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Nå kan tillitsvalgte bli straffet for å snakke nedsettende om arbeidsgiveren


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Nå kan tillitsvalgte bli straffet for å snakke nedsettende om arbeidsgiveren [Fri fagbevegelse] 2020-09-15

To av tre amerikanere støtter fagbevegelsen [Fri fagbevegelse] 2020-09-09

Louisiana New Orleans søppeltømmere kjemper for en lønn å leve av [Transit magasin] 2020-06-05

Eqinors enorme milliardtap ukjent for styremedlemmer [abc nyheter/NTB] 2020-05-14

Amazon surfer på ­pandemien [Klassekampen] 2020-05-08

Slakteriarbeidere avviser Trump - kommer ikke på jobb [NRK] 2020-04-30


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Trumka: We Will Not Tolerate Any Constitutional Breach 2020-09-26 [AFL-CIO]

Your Letters and Parcels Are Piling Up Thanks to the New Privatizer General 2020-09-26 [Labor Notes]

Why Unions Are the Key to Passing a Green New Deal 2020-09-26 [Gizmodo]

Biden Will Get Strong Support From AFL-CIO Says Trumka 2020-09-26 [Bloomberg]

Iowa Iowa Beef Plant Fined Just $957 After 300 Workers Tested Positive for Virus 2020-09-26 [MBT Mag]

In Ruth We Trust: How the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act Can Promote Women’s Equal Citizenship and Justice Ginsburg’s Legacy 2020-09-26 [Verdict]

Workers fear losing full-time jobs, no training, corporate surveillance 2020-09-26 [Nutley]

Plight of the ‘Physical Worker’: Worn-Out Bodies and Little Savings 2020-09-26 [NYTimes]

Will Workers’ Wages Ever Go Up Again? 2020-09-26 [Quillette]

Wall Street drills Costco stock because it's paying workers $2 more an hour during COVID-19 2020-09-26 [Yahoo Finance]

The Tech Companies That Want to Cut Remote Workers’ Salaries 2020-09-26 [Medium]

Massachusetts UFCW contract: Stop & Shop to pay 56,000 frontline grocery store workers retroactive premium pay 2020-09-26 [Mass Live]

How to Survive ‘Gut Punch’ of 2020? Unions! For more info 2020-09-26 [SE MN Area Labor Council]

Idaho Farmers need help protecting workers from COVID-19 2020-09-26 [ID Farm Bureau Federation]

American Workers Have Lost Control of Their Time. It’s Time To Take It Back 2020-09-26 [Workplace Fairness]

 VIDEO California Stop Murders At Foster Farms Factory In Livingston! Workers/Community Demand 'Lives Over Profits' For more info 2020-09-26 [LVP]

Torture victim's story as evidence in Assange's hearing 2020-09-25 [IFJ]

 VIDEO California 'Stop Rigging The Election' SEIU 1021 Oakland Workers Demand Union Democracy In Midst Of Covid Pandemic For more info 2020-09-25 [LVP]

Walmart cuts workers' hours but increases workload as sales rise amid pandemic 2020-09-24 [Guardian]

New York NYC to Furlough 9,000 Government Workers 2020-09-24 [WSJ]

cElectric Vehicles Should Be a Win for American Workers 2020-09-24 [Ctr Am Progress]

Ohio Workers at McComb bakery in midst of union campaign 2020-09-24 [The Blade]

New York MoMA Workers Must Decide Whether To Return To Work Amid Pandemic 2020-09-24 [NPR]

California California, Here’s How to Protect Essential Workers 2020-09-24 [CA Health Report]

Should front-line medical workers get the coronavirus vaccine first? Not necessarily 2020-09-24 [CNBC]

Protect essential farm workers from deportation, farm worker will urge House Judiciary Committee 2020-09-24 [UFW]

Labor Votes 2020 2020-09-24 [AFL-CIO]

Tennessee Pandemic Spurs Nashville Restaurant Workers to Organize 2020-09-24 [Labor Notes]

Illinois Labor coalition joins the fray over Illinois clean energy legislation 2020-09-24 [Energy News]

Hollywood unions and employers adopt agreement for safe return to work 2020-09-24 [UNI Global Union]

Kentucky No officers charged directly with Breonna Taylors' death 2020-09-24 [CNN]

WIRED staff on strike due to unionisation delay, claims senior editor 2020-09-23 [iT Wire]

Actors' Equity endorses Biden 2020-09-22 [Washington Post ]

Hollywood unions announce pandemic agreement 2020-09-22 [Irish News]

'A Silent Pandemic': Nurse at ICE Facility Blows the Whistle on Coronavirus Dangers 2020-09-22 [PSI]

School and Campus Workers Say: Not Until It's Safe 2020-09-21 [Labour Notes]

America Is Lagging Behind the World in Protecting Meat Workers 2020-09-21 [Bloomberg]

California ‘I’m so scared’: California nail salon workers face ruin as pandemic wears on 2020-09-20 [SFChronicle]

West Virginia Rally for Racial and Economic Justice set for eastern panhandle Sunday 2020-09-20 [Local DVM]

Illinois As they focused on others with COVID-19 and refused to walk away, Illinois health care workers bore the brunt of pandemic’s fury 2020-09-20 [Chicago Tribune]

New York NYC public school food workers say kitchens unsafe, fear kids return to school buildings 2020-09-20 [PIX]

With Justice Ginsburg’s death, workers’ rights are at the brink 2020-09-20 [Strike Wave]

Postal workers are catching COVID by the thousands. It’s one more threat to voting by mail 2020-09-20 [Salon]

4 Female Front-Line Workers On Being Pregnant In A Pandemic 2020-09-20 [Vogue]

Michigan More than 600K essential workers to get free college tuition under Futures for Frontliners program 2020-09-20 [WBKB]

Minnesota Spyhouse Coffee Workers Strike 2020-09-20 [CBS]

How older workers can prepare for job loss 2020-09-20 [Star Tribune]

Ginsburg One of America’s Greatest Jurists 2020-09-20 [AFL-CIO]

Workers Fear Cyborgs Will Steal Their Jobs By 2035 2020-09-20 [CBS]

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