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Reopening of Rajshahi Jute Mills demanded 2024-04-08 [The New Age]

UNI Global Union Condemns Violent Attack on Bangladeshi Union Leader and Peaceful Protesters 2024-04-02 [UNI Global Union]

Tea gardeners’ daily minimum wage proposed at Tk 117 2024-03-31 [The Financial Express]

Tea workers exploitation continues unabated 2024-03-24 [Bangi News]

92pc of garment workers in BD lack formal contracts 2024-03-20 [The Financial Express]

NSEF seeks uplifting of 6 million shop employees during Ramadan in Bangladesh 2024-03-19 [UNI Global Union]

Government faces questions at ILO over labour conditions 2024-03-14 [Prothom Alo]

National Women Domestic Workers’ Union demanding the arrest and trial of the people, involved in the killing of domestic workers Preeti Urang and Anwara 2024-03-09 [The New Age]

Shipbreaking unions key in helping workers 2024-03-07 [IndustriALL]

Revised minimum wage in Bangladesh is not enough 2024-02-28 [IndustriALL]

Bangladesh’s government must sincerely implement ILO Roadmap 2024-02-27 [IndustriALL]

Female RMG worker killed in clash with police in Gazipur 2024-02-10 [The Daly Sun]

Wage movement to realise rights of workers, speakers urges 2024-02-05 [The New Age]

Made in Bangladesh - 10 years after a factory collapse killed 1134 workers, Joe Fresh 's promises of safe factories and fair wages ring hollow 2024-02-03 [CBC]

Law Minister: US keen to work as partner in lowering trade union threshold 2024-01-22 [The Tribune]

Trade union leaders demand national minimum wage 2024-01-19 [The New Age]

Further drop feared in sending housemaids as Saudi employers to pay less migration cost 2024-01-17 [The Business Standard]

Garment workers' union leader Babul gets bail from HC 2024-01-11 [The Financial Express]

Bangladesh garment factories fire workers after protests, unions say 2024-01-04 [Reuters]

Bangladesh garment factories fire workers after wage protests, unions say 2024-01-04 [BHRRC]

875 workers (officially) die in workplace accidents in 2023 2024-01-01 [The Daly Sun]

Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus Convicted in Labour Law Violation Case 2024-01-01 [BNN]

2023: Textile industry crippled with wage movement 2023-12-31 [Prothom]

Tale of Union-Busting Highlights Labor Challenges in Bangladesh 2023-12-30 [Sourcing Journal]

ITUC reports expose regular abuse of migrant workers 2023-12-23 [ITUC]

Bangladesh: dismissed workers reinstated with ACT interim dispute resolution mechanism 2023-12-19 [IndustriALL]

Signing on for workers' rights 2023-12-12 [IndustriALL]

Government to apprise US, EU of labour rights progress 2023-12-05 [The Business Standard]

Protest, minimum wage, and the ‘helplessness’ of RMG workers in Bangladesh 2023-12-03 [The Business Standard]

Journalist assaulted while covering political clash 2023-11-28 [IFJ]

Demand to establish complaint boxes, anti-abuse committee in every factory 2023-11-26 [The Post]

Disastrous Outcome on Wages Made Worse by the Price Workers Are Paying for Speaking out 2023-11-25 [WRC]

Ahead of Black Friday, Support Zoya and Other Bangladesh Garment Workers 2023-11-24 [Human Rights Watch]

A Bangladeshi workforce enslaved by greed and power 2023-11-21 [UCA News]

US condemns 'violence' against RMG workers in Bangladesh 2023-11-21 [The Business Standard]

Bangladesh Garment Workers Under Attack By Bosses & Government 2023-11-21 [RAFFWU]

The impact of Bangladesh’s garment workers strike explained 2023-11-21 [The Hindu]

Closer yet distant on gender parity 2023-11-19 [The Business Standard]

Garment workers fighting for pay face brutal violence and threats 2023-11-18 [The Guardian]

Garment Workers Continue Protest for Better Wages, Death Toll Reaches 4 2023-11-17 [Newsclick]

Unions in Bangladesh demand revision of new minimum wage 2023-11-16 [IndustriALL]

EU unhappy with delays in improving labour rights 2023-11-15 [The Daily Star]

After RMG, now EPZ workers to get minimum wages board 2023-11-13 [The Tribune]

Gazette published fixing minimum wage of RMG workers 2023-11-13 [The Sun]

WFTU stands in solidarity with the struggling workers of Bangladesh 2023-11-13 [WFTU]

EU team arrives Sunday to talk labour rights concerns, GSP+ 2023-11-12 [The Business Standard]

137 RMG factories shut doors, protests simmer 2023-11-12 [The Business Post]

Intellectual struggle essential to secure tea workers' rights: Experts 2023-11-12 [The Business Post]

Police clash with 25,000 protesting garment workers 2023-11-12 [Macau Business]

Bangladesh shuts down 150 garment factories, fines 11,000 workers demanding higher wage 2023-11-11 [Times of India]

This month in labour history

This month in labour history

4-04-2012 Aminul Islam, creator of unions in the textile industry in Dhaka which produces clothing for the big brands, is kidnapped, beaten and tortured. His body, found on the side of the road, is burned and buried by the police in a mass grave. [more]

24-04-2013 1134 garment workers, most of them women, die and 2500+ are injured in the Rana Plaza factory disaster. The building collapse is believed to be the most deadly garment industry workplace mass murder in history. [more]

25-04-2013 100,000s of garment workers walked out in protest of the previous day's building collapse which killed over 1,000. They barricaded roads, fought police and attacked factories, shops and garment bosses' HQ. [more]