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Top news - Quebec

CUPE has a record summer for organizing new members in Quebec 2022-08-05 [CUPE]

Striking croupiers at the Casino de Montreal deplore the stalemates and consequences of the labour dispute 2022-08-05 [CUPE]

Some Quebec health workers sick with COVID-19 being asked back to work, union says 2022-08-03 [OHS Canada]

Union supports plan to reduce arsenic emissions from Horne Foundry 2022-08-02 [The Gazette]

A few Quebec health workers sick with COVID-19 being asked back to work, union says 2022-08-02 [CBC]

Granby Agropur plant reaches agreement in principle with workers' union 2022-08-02 [CBC]

Negotiations reach an impasse in Saint-Charles-Borromée 2022-07-28 [CUPE]

'Too little, too late,' say unions of Quebec's double overtime pay for health-care workers 2022-07-22 [The Canadian Press]

The REM project – The Trainsparence coalition welcomes BAPE's conclusions 2017-01-25 [CUPE]

Grève générale dans le secteur préhospitalier : La CSN et la FTQ lancent un appel à Gaétan Barrette 2017-03-16 [FTQ]

La Cour ordonne au Syndicat des cols bleus de Montréal de ne pas entraver la tutelle 2017-06-01 [Radio-Canada]

Les éducatrices des CPE de Montréal et Laval votent pour la grève 2017-09-10 [Radio-Canada]

EMTs with Urgences Santé on strike 2017-02-07 [CTV]

Urgences Santé workers begin strike 2017-02-06 [CTV]

Support staff at École de technologie supérieure vote 88% in favour of strike mandate 2018-01-27 [The Gazette]

Transco Montréal bus drivers reject contract offer 2018-02-13 [The Gazette]

Urgences Santé 911 operators poised to strike 2017-12-04 [The Gazette]

Université de Montréal: veterinary residents and interns join union! 2017-08-21 [PSAC]

Victory: Université Laval Postdoctoral Fellows Recognized as Employees 2021-02-14 [PSAC]

Fifteen plus: the minimum wage & austerity in Québec 2017-07-18 [Rank and File]

New Molson Plant: Melançon Must Show Leadership 2018-03-18 [Teamsters]

Teamsters want to meet with Téo taxi management 2019-01-28 [Teamsters]

Brother Lacoste Appointed a Judge of the Superior Court of Québec 2019-07-02 [Teamsters]

Carlos Leitao met en place une mesure inutile pour venir en aide à l'industrie du camionnage 2018-04-05 [Teamsters]

Strike mandate at Demix Agrégat 2020-07-05 [Teamsters]

Mario Ayala honoured by Héritage hispanique Québec 2020-10-18 [Teamsters]

Fatal Accident at CN Rail Yard in Pointe-Saint-Charles, Montréal 2021-01-10 [Teamsters]

Mario Ayala honoré par Héritage hispanique Québec 2020-10-18 [Teamsters]

Biotechnology workers at Prométic join UFCW 1991P 2021-02-09 [UFCW]

Grocery workers at Marché Adonis join UFCW 2021-07-20 [UFCW]

SPGQ Union Workers to Protest in Front of Casino de Montreal as Part of Strike Action against Loto-Québec's Offer 2018-08-18 [Casino Reports]

Hydro-Québec faces $4M lawsuit over worker's 2015 death 2018-03-15 [CBC]

Urgences-Santé paramedics strike as negotiations stall 2017-02-05 [CBC]

Gaétan Barrette calls emergency meeting with unions amid turmoil at MUHC 2017-07-13 [CBC]

Montreal & Laval Paramedics reach agreement in principle with Urgences-Santé 2017-07-21 [CBC]

Mise à jour économique – Pas d'argent pour les ratios, malgré des surplus importants 2019-11-12 [FIQ]

SABSA – The FIQ and FIQP are thrilled about the additional funding from the Quebec government 2019-07-29 [FIQ]

Mr. Legault, when will “now” be exactly? 2019-10-01 [FIQ]

Good news for the SNPs and Québec patients, but there are still obstacles 2019-11-04 [FIQ]

Women's rights—full steam ahead, no more backtracking! 2020-03-08 [FIQ]

