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Over a hundred workers at foreign shoe supplier go on strike in Hunan 2023-03-29 [China Labour Bulletin]

February 2023 labour news roundup: Retirement, social security, and health insurance for China’s older workers 2023-03-10 [China Labour Bulletin]

Foreign journalists face travel restrictions, harassment 2023-03-09 [IFJ]

Three-child policy and increased maternity leave implementation in the workplace at odds in workers’ experience 2023-03-08 [China Labour Bulletin]

In a Chinese factory town, migrants ‘lie flat’ for a better deal 2023-03-07 [Sixth Tone]

Anti-journalist and fake news campaign to continue in 2023 2023-03-03 [IFJ]

Jiangsu labour department calls courier's alert about wage arrears a 'false complaint' against subcontractor 2023-03-03 [China Labour Bulletin]

Former worker at Dongguan electronics factory kills three, sparking discussion about agency labour in China 2023-03-01 [China Labour Bulletin]

Coal mine collapse in Inner Mongolia kills five, injures six, and leaves dozens missing 2023-02-23 [China Labour Bulletin]

Food delivery rider dies on Anhui mountain, family wins legal battle to establish de facto labour relationship 2023-02-15 [China Labour Bulletin]

January 2023 labour news roundup: The effects of the post-Zero Covid economy on China’s workers 2023-02-14 [China Labour Bulletin]

Hong Kong-owned undergarment factory in Dongguan shuts down, orders 1,700 workers to leave 2023-02-13 [China Labour Bulletin]

“After Working So Long, I Just Felt Numb, Like a Machine”: the Disillusionment of Chinese Youth and Crisis of Work 2023-02-07 [Asian Labour Review]

Rapid test kit factory workers protest in Hangzhou, union assistance is limited to legal remedy 2023-02-03 [China Labour Bulletin]

China Labour Bulletin Strike Map data analysis: 2022 year in review for workers' rights 2023-01-31 [China Labour Bulletin]

Why did Foxconn Workers’ Protests in Zhengzhou Happen 2023-01-16 [Borderless Movement]

Fatal truck accident highlights unclear labour relationships in platform economy 2023-01-13 [China Labour Bulletin]

Massive protest in Chongqing belies company’s recent labour awards from the official trade union 2023-01-12 [China Labour Bulletin]

Wage arrears after Zero Covid and before Lunar New Year is symptom of systemic problem 2023-01-10 [China Labour Bulletin]

December 2022 labour news roundup: Fresh labour challenges arise with end of Zero Covid 2023-01-05 [China Labour Bulletin]

Worker fired over pregnancy wins historic civil claim for equal rights violation 2023-01-03 [China Labour Bulletin]

'The two worlds have no crossover': Han Dongfang on China’s workers’ struggle under the pandemic 2022-12-23 [China Labour Bulletin]

Platform truck driver strikes across China result in some changed working conditions 2022-12-07 [China Labour Bulletin]

The Foxconn uprising in Zhengzhou 2022-12-06 [Tempest]

Garment factory fire in Anyang takes 38 lives, injures 2 2022-12-01 [China Labour Bulletin]

BBC, RTS journalists assaulted and detained by police 2022-11-29 [IFJ]

Worker protests at Zhengzhou Foxconn highlight labour-capital problems in global supply chain 2022-11-28 [China Labour Bulletin]

Foxconn’s Great Escape 2022-11-26 [Asian Labour Review]

‘iPhone city’ under Covid lockdown after violent protests 2022-11-26 [France 24]

Spotlight on delivery workers in Beijing after viral letter of riders sleeping rough 2022-11-25 [The Times]

Protesters attacked by police at Foxconn Apple iPhone factory in China 2022-11-24 [Sky News]

China locks down Zhengzhou after iPhone plant protest, Foxconn apologises over hiring 2022-11-24 [WION]

Foxconn says ‘technical error’ occurred when hiring workers at major iPhone plant in China 2022-11-24 [CNBC]

Foxconn Offers Staff $1,400 to Leave After iPhone City Violence 2022-11-24 [Bloomberg]

Violence erupts at Foxconn Zhengzhou plant as workers protest over benefits and Covid-19 controls at world’s largest iPhone factory 2022-11-24 [SCMP]

Workers at the world’s largest iPhone factory in China clash with police, videos show 2022-11-24 [CNN]

Huge Foxconn iPhone plant in China rocked by fresh worker unrest 2022-11-24 [Reuters]

Workers in running battles with police in protests at largest iPhone factory in country 2022-11-24 [Guardian]

Covid: Angry protests at giant iPhone factory in Zhengzhou 2022-11-24 [BBC]

Foxconn: iPhone maker apologises after huge protests at China plant 2022-11-24 [BBC]

China’s livestream hosts are vulnerable to labour rights violations as workers in the gig economy 2022-11-18 [China Labour Bulletin]

October 2022 labour news roundup: Average weekly working hours increased under pandemic 2022-11-14 [China Labour Bulletin]

In aftermath of price wars in express delivery industry, pay rates for couriers still paltry 2022-11-11 [China Labour Bulletin]

State-owned bus company in debt, asks employees to take out personal loans to cover unpaid wages 2022-11-10 [China Labour Bulletin]

Foxconn factory workers in Zhengzhou raised the alarm “amid the fire and water” 2022-11-09 [China Labour Bulletin]

Workers unable to recover even small sums from contractors amid property market freefall 2022-10-18 [China Labour Bulletin]

September 2022 labour news roundup: Peak season labour shortage in manufacturing sector 2022-10-07 [China Labour Bulletin]

Nurse shortage comes face to face with low pay, inadequate training and the pandemic 2022-10-06 [China Labour Bulletin]

One year on, few details available about detention of activists Wang Jianbing and Sophia Huang Xueqin 2022-09-19 [China Labour Bulletin]

August 2022 labour news roundup: Youth unemployment at record high for fourth consecutive month 2022-09-08 [China Labour Bulletin]

This month in labour history

This month in labour history

12-04-1927 Kuomintang forces, under the direction of Chiang Kai-shek, massacre trade union militants and socialists in Shanghai. [more]

16-04-1989 The first student protest in Tiananmen Square occur as wreaths are laid in honour of Hu Yaobang [more]

26-04-1942 The Benxihu mine disaster leaves 1,549 dead. It’s the biggest mining disaster of all time [more]