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Bridges of Canada prison chaplains in Alberta join United Steelworkers union 2024-02-28 [USW]

Poll suggests UCP could pay a heavy political price if they persist with plan to pull Alberta out of CPP 2024-02-28 [AFL]

Pharmacare would save thousands for Alberta families 2024-02-27 [CUPE]

LPNs to rally for better representation 2024-02-26 [Alberta Worker]

Calgary airport workers file for unionization 2024-02-26 [Alberta Worker]

AB govt workers ask for 26% wage increase 2024-02-26 [Alberta Worker]

Pink Shirt Day will be marked on February 28 2024-02-26 [UNA]

AFL launches 'Diversify Alberta' campaign to give Alberta workers a say in their own economic future 2024-02-24 [AFL]

Unifor signs open letter condemning Alberta's anti-trans policies 2024-02-23 [Unifor]

Nurses' union asking for 25% raise in 1 year 2024-02-23 [CBC]

Smith puts her gov't on a 'collision course' with health-care and education workers 2024-02-22 [AFL]

About 5,000 Edmonton city workers could strike or be locked out. Here's how it could affect you 2024-02-21 [CBC]

Jasper resort workers vote 100% to unionize 2024-02-20 [Alberta Worker]

Wildfire fighters sound alarm ahead of 2024 wildfire season 2024-02-19 [AUPE]

City workers crash Sunday event promoting Edmonton public transit 2024-02-19 [CTV]

Edmonton Mayor, councilors, face pressure from workers demanding better contract 2024-02-19 [The Journal]

Nurses reveal heartbreaking impact of staffing shortage 2024-02-18 [UNA]

Palliser teachers authorize strike vote 2024-02-18 [ATA]

Red Deer Catholic Teachers Overwhelmingly Support Taking Strike Vote 2024-02-18 [ATA]

Educational support workers rally for better wages and class sizes in Lethbridge 2024-02-18 [rabble]

Medicine Hat factory workers file to unionize 2024-02-18 [Alberta Worker]

Wildland firefighters’ union worried about 2024 season: ‘Albertans should be concerned’ 2024-02-16 [Global]

Edmonton city workers vote 91% in favour of strike mandate 2024-02-15 [CBC]

It’s time to start bargaining at Refresco 2024-02-15 [UFCW Canada]

Union representing many city employees slams Edmonton council spending 2024-02-15 [Global]

Parkland School Division workers switch union 2024-02-14 [Alberta Worker]

City of Edmonton workers join library counterparts, vote 91 per cent in favour of strike 2024-02-14 [The Journal]

Edmonton union representing rec centre workers, 911 operators votes in favour of strike 2024-02-14 [Global]

Edmonton Public Library members of CSU 52 have overwhelmingly voted in favor of a strike mandate 2024-02-13 [CSU 52]

Staffing Changes at AHS Handed Down without Union Consultation 2024-02-12 [AUPE]

Spreading solidarity on Valentine’s Day 2024-02-12 [UNiA]

UNA expects no change in members’ dues deducted by employers 2024-02-12 [UNA]

Edmonton Faces Unprecedented Lockout: Union Strike Vote Looms 2024-02-12 [BNN]

Edmonton Public Library locations still open despite vote in favour of strike 2024-02-11 [CTV]

Edmonton ironworkers file for unionization 2024-02-10 [Alberta Worker]

City offers wage increases to workers as it applies for ability to lock them out if they strike 2024-02-10 [CTV]

City employees union holds strike vote 2024-02-10 [CITY]

EPL workers vote to strike, city and library prepare for lockout 2024-02-10 [The Journal]

Edmonton applies for lockout vote in response to city workers’ union strike vote 2024-02-10 [Global]

Ski hill workers join union 2024-02-09 [UFCW]

Calgary school support staff negotiate a 7.75% wage increase 2024-02-07 [CUPE]

NUPGE affirms support for the well-being of 2SLGBTQIA+ people after regressive policies are announced in Alberta 2024-02-06 [NUPGE]

AUPE Honours Black Canadians’ Contributions and Sacrifices 2024-02-06 [AUPE]

AUPE condemns Alberta government's attack on transgender youth 2024-02-06 [AUPE]

Steelworkers: New Alberta anti-trans legislation abusive towards vulnerable children 2024-02-06 [USW]