COVID-19 – New decree from the Legault government: extension of the 8% premium to home care 2020-04-19 [FIQ]

Inquiry at the Institut universitaire de gériatrie de Montréal (IUGM) and into the disaster at the Herron Residence 2020-04-25 [FIQ]

COVID-19 – The FIQP appeared before the superior court in an urgent effort to protect its members 2020-05-14 [FIQ]

The FIQ demands the rollout of safe healthcare professional-to-patient ratios in the CHSLDs in Québec 2020-06-21 [FIQ]

The CNESST's overly long wait times – The Quebec Ombudsperson sides with the FIQ's Outaouais union 2020-08-03 [FIQ]

The “Stars du Réseau de la santé” SRS awards are back 2021-02-08 [FIQ]

A real opportunity for Premier François Legault to show true recognition for healthcare professionals 2021-02-22 [FIQ]

IAM generosity to Montréal's Old Brewery Mission continues to grow! 2018-03-19 [IAMAW]

Machinists Union Reaches an Agreement – Airbus and Bombardier workers to get better protection 2021-07-12 [IAMAW]

Meeting of Quebec Aerospace Industry Key players with Minister Fitzgibbon – One more step in the right direction 2019-02-26 [IAMAW]

This month in labour history

This month in labour history

1-08-2009 At Voisey's Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador, United Steelworkers Local 9508 begins an 18-month strike against Vale Inco. The main issue is pay equity with workers at the multinational's other operations in Canada. [more]

1-08-1928 Ten workers are killed in the collapse of a gate on the Welland Ship Canal. They are among the 137 men who died during the completion of this shipping link between Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. [more]

2-08-1918 In British Columbia, Vancouver workers go out on strike to protest the shooting of union organizer Ginger Goodwin on 27 July. This is often considered to be the first use of a general strike in Canadian history [more]

10-08-1970 Nova Scotia fishermen and supporters march across the Canso Causeway, holding up traffic on the Trans Canada Highway. Their seven-month strike wins them the right to a union, but the fish plants refuse to recognize the United Fishermen and Allied Workers. [more]

10-08-1966 Nine workers die and 55 are injured when a span on the Heron Bridge in Ottawa collapses during construction. Fifty years later, the bridge is renamed the Heron Road Workers Memorial Bridge. [more]

12-08-1909 Freight handlers at Fort William, Ontario take part in a gun battle with Canadian Pacific Railway police. The seven-day strike is settled, but the CPR later fires most of its Greek and Italian immigrant workers. [more]

13-08-1946 A strike at Montreal Cottons in Valleyfield, Québec erupts in violence when police use tear gas to disperse thousands of women workers and their supporters. Union organizer Madeleine Parent is later arrested, but the strike wins union recognition. [more]

19-08-1998 The McDonald's in Squamish, British Columbia is the first outlet of the fast-food giant in North America to be unionized. The union fails to win a contract and in 1999 workers vote to decertify. [more]

20-08-1937 Millworkers and longshoremen on the Miramichi River in New Brunswick strike for better wages and hours and for recognition of the New Brunswick Farmer-Labour Union. Their success helps bring about new labour laws in the province. [more]

22-08-1950 More than 100,000 railway workers go on strike, shutting down the Canadian National and Canadian Pacific railway lines. A week later an emergency session of Parliament passes a law to end the strike, the first use of back-to-work legislation in Canada. [more]

26-08-1946 10,000 veterans march across Hamilton to the Stelco plant to show solidarity with the striking steelworkers. [more]

29-08-1907 Seventy-five men, many of them First Nations workers from Kahnawake, are killed in the collapse of a huge cantilever bridge under construction across the St. Lawrence River at Quebec City. Before the disaster, supervisors ignore flaws in the design. [more]

31-08-2013 A merger of the Canadian Auto Workers and the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers brings 300,000 members together in Unifor, now Canada's largest private sector union. There are high expectations for new organizing work, especially among young people. [more]

31-08-2001 A McDonald's restaurant in Montreal closes after the workers there organize and before a first contract is negotiated. This is later documented in the film Maxime, McDuff & McDo. [more]