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Trade Unions as a Civil Society Actor in Algeria 2024-02-02 [Arab Reform Initiative]

The Trade Union Movement in Algeria Began Two Decades Ago: Interview with Elias Mrabet 2023-11-21 [ARI]

Opening of Algerian-Sahrawi Trade Union Solidarity Week in Algerian province of Boumerdes 2023-10-10 [SPS]

Unions face crackdown amidst controversial labour law reforms 2023-10-05 [IndustriALL]

Amine Felih released from prison 2023-06-25 [IUF]

Trade unions urge ILO to intervene in Algeria 2023-01-24 [IndustriALL]

Journalist in pretrial detention over foreign funding charges 2023-01-10 [IFJ]

Ramzi Derder released from prison 2022-11-12 [IUF]

UN Special Rapporteur is not welcome! 2022-09-14 [IUF]

Global unions support Algeria's struggle for workers' rights and democracy 2020-07-25 [BWI]

Social and economic woes weigh heavily on Algeria's future 2019-11-06 [Equal Times]

Social and economic woes weigh heavily on Algeria's future 2019-11-06 [Equal Times]

Unions refuse formation of new government and insist on Bouteflika's departure 2019-03-19 [The Monitor]

Union branches oppose Bouteflika's re-election -statement 2019-03-07 [Reuters]

Defending human rights is #NotACrime 2022-05-21 [IUF]

Persecuted for Speaking Up for Migrants Rights 2022-03-05 [PSI]

Political prisoners in Algeria on hunger strike against escalating repression 2022-02-11 [IUF]

Sign petition to demand the release of Ramzi Dardar, union activist jailed on fabricated terrorism charges  ActNOW!  2021-11-10 [IUF]

Repression of independent trade unions continues 2021-09-28 [IUF]

Trade unionists have been released from jail - thanks to you 2021-06-18 [LabourStart]

wo journalists arrested two days before the legislative elections 2021-06-12 [IFJ]

URGENT ACTION: Release women prisoners of conscience in Algeria  ActNOW!  2021-02-01 [IUF]

Two years of targeted violence, arbitrariness and injustice against women  ActNOW!  2021-01-28 [IUF]

Journalist sentenced to years in prison amid growing media crackdown 2020-08-27 [IFJ]

Journalist sentenced to three-year prison term for reporting on protests 2020-08-12 [IFJ]

Crackdown on independent trade unions 2020-02-06 [Open Democracy]

ITUC Demands Release of Jailed Union Official 2019-12-13 [ITUC]

The worrying decline of individual and collective freedoms in Algeria 2019-12-11 [Equal Times]

Capacity building in Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia 2019-11-15 [ITF]

'Bye Bye Bouteflika' Protests Force Postponing of Elections 2019-03-25 [The Citizen]

Democracy Must Prevail 2019-03-08 [ITUC]

Branches of Algeria's largest labour union denounce Bouteflika in latest sign of dissent 2019-03-07 [Middle East Eye]

Airplanes take off without maintenance 2018-11-15 [MEM]

In Meeting with Algeria, EU Should Insist on Independent Trade Union Rights 2018-05-15 [ITUC]

No negotiations and no strike 2018-04-25 [The Monitor]

Unions work towards increased gender equality 2018-03-06 [Education International]

ITUC and GUFs Protest against Trial of Independent Trade Unions 2018-02-05 [ITUC]

Support the struggle for free independent democratic unions in Algeria  ActNOW!  2017-12-20 [LabourStart]

Crisis in Algeria between PM and trade union 2017-08-28 [MEMO]

Airport maintenance staff start strike over wages 2017-05-19 [Middle East Monitor ]

ITUC Demands Release of Algerian Trade Unionists 2017-03-22 [ITUC]

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