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New York Tesla accused of firing pro-union workers at Buffalo solar plant 2019-06-25 [The Buffalo News]

Bernie Sanders unveils sweeping bill to cancel all student debt 2019-06-25 [Huffington Post]

Was Stop & Shop strike a turning point? 2019-06-24 [CommonWealth]

Ohio Shuttering of the GM works in Lordstown will also bury a lost chapter in the fight for workers control 2019-06-24 [TNR]

Ohio Union president: State found serious safety concerns after city worker's death 2019-06-24 [Cincinnati]

Mississippi Thousands of airline food workers vote to authorize a strike 2019-06-24 [WCBI]

Florida Stressed-out Facebook monitors forced to toil in filth: report 2019-06-24 [NYPost]

Pennsylvania Meeting set to organize workers at Carnegie Library 2019-06-24 [Post-Gazette]

 VIDEO California The Arnautoff Murals, The Working Class and Erasing History At SF George Washington High For more info 2019-06-24 [LVP]

California Southern California grocery workers could vote to authorize a strike 2019-06-23 [abcnews10]

Decriminalizing sex work is an issue 2020 presidential candidates can no longer avoid 2019-06-23 [Mic]

Pennsylvania Philadelphia refinery blast puts new spotlight on toxic chemical 2019-06-22 [Reuters]

Iowa Iowa Board of Regents receives almost meaningless penalty for violating the law in contract talks with UI grad student union 2019-06-22 [Little Village Mag]

Uber’s Worker Business Model May Harm Competition, Judge Says 2019-06-22 [Bloomberg]

Minnesota Minneapolis City Council proposes crackdown on wage theft to parallel state law 2019-06-22 [StarTribune]

Michigan 9-hour UAW strike ends with deal for workers who supply parts to Ford, FCA, Tesla 2019-06-22 [Detroit Free Press]

Illinois Viscofan union workers go on strike 2019-06-22 [FOX]

New York Steelworkers accuse Tesla of firing 6 pro-union workers and retaliation in Buffalo 2019-06-22 [WIVB]

North Carolina New Report Shows A Quarter of STEM workers in Mecklenburg County Are Immigrants: Immigrants were responsible for nearly 30 percent of the population growth in Charlotte between 2012 and 2017 2019-06-22 [New Am Economy]

Hawaii Union airline catering workers threaten strike on Oahu and Maui 2019-06-22 [Star Advertiser]

Pennsylvania Housekeepers and nannies in Philadelphia may soon win basic legal rights 2019-06-22 [Vox]

Illinois Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot moves to reform infamous Chicago workers’ comp program 2019-06-22 [IL Policy]

Pennsylvania Carnegie Library workers in Pittsburgh plan union organizing drive 2019-06-22 [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]

California Grocery strike rocked Southern California 16 years ago. It may happen again soon 2019-06-22 [LATimes]

Iowa A nurse was beaten unconscious. Now, more workers attacked at Iowa mental health facility 2019-06-22 [State Farmer]

Trump Administration wants to take money away from working families 2019-06-21 [SEIU]

GM Plots Temp-Worker Push With Union Still Seething Over Doomed Plants 2019-06-21 [Bloomberg Business News]

Pennsylvania Trump NLRB ruling for UPMC upsets decades-old precedent, restricts workplace communications for union purposes 2019-06-21 [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]

California High-profile charter network dismisses three teachers active in union push 2019-06-21 [Mercury News]

Minimum Wage Still Can’t Pay for a Two-Bedroom Apartment Anywhere 2019-06-21 [CityLab]

Gig economy workers may get short changed when it comes to Social Security checks 2019-06-21 [CNBC]

What the US Women’s Soccer Team Wants 2019-06-21 [Counter Punch]

California Heated battle over automation and jobs at Port of L.A. moves to City Council 2019-06-21 [LATimes]

California Assembly Bill 539 would protect working families 2019-06-20 [Californian]

Worker bonuses slump 22 percent after GOP tax cuts 2019-06-20 [EPI]

Massachusetts Tipped Workers Press For One Fair Minimum Wage 2019-06-20 [WBUR]

Hawaii Union airline catering workers threaten strike on Oahu and Maui 2019-06-20 [Star Advertiser]

New York Union accuses Tesla of spying on workers at Buffalo plant 2019-06-20 [Buffalo News]

Black Superstars Pitch Adidas Shoes. Its Black Workers Say They’re Sidelined 2019-06-20 [NYTimes]

To truly fight poverty, let workers join unions 2019-06-20 [Columbus Dispatch]

New York Tesla Broke Labor Laws by Firing and Surveilling, Union Says 2019-06-20 [Bloomberg]

 VIDEO New York Why it matters: Five ways a new bill of rights for farm workers will impact New Yorkers 2019-06-20 [Democrat & Chronicle]

GM Will Argue For More Temp Workers, Lower Healthcare Costs In UAW Negotiations 2019-06-20 [GM Authority]

Oregon Little Big Burger Workers Negotiate Mail-in Union Election at Every Oregon Store 2019-06-20 [Wilmette Week]

 VIDEO California On Juneteenth, SF City Workers Demand Firing Of HR Director Micki Callahan For more info 2019-06-20 [LVP]

U.S. presidential candidate Bernie Sanders supports video game workers 2019-06-20 [Venture Beat]

Washington Frye Art Museum Workers Vote to Form Union 2019-06-20 [Seattle Times]

JLC joins with nine other progressive pro-Israel groups in urging House of Representatives leaders to pass resolution opposing West Bank annexation 2019-06-20 [Jewish Labor Committee]

AFL-CIO president: Trade deal will suck jobs from U.S. 2019-06-20 [Detroit News]

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