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MoveUP has a new president 2023-09-26 [MoveUP]

Social media is a double-edged sword for the public image of Canadian labour unions 2023-09-26 [Phys.org]

USW Mourns Passing of International President Tom Conway 2023-09-26 [USW]

4 of the most notable labour actions in Canada this year 2023-09-26 [The Financial Post]

Canadian unions that represent actors, stagehands hail tentative deal reached by U.S. screenwriters 2023-09-26 [CBC]

Opportunities to learn and reflect as Truth and Reconciliation Day approaches 2023-09-25 [MGEU]

Admin Assistant – North Island Area Office (Temporary/On-Call) 2023-09-25 [BCGEU]

There’s no denying it: Indigenous children suffered and died at residential schools 2023-09-25 [USW]

Women Workers Leading and Connecting Globally 2023-09-25 [USW]

Director of Communications, Political Action, and Campaigns 2023-09-25 [NUPGE]

Job Posting – Clerk Permanent 2023-09-25 [NLFL]

United in support of anti-scab legislation 2023-09-25 [IAMAW]

CUPW Disability-Supports.ca - A First of its Kind in Canada 2023-09-25 [CUPW]

Anti-trans hate also fuelling school privatization sentiments 2023-09-25 [rabble]

The right-wing attack on children 2023-09-25 [rabble]

Employment Relations Officer | Agent·e des relations du travail 2023-09-25 [PIPSC]

Casual On Call Back-Up Secretary 2023-09-25 [OPSEU]

Casual On Call Back-Up Secretary 2023-09-25 [OPSEU]

Labour Relations Assistant 2023-09-25 [BCIT FSA]

Representative ll 2023-09-25 [HEU]

Labour Relations Assistant 2023-09-25 [ONA]

Labour Relations Officer – Leadership Development and Member Support (Region 5) 2023-09-25 [ONA]

Communications Officer – Digital Media 2023-09-25 [PSAC]

Systems and Network Support Analyst 2023-09-25 [PSAC]

Representation Case Administrator 2023-09-25 [PSAC]

Administrative Assistant, Regional Office 2023-09-25 [PSAC]

Administrative Assistant, Negotiations 2023-09-25 [PSAC]

Union Representative 2023-09-25 [SEIU]

Labour Relations Advisor 2023-09-25 [YEU - PSAC]

Senior Labour Relations Advisor 2023-09-25 [YEU - PSAC]

Bilingual Negotiator | Négociateur ou négociatrice bilingue 2023-09-25 [PIPSC]

Unifor joins global call for safe roads 2023-09-22 [Unifor]

ACTRA calls out ICA for misleading agencies about 17-month commercial lockout 2023-09-22 [ACTRA]

Parks Canada: Employer delays delivering final agreement 2023-09-22 [PSAC]

Urgent Changes Sought to Legislation which Excludes Public Safety Personnel from Compensation for Mental Health Injuries 2023-09-22 [PSAC]

Steelworkers Humanity Fund donates $20,000 to support disaster victims in North Africa 2023-09-22 [USW]

CAPE joins Parliament Hill rally calling for strike protection legislation 2023-09-22 [CAPE]

Historic petition to end unpaid work for flight attendants lands in the House of Commons 2023-09-22 [CUPE]

Poilievre wants to help workers, just not on the picket line 2023-09-21 [Toronto Star]

Professional Unions’ Network of Canada gather at AMAPEO office for bi-annual meeting 2023-09-21 [AMAPCEO]

CUPE to Labour Minister: deliver on your anti-scab legislation promise now! 2023-09-20 [CUPE]

Steelworkers support No Space for Hate demonstrations 2023-09-20 [USW]

CUPE urges members to resist anti-trans hate 2023-09-19 [CUPE]

Unifor extends Ford deadline by 24-hours 2023-09-19 [Unifor]

Federal intervention and higher wages needed to address affordability, food prices 2023-09-18 [Unifor]

Unifor sets sights on anti-scab law and fixing EI for next parliamentary sitting 2023-09-18 [Unifor]

Assistant Controller 2023-09-18 [FFAW-Unifor]

International Equal Pay Day: Canada�s Unions Call for an Integrated, Long-term Care Workforce strategy 2023-09-18 [CLC]

Passing pharmacare legislation must be top priority for returning parliamentarians 2023-09-18 [CFNU]

On-call Casual Administrative Support position 2023-09-18 [BCTF]

This month in labour history

This month in labour history

1-09-1879 Coal miners in Springhill, Nova Scotia organize Pioneer Lodge of the Provincial Miners' Association, later known as the Provincial Workmen's Association. Under the leadership of Robert Drummond, the PWA becomes an influential force in the province. [more]

3-09-1894 Labour Day is observed for the first time as a statutory public holiday, under a law introduced that year by the Conservative prime minister Sir John Thompson. [more]

8-09-1886 The Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers, Saskatchewan Division No. 322, is formed in Medicine Hat. It is the first union chartered in what later becomes Alberta. [more]

9-09-1991 More than 100,000 members of the Public Service Alliance of Canada launch a general strike to defend job security for federal public service workers. [more]

11-09-1916 A second disaster strikes the huge cantilever bridge under construction at Quebec City. Another 13 lives are lost in addition to the 75 deaths in the first collapse in 1907. The bridge, completed in 1917, is still standing today. [more]

12-09-1945 In Windsor, Ontario, the United Auto Workers begin their historic strike against the Ford Motor Company. It lasts for 99 days and leads to the Rand Formula for union security. [more]

15-09-1933 A general strike begins in the factories in Stratford, Ontario and spreads across the city. Troops and armoured cars are called out. [more]

15-09-1978 Workers at International Nickel in Sudbury, Ontario go on strike against pay cuts and layoffs. With strong community support, in June 1979 the 10,000 miners win a victory that includes improved pension benefits. [more]

16-09-1912 Vancouver Island coal miners begin what becomes a two-year strike for workplace safety and union recognition. To defeat the miners' union, the companies bring in strikebreakers and the province calls out the militia. [more]

16-09-1913 The New Brunswick Federation of Labour is organized at Saint John, New Brunswick, with James L. Sugrue as president. Today it is the provincial federation in Canada with the second longest continuous history. [more]

23-09-1873 The Canadian Labour Union is founded in Toronto. This first attempt to organize a Canadian labour central finds limited support, mainly from skilled workers in Ontario. [more]

24-09-1963 The Canadian Union of Public Employees, now Canada's largest union, is founded in Winnipeg through a merger of two earlier organizations. The union goes on to break new ground in building the labour movement. [more]

25-09-1995 Unions supporting the Liverpool Dockers Solidarity Campaign participate in national actions using the internet. This is believed to be the first time the net was used to organize an international labour solidarity action. [more]

26-09-1888 Canada's first independent labour Member of Parliament is returned in a by-election in Montreal. A printer by trade, Alphonse-Telesphore Lepine is a leading figure in the Montreal Trades and Labour Council and the Knights of Labor. [more]

29-09-1931 A strike by coal miners from Bienfait, Saskatchewan comes comes to a head when police shoot three strikers dead during a protest on the main street in Estevan. [more]