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Sally McManus - Statement on the Morrison Government's proposed wage subsidy 2020-03-29 [ACTU]

Wage subsidy must include gig workers, casuals & owner drivers 2020-03-29 [TWU]

Organising in the COVID-19 crisis 2020-03-29 [Green Left Weekly]

Taxi drivers and transport workers worried about coronavirus infection risks at work 2020-03-29 [ABC]

Aviation workers lose out in government aid 2020-03-28 [AIPA]

What does the Coronavirus outbreak mean for me and my workplace? 2020-03-28 [HSA]

TWU calls for Qantas to be nationalised as liquidity announcement fails to mention worker compensation 2020-03-28 [TWU]

McCormack’s assistance package won’t save regional airlines or help workers 2020-03-28 [TWU]

Protecting your health, jobs and incomes during the COVID-19 pandemic 2020-03-28 [RTBU]

Unions call for accountability as 15,000 Qantas workers stood down 2020-03-28 [AWU]

Aluminium industry is absolutely essential and too important to lose 2020-03-28 [AWU]

AWU provides advice for shearers on COVID-19 outbreak 2020-03-28 [AWU]

AWU and APPEA agree energy supply is essential during COVID-19 challenges 2020-03-28 [AWU]

AWU and Master Builders Australia stand up for construction industry 2020-03-28 [AWU]

Unions and employers come together to save funeral industry jobs 2020-03-28 [AWU]

Unions and employers appeal for funeral operations to continue 2020-03-28 [AWU]

MEAA condemns regional newspaper closures 2020-03-28 [MEAA]

UnionsACT to conduct coronavirus jobs impact survey 2020-03-28 [UnionsACT]

Government stimulus package ignores Australian universities, again 2020-03-28 [NTEU]

National Executive on Covid-19: Safety of tertiary education workers is paramount; the Next Steps 2020-03-28 [NTEU]

ETU Take the Lead on COVID-19 Workplace Safety 2020-03-28 [ETU]

Contracting Conference Condemns Casual Labour Crisis 2020-03-28 [ETU]

Aust Post Pharmacy Home Delivery announcement a welcome move: Union 2020-03-28 [CWU]

Government urged to acquire Aurora Australis to deliver critical food and supplies to Norfolk Island 2020-03-28 [MUA]

Using Australian manufacturing workers to produce critical medical items will not only save lives, but jobs if Government gets it right 2020-03-28 [CFMMEU]

Covid-19: Financial Support Options If You Are Stood Down 2020-03-28 [CFMMEU]

Commonwealth Bank closes branches as community struggles with coronavirus 2020-03-28 [fsu]

Maritime employers urged to take vital steps to prevent COVID-19 impacting Australia’s supply chains 2020-03-28 [MUA]

Coronavirus live updates: Australia's footballers' union demands Perth Glory to reinstate players 2020-03-28 [The Hindu]

Qantas denies sick leave to its grounded workers amid coronavirus pandemic 2020-03-28 [ABC]

Public service asked to get ready for coronavirus redeployment 2020-03-28 [The Guardian]

National Cabinet must provide expanded COVID-19 testing for education employees 2020-03-27 [AEU]

An update for you from AEU Federal President Correna Haythorpe 2020-03-27 [AEU]

Not good enough – retail workers and shops going to wall as they wait to get government support in their hands 2020-03-27 [SDA]

ACT NOW – SAVE Lives, SAVE Jobs, SAVE the Economy 2020-03-27 [SDA]

Premier shops shut their doors – a disaster for retail workers and the retail sector 2020-03-27 [SDA]

Workers’ plan to survive covid-19 crisis: no lay-offs; income guarantee; tax relief and rent/ mortgage freezes 2020-03-27 [UWU]

Work on Workers’ Terms: Building Immunity Through A Coronavirus Recession 2020-03-27 [New Matilda]

Joint Statement Australian Workers Union & Master Builders Australia Governments Must Not Shutdown Construction 2020-03-27 [AWU]

Iron ore giants push workers to stay at mine sites to escape coronavirus 2020-03-27 [The National Post]

Government must act on Services Australia 2020-03-26 [CPSU]

TWU Australia urges govt to supply up to 80% of stood down workers wages 2020-03-26 [CAPA]

COVID-19 unites construction unions on safety protocols 2020-03-26 [Infrastructure]

FIFO workers fear they're 'cannon fodder' for economy 2020-03-26 [The Financial Review]

Nurses In Australia Issue Plea Against Violence, Theft Of Sanitizer And Masks 2020-03-26 [NPR]

Employers, unions do quick deals and push for the government to pay workers 2020-03-26 [The Morning Herald]

Key union pushes for universal income of $740 a week, guaranteed jobs 2020-03-26 [The Morning Herald]

Aged Care workers win two weeks of paid Covid19 leave 2020-03-25 [UWU]

Early childhood education and care needs urgent & tough coronavirus rules: Union releases plan 2020-03-25 [UWU]


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