Teachers need to be consulted on troubling consequences of new policies 2024-02-05 [ATA]

Albertans tell MLAs to keep their “Hands Off Our CPP” during AFL’s Days of Action 2024-02-05 [AFL]

Smith’s anti-trans policy is a “despicable” tactic “ripped from the playbook” of the global far right, says McGowan 2024-02-05 [AFL]

Premier must act now to halt collapse in childcare for Alberta workers 2024-02-05 [AFL]

UCP’s red-tape cuts come at a cost 2024-02-05 [AFL]

This month in labour history

This month in labour history

3-02-1939 The first group of Canadian veterans of the Spanish Civil War disembark at Halifax. Of the almost 1,700 Canadians who fought fascism in Spain, more than 400 were killed. Many of the volunteers were union activists and others radicalized in the 1930s. [more]

6-02-2012 Eleven farmworkers, including nine migrant workers from Peru, are killed in a highway crash at Hampstead, Ontario. The tragedy highlights unsafe conditions in the sector and the exploitation of seasonal workers. [more]

9-02-1869 Birth of James Bryson McLachlan, at Ecclefechan, Scotland. As a union leader in Canada he becomes the champion of the Nova Scotia coal miners and a leading spokesman for the cause of labour radicalism. [more]

10-02-1928 At the Hollinger Consolidated Gold Mine at Timmins, Ontario, the largest in North America, 39 miners are killed when a fire spreads carbon monoxide through the workings. There is no rescue plan in place and it takes five days to put out the fire. [more]

11-02-1908 Eight workers are killed in an explosion at the Standard Explosive Company works on Île Perrot, near Montreal. [more]

11-02-1963 At Reesor Siding, near Kapuskasing, Ontario, eleven union members are shot, three fatally, in a confrontation over pulpwood supplies for a strikebound mill. Three of the attackers are later fined for possessing dangerous firearms. [more]

14-02-1949 In defiance of provincial laws, asbestos workers in Québec begin a four-month strike for better wages and workplace safety. With strong public support for the miners' cause, the strike becomes a forerunner of the province's Quiet Revolution. [more]

15-02-1912 Male garment workers at the Eaton’s factory in Toronto are locked out when they protest changes that deprive women workers of jobs. More than a thousand employees join the protest. Solidarity marches and public boycotts continue for several months. [more]

15-02-1982 All 84 crew on board are lost when an oil-drilling rig capsizes and sinks in a storm on the Grand Banks off Newfoundland and Labrador. The Ocean Ranger disaster is attributed to failures in structural design and inadequate safety measures. [more]

17-02-1944 Wartime unrest convinces the federal government to bring in an emergency order, P.C. 1003, which requires employers to recognize and bargain with unions supported by the majority of employees. This breakthrough sets a standard for postwar labour relations. [more]

19-02-2017 Labour leader Bob White dies at 81 years of age. He is remembered as a founder of the Canadian Auto Workers and a popular president of the Canadian Labour Congress. [more]

21-02-1891 At Springhill, Nova Scotia an explosion takes the lives of 125 men and boys in the province's largest coal mine disaster. They leave more than 200 widows and children. [more]

22-02-1932 On an international day of protest against unemployment, thousands of men, women and children march in Vancouver, British Columbia to support immediate relief measures and radical social reforms. [more]

24-02-1996 The Days of Action mounted by Ontario unions in response to the anti-worker agenda of the provincial Conservative government end in Hamilton, Ontario. This is the largest of the mass actions across the province. [more]

25-02-1931 In Toronto more than 500 women dressmakers protest sweatshop conditions in the needle trades and begin a strike for better wages and union recognition. Large numbers of scabs and police are deployed. [more]

26-02-1979 The Farmworkers Organizing Committee (FWOC) is established at a meeting in a room in the New Westminster library. Eight people are present including: Raj Chouhan, Harinder Mahil, Sarwan Sidhu, Pritam Singh, Amarit Pal Mann, Gurnam Sahota. [more]

29-02-1956 In Sudbury, Ontario, the great African-American singer and activist Paul Robeson performs at the Mine Mill union hall. It is his last concert in Canada, as the Canadian government soon afterwards blocks his return for an extensive concert tour. [more]