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 VIDEO California 'It's Insane!' ILWU Longshore Workers And Truckers Challenge Oakland A's Billionaire Owner John Fisher’s Land Grab Of Howard Terminal In The Port Of Oakland For more info 2019-04-19 [Labor Video Project]

Rabbis: *Not kosher* to patron grocery store during strike 2019-04-18 [Albany Times Union]

Florida Florida House Passed Bill Helping Domestic Violence Victims With Unemployment Benefits 2019-04-18 [FL Daily]

Nevada Unions picketing Circus Circus Reno over pay, allege ‘aggressive union-busting’ 2019-04-18 [Reno Gazette Jrnl]

California California College of the Arts Campus Consolidation Spurs Union Effort 2019-04-18 [KQED]

Massachusetts Striking grocery store worker proposes to girlfriend on picket line 2019-04-18 [Columbus Dispatch]

Tennessee Trump NLRB postpones VW union vote decision at least 7 days 2019-04-18 [WDEF]

Effects Of The Stop and Shop Strike Begin To Ripple Through New Engliand Economy 2019-04-18 [WNPR]

New England Stop and Shop workers rally as strike approaches a week 2019-04-18 [WFSB]

Alaska Labor union sues to block privatization of hospital 2019-04-18 [WATE]

Massachusetts Berkshire Community Rallies Behind Striking Stop and Shop Union Workers 2019-04-18 [WAMC]

California Truck Drivers Who Haul Imports for Best Buy, Puma, and Lowe’s Awarded More Than $1.2 Million 2019-04-18 [AJot]

Massachusetts Cleaning Company with Statewide Whole Foods Contract Cited $335,000 for Wage, Payroll Violations and Worker Misclassification 2019-04-18 [Workers Comp]

Wisconsin WI launches workers misclassification task force 2019-04-18 [SIA]

Maine Teachers, AFL-CIO rally for right to strike in Maine 2019-04-18 [San Antonio Express-News]

Michigan Mighty Good Coffee workers say they're being laid off after unionizing; Ann Arbor locations reportedly will close 2019-04-18 [Crain's Detroit Biz]

 VIDEO California WorkWeek On Assange Getting Union Backing, ILWU May Day Action and Gentrification And CA DIR Baker Corruption Scandal For more info 2019-04-18 [WWR]

State of the Unions Podcast 2019-04-18 [AFL-CIO]

New Jersey Rutgers Faculty and Grads Win Historic Contract! 2019-04-18 [Equity Security]

Scotland TSSA condemns 'despicable billionaire' Trump for 'pickpocketing' his workers 2019-04-17 [TSSA]

AFL-CIO Employees Are Fighting Furloughs — Inside Their Own Building 2019-04-16 [Huff Post]

West Virginia Dozens of union workers target illegal labor in WV 2019-04-16 [WTRF]

Hot Topics >> Immigration Trump Mueller Probe GOP Tax Plan Religious Right #METOO Go Ad Free! Become an Alternet 2020 Member! This is what made a teaching assistant realize the power of unions 2019-04-16 [Alternet]

New York Immigrants Make Exodus, Then Find Struggle And New Start In Passover Cleaning in Brooklyn, New Yorkcleaning-matzo-israelites/ 2019-04-16 [The Forward]

Connecticut Let My Matzah Go: Stop & Shop Purchases Deemed Not Kosher For Passover 2019-04-16 [New Haven Independent]

Connecticut Unions give $5,000 donation to striking Stop & Shop workers For more info  ActNOW!  2019-04-16 [New Haven Register]

Georgia Tyson workers in Camila to benefit from new poultry industry contract 2019-04-15 [Albany Herald]

Tell Congress: Investigate AT&T 2019-04-15 [CWA / AFL-CIO]

Illinois Governor signs bill banning RTW zones 2019-04-15 [WMAQ 5]

Michigan Top Michigan CEOs made 300 times more than employees 2019-04-15 [Detroit News]

Unions pushing for pocketbook proposals from 2020 Democrats 2019-04-15 [Wash Post]

Massachusetts Graduate Student Union to Air National TV Ads on Harvard Sexual Harassment Protections 2019-04-15 [Harvard Crimson]

Labor Unions Must Lead a Just Transition from Fossil Fuels to Clean Energy 2019-04-15 [Am Prospect]

Ohio Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders stops in Lordstown, talks with union workers 2019-04-15 [WFMJ]

What to Know About the Fight Between Hollywood’s Writers and Agents 2019-04-15 [NYTimes]

Illinois Republican Governor Thinks $40,000 Is Too Much To Pay Teachers, Vetoes Minimum Salary 2019-04-15 [Labor 411]

California AFSCME Strikes Following Unfair Labor Charge Against UC 2019-04-15 [UC Guardian]

Ohio Bernie Sanders challenges President Trump to end GM’s federal contracts during Lordstown appearance 2019-04-15 [Ohio]

New Hampshire NH businesses counting on foreign workers for summer season 2019-04-14 [NH Union Leader]

Stop and Shop supermarket workers in three New England states go on strike 2019-04-14 [AP]

Strikes Are the Only Way Out of Our Current Crisis 2019-04-14 [TruthOut]

Dolores Huerta: Each Of Us Has A Voice, How Can We Use It For Social Change? 2019-04-14 [WSKG]

Ohio Ohioans seeking change after recent string of layoffs 2019-04-14 [FOX]

Nevada Striking teachers unions and reforming Nevada labor law 2019-04-14 [Las Vegas Rev-Jrnl]

New York Construction worker crushed to death under part of crane at SoHo work site 2019-04-14 [NYDaily News]

Workers rights are a 2020 campaign focus this weekend 2019-04-14 [Star]

Older workers are America’s fastest-growing labor pool — and the least protected from workplace discrimination 2019-04-14 [CNBC]

Stop and Shop Workers Are on Strike at Over 240 Stores in New England 2019-04-14 [NYTimes]

New York NYPD: 'Urine' Thrown On Female Transit Workers In Separate Incidents 2019-04-14 [Gothamist]

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