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Four in five working people injured or ill due to work 2019-08-12 [ACTU]

Big business calls on workers to be worse off 2019-08-13 [ACTU]

Morrison is pushing his dream of destroying the unions 2019-08-13 [The Pen]

Subway under investigation by Fair Work over staff underpayment 2019-08-13 [The Age]

RBA blows whistle on Government’s wage suppression 2019-08-09 [ACTU]

Caution. Misery (and Enlightenment) Ahead. 2019-08-08 [SafetyAtWorkBlog]

Funeral Industry Win 2019-08-08 [United Voice]

PPA lodges legal action against National Pharmacies 2019-08-08 [Professionals Australia]

Does performance funding framework provide incentives for better outcomes? 2019-08-08 [NTEU]

Trade TAFE for high school 2019-08-08 [AEU]

Morrison and big business could fix skills shortage 2019-08-08 [ACTU]

'Putrid' culture in Australian air traffic control could endanger fliers: Report 2019-08-08 [Stuff]

Trucking companies and unions unite to tackle a looming new Amazon threat 2019-08-08 [The Morning Herald]

More than 120,000 people whose welfare was suspended were not at fault, data shows 2019-08-08 [The Guardian]

Election review finds unions had wrong slogan for right message 2019-08-08 [The Guardian]

Union-Busting Legislation Passes Lower House 2019-08-07 [Lexology]

Court upholds dismissal of woman over tweets 2019-08-07 [ABC]

The old ‘jobs snobs‘ story – a companion piece for ‘dole bludger‘ bashing 2019-08-06 [The New Daily]

‘The great lie’: Paul Keating slams MPs saying increasing super stifles wages 2019-08-06 [The New Daily]

ABCC wastes more money on frivolous ‘cup of tea’ case 2019-08-06 [CFMMEU]

Access to US fuel reserve will do little to protect Australia’s fuel security 2019-08-06 [CFMMEU]

Union win: Swissport’s desperate low wage strategy doesn’t fly in Australia 2019-08-06 [ASU]


Carnell review attacks workers’ rights 2019-08-06 [ACTU]

‘Wage-theft on a grand scale’ of airport workers, as Aerocare agreement terminated 2019-08-06 [Mirage]

Passenger safety at risk from ‘putrid’ air traffic control workplace culture 2019-08-06 [Yahoo]

'Extraordinary act of vandalism': Burrow calls on Senate to block union-busting bill 2019-08-06 [The Morning Herald]

Professional Engineers Registration Bill 2019 2019-08-05 [Professionals Australia]

Casualisation and ‘production first’ mindset hurts mine safety: survey 2019-08-05 [CFMMEU]

Greens share blame for climate shambles 2019-08-05 [CFMMEU]

'Putrid': Sex discrimination in air traffic control could endanger lives, says report 2019-08-05 [The Times]

Union pushing ‘indigenous voice’ for workplace agreements 2019-08-05 [The Australian]

Superannuation chief warns Government dismantling super is like being 'an anti-vaxxer' 2019-08-05 [ABC]

Unions warn Australian workers are facing epidemic levels of abuse 2019-08-04 [6PR]

Sexual harassment needs to be stamped out from behind the counter 2019-08-04 [The Times]

Government’s own department confirms the depth of wages crisis 2019-08-03 [The New Daily]

Media groups calls for reform to protect press freedom 2019-08-03 [MEAA]

NAB workers across Australia are voting “yes” for our collective bargaining claim 2019-08-03 [FSU]

Join our Research Project on Professionalisation After the Royal Commission 2019-08-03 [FSU]

2.1 million people working multiple jobs 2019-08-02 [ACTU]

Government members voted for bill 24 hours after voicing human rights concerns 2019-08-02 [ACTU]

Union members earn more in era of low wage growth 2019-08-02 [ACTU]

Low-paid workers and wage theft 2019-08-02 [The Saturday Paper]

Beefing up security isn’t the only way to make hospitals safer 2019-08-02 [The Conversation]

PM shapes up for epic union fight 2019-08-02 [The Australian]

International unions throw support behind Australian wharfies as dispute with DP World escalates 2019-08-02 [ITF]

Stone work danger standard reviewed 2019-07-31 [Unions WA]

Unions Ramp Up Campaign for Safe Silica Standards 2019-07-31 [We Are Union]

Performance-based funding for universities is poor policy 2019-07-31 [NTEU]

Union fights for a fair deal for asbestos workers 2019-07-31 [CFMMEU]

This month in labour history

1-08-1990 Founding of the United Firefighters Union of Australia. [more]

2-08-1917 Members of engineering and rail unions across Sydney begin to strike against the time card system, with more workers taking unofficial action the next day. [more]

9-08-1917 The number of workers on strike across Sydney increases to 45,000 when miners and longeshoremen join the action. [more]

12-08-1917 The Australian government informs the people, through the Sunday papers, that "The enemies of Britain and her Allies have succeeded in plunging Australia into a general strike." [more]

14-08-1917 Seamen's Union Vice President W. Daly is arrested and charged with conspiracy to instigate an illegal strike. [more]

16-08-1890 Marine officers walk off their ships in strike action, soon followed by their crews. [more]

17-08-1861 Coal miners in NSW refuse 20% wage cut & walk out; locked out until October. [more]

23-08-1966 Two hundred Gurindji workers walk off their cattle station at Wave Hill, a strike that will last almost a decade and lead to the passage of the Aboriginal Land Rights Act. [more]

24-08-1917 The government declares that the Strike Committee in Sydney shall be considered an illegal organisation. [more]

26-08-1894 Striking shearers burn and destroy the steamship 'Rodney', which had been used to transport scabs on the Darling River. [more]

30-08-1917 First labour martyr Merv Flanagan shot and killed in Sydney during General Strike for yelling 'scab'. His murderer Reginald Wearne ( whose brother was a consevative MP) was never convicted. [more]

31-08-1890 Up to 100,000 workers gather in Melbourne to support the sheep shearers' strike [more]