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Sex workers welcome WHS protections over criminal penalties 2024-02-24 [The Scarlet Alliance]

Jill McCabe to step down as Professionals Australia CEO 2024-02-24 [Professionals Australia]

Consultation commences for Western Australia offshore wind industry development in Bunbury 2024-02-24 [MUA]

Virgin leadership change presents an opportunity to reset relationship with workers 2024-02-24 [ASU]

Making change stick 2024-02-24 [AEU]

Ending the capital funding divide in Australias schools 2024-02-24 [AEU]

The secret sauce of Coles’ and Woolworths’ profits: high-tech surveillance and control 2024-02-23 [The Conversation]

Transport Workers Union pushes for leave and superannuation rights for gig workers 2024-02-23 [Sky]

Union Fights for Gig Workers' Rights: A Campaign for Equality 2024-02-23 [BNN Breaking]

The right to work from home could be axed in the post-pandemic shift 2024-02-22 [SBS]

Working from home under spotlight as flexibility fades 2024-02-22 [AAP]

$1.25 billion underlying profit shows qantas abandoning compensation talks was driven by Joyce-style greed 2024-02-22 [TWU]

Transport Workers’ Union says Qantas’ half-year profit a ‘kick in the guts’ for workers illegally sacked during COVID it claims are still waiting for compensation 2024-02-22 [Sky]

Qantas' Profit Amid Pandemic Layoffs Sparks Outrage Among Union Workers 2024-02-22 [BNN Breaking]

Rotten “Perfection” and the universal struggle for equality and justice 2024-02-22 [IUF]

Turning around Qantas may be possible under John Mullen 2024-02-21 [TWU]

Migrant workers take a stand against gendered workplace violence 2024-02-21 [Australian Unions]

ACTU response to Professor Fels’ report and recommendations 2024-02-21 [ACTU]

Woolworths profits show they have far too much power 2024-02-21 [ACTU]

Fully funded public schools are an essential element of a fair and prosperous society 2024-02-21 [ACTU]

Unions welcome working people’s real wages finally moving 2024-02-21 [ACTU]

Qantas unveils its new chairman to the delight of TWU 2024-02-21 [Travel Weekly]

The future of hybrid work in Australia 2024-02-20 [Australian Unions]

Breathing new life into silicosis research 2024-02-20 [Monash Lens]

Unions call for local content rules for offshore wind 2024-02-20 [The Star]

$30,000 repaid to migrant farm workers highlights need to end exploitation 2024-02-20 [AWU]

TWU Demands New CEO Uphold Commitments to Virgin Workers 2024-02-20 [TWU]

Unions welcome review of Australian apprenticeships incentive system 2024-02-19 [ACTU]

Ampol still squeezing consumers at the pump with $1.7 billion profit 2024-02-19 [ACTU]

Ex-senior watchdog staffer says NSW asbestos crisis ‘destined to happen’ after decade of regulatory failure 2024-02-18 [The Guardian]

Government must act on uni staff workplace health nightmare 2024-02-18 [NTEU]

Public service workers swing behind Service-Wide deal 2024-02-18 [CPSU]

Commonweath Bank finally held to account over $16m wage theft 2024-02-18 [FSU]

ACTU welcomes government announcement to strengthen safety for offshore oil and gas workers 2024-02-17 [ACTU]

Commonwealth Bank fined $10.3 million for wage theft 2024-02-17 [ACTU]

QBE and IAG show no mercy in a cost-of-living crisis 2024-02-17 [ACTU]

Labor Reforms and Union Movements: A Tale of Two Nations 2024-02-17 [BNN]

Zach Smith: The Union Leader Pushing Labor Towards Progressive Economic Policies 2024-02-17 [BNN]

Poor mental health threatens rural emergency workforce 2024-02-16 [The Leader]

Commonwealth Bank of Australia Fined $10.3 Million for Wage Theft: A Tale of Corporate Negligence and Its Consequences 2024-02-16 [BNN]

Government's safety improvements for offshore workers welcomed by union 2024-02-16 [MUA]

Workers protest, call for heat safeguards after death 2024-02-15 [The Border Mail]

Labor Hire Industry Overhaul: Same Job Same Pay Measures 2024-02-15 [BNN]

Thousands protest for safer worksites amid claims of rising heat stress incidents on worksites 2024-02-15 [ABC]

Twelve women sue Perfection Fresh for workplace sexual harassment 2024-02-14 [Women's Agenda]

Library Lovers Day 2024-02-14 [ASU]

ANMF launches landmark Nurses Award work value case 2024-02-14 [ANMF]

Business as usual at CBA as it maintains stellar profitability 2024-02-14 [ACTU]

Union and employer association clash on Australian workplace law 2024-02-14 [Times Higher Education ]

ANZ plans to cut 170 business banking jobs, union says 2024-02-14 [WHBL]

This month in labour history

This month in labour history

2-02-1912 "Baton Friday" as police attack striking workers in Brisbane [more]