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Let the press report freely, say IFJ/EFJ ahead of Prosecutor's appointment 2019-08-21 [EFJ]

May 1 Labor Day in Bulgaria Socialists demand government's resignation 2018-05-01 [Sofia Globe conservative daily in English]

Remote work in the Bulgarian labour code 2021-12-29 [GLU]

Miners march to protect coal industry 2021-10-14 [Saltwire]

EFJ/IFJ condemn police violence against journalists and protestors 2020-09-07 [EFJ]

Bulgarian protests: battles over anti-corruption? 2020-07-27 [Opendemocracy]

Union calls on govt to take drastic measures to protect workers from COVID-19 2020-04-04 [BWI]

Masked men assaulted journalist Slavi Angelov 2020-03-21 [EFJ]

Independence of public service media BNR threatened 2019-10-01 [EFJ]

Independence of public service media BNR threatened 2019-09-28 [IFJ]

Trade Unions: Grey Economy is 30% 2019-06-07 [Novinite]

Public transport workers win big in Bulgaria 2019-04-16 [ITF]

Bulgarian textile workers demand EU-wide minimum wage 2019-02-13 [Euronews]

IFJ backs call to scrap law 2019-02-01 [IFJ]

Miners protest to demand job security 2018-11-30 [News 1130]

Bulgarian unions get organizing boost 2018-11-20 [IndustriALL]

Journalist Victoria Marinova brutally murdered 2018-10-09 [IFJ]

Journalist Victoria Marinova brutally murdered 2018-10-08 [EFJ]

Bulgarian labor unions want an 18% increase in teacher wages from the autumn 2018-05-14 [www.novinite.com]

Various events and concerts throughout the country on Labor Day 2018-05-01 [novinite.com]

Thousands protest to demand better wages in Bulgaria 2017-11-02 [IndustriALL]

Workers rally for higher wages as economy motors 2017-10-29 [The Gears of Biz]

Deputy PM threatened TV journalist Viktor Nikolaev 2017-10-12 [EFJ]

TV journalist threatened by politicians 2017-10-12 [IFJ]

Workers protest wage theft outside Parliament 2017-09-07 [libcom.org]

Empowering Bulgarian affiliates in the Inditex supply chain 2017-07-03 [IndustriALL]

Transport Workers Gather at Kulata Checkpoint to Protest, No Border Blockade 2017-05-30 [Novinite]

Wildcat strikes in one of the largest retailers 2017-03-23 [libcom.org]

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