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TWU demands answers from Qantas in meeting on redundancies 2020-07-02 [TWU]

Essential workers yesterday, wages cut today 2020-07-02 [SDA]

Where the bloody hell are the planes, ScoMo 2020-07-02 [ASU]

Qantas lacks principles on JobKeeper – time to fight for what is rightfully ours 2020-07-02 [ASU]

Learning from a crisis 2020-07-02 [AEU]

“Severe consequences”: drama as unions and retailers clash 2020-07-01 [ragtrader]

Ex-Spotless workers win redundancy rights 2020-07-01 [Yahoo]

National survey shows insecure hospitality workers devastated by Covid-19 2020-06-30 [UWU]

AEU statement on Black Lives Matter 2020-06-30 [AEU]

Credit Union Australia job cuts 2020-06-30 [FSU]

Young workers still suffering from lack of a jobs plan 2020-06-30 [ACTU]

TWU national secretary urges Australia's Govt to stabilise aviation industry with 'Aviation Keeper' 2020-06-30 [CAPA]

‘People are desperate’: ScoMo infuriates with JobSeeker statement 2020-06-30 [Yahoo]

McManus says disappointing pay rise short-changes workers 2020-06-30 [Independent Australia]

Pandemic leave extended, but unions lose bid to end changes for admin workers 2020-06-30 [The Times]

Coronavirus pandemic won’t fix women’s pay in health 2020-06-29 [Yahoo]

Qantas savaged over mass redundancy announcement 2020-06-28 [The New Daily]

Fair Work Commission declares businesses must bargain during pandemic 2020-06-28 [AWU]

Speaking out: Lily’s Story 2020-06-28 [HSA]

Halt Qantas redundancies ahead of review on jobkeeper, TWU urges 2020-06-28 [TWU]

Offshore Alliance makes submission to ensure all oil and gas companies clean up after themselves 2020-06-28 [AWU]

COVID-19 shopping centres and health advice – a victory for commonsense 2020-06-28 [SDA]

Qantas job losses premature and must be reversed 2020-06-28 [ASU]

Government must work with Virgin successful bidder to save aviation jobs 2020-06-28 [ASU]

More Powerful Together: the Future of Virgin 2020-06-28 [ASU]

Statement from Michele O’Neil on successful Bain Capital bid for Virgin Australia 2020-06-28 [ACTU]

Statement from Michele O’Neil on Qantas job losses 2020-06-25 [ACTU]

ACTU calls for rapid decision on Virgin future 2020-06-25 [ACTU]

Players threaten to boycott Super Rugby Aus 2020-06-25 [SA Rugby]

Bosses prefer casual workers to stay insecure 2020-06-25 [Green Left Weekly]

‘None of this is good enough’: Woolworths under fire for delayed remediation 2020-06-24 [The New Daily]

IEU Speaks on ILO Violence and Harassment Convention 190; Still Waiting For Government Action 2020-06-24 [IEU]

Shopping Centre COVID-19 health and safety – time for government to step in 2020-06-24 [SDA]

ABC job losses direct result of funding cuts 2020-06-24 [MEAA]

TAFE is the answer 2020-06-24 [AEU]

Addressing digital inclusion for all public school students report 2020-06-24 [AEU]

Pandemic political profiteering robbing workers’ retirements 2020-06-24 [ACTU]

Sally McManus message on workers’ rights to reach half a million homes 2020-06-24 [ACTU]

CSIRO to pull plug on energy jobs 2020-06-24 [CPSU]

Entertainment union voices sector’s concerns at Senate hearing: “Many businesses will not survive” 2020-06-24 [NME]

Gig work survey shows urgent need to regulate 2020-06-24 [TWU]

ACTU President Michele O’Neil calls on COVID Senate Inquiry to support paid pandemic leave 2020-06-23 [ACTU]

ABC makes casual staff permanent amid plans for major restructure 2020-06-23 [The Morning Herald]

MUA Statement regarding Justice Dyson Heydon 2020-06-23 [MUA]

Woolworths to cut 1,350 jobs and admits it owes at least $90m more to underpaid workers 2020-06-23 [The Guardian]

Almost 80pc of labour hire construction companies broke workplace rules: watchdog 2020-06-23 [The Age]

States leading the way on Pandemic Leave, Morrison must catch up 2020-06-21 [ACTU]

‘Disappointed’: Unions hit back at ‘substantially lower’ minimum wage increase 2020-06-20 [The New Daily]

Inequitable decision for low paid workers 2020-06-20 [UWU]

Essential Workers Deserve a Greater Increase to Minimum Wage 2020-06-20 [HSU]

This month in labour history

This month in labour history

3-07-1892 A 6,000 strong meeting calls for immediate strike action at Broken Hill as miners' previous agreements with employers expire. [more]

16-07-1986 The mining community of Moura was hit with disaster when a massive explosion at No. 4 mine claimed 12 lives. [more]

27-07-1917 A mass meeting of the Amalgamated Society of Engineers in Sydney votes to strike against the introduction of a time card system. [more]