27 [China Labour Bulletin]

What rights do China's workers have under the law? 2017-09-27 [China Labour Bulletin ]

Two years with no pay: court finally recognises sanitation workers' struggle 2017-01-13 [China Labour Bulletin]

Workers fight for their livelihoods as pressure builds on China's retail sector 2017-11-07 [China Labour Bulletin ]

This month in labour history

This month in labour history

12-08-2015 A series of explosions at a chemical plant in Tianjin left at least 184 workers dead and more than 800 injured, causing extensive property damage and releasing cyanide into the atmosphere. The employer did not have the necessary permits. [more]