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Nå kjemper lageransatte en historisk kamp mot giganten Amazon


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Nå kjemper lageransatte en historisk kamp mot giganten Amazon [Fri fagbevegelse] 2023-01-19

Alabama Hevder barnearbeid foregår i flere fabrikker [NRK] 2022-12-17

New York Storstreik i gigantavisen New York Times [Børsen/NTB] 2022-12-08

Kongressen avverger jernbanestreik [abc nyheter/NTB] 2022-12-02

Politikerne jobber for å stanse mulig jernbanestreik [Adressa/NTB] 2022-12-01

California Tidenes største streik i akademia [Khrono] 2022-11-18

Alabama Kullgruvearbeidere har streiket i 19 måneder [Klassekampen] 2022-11-16

Unngår enorm jernbanestreik [Nordre/NTB] 2022-09-15

Ansatte i Amazon må urinere på flasker [Børsen] 2021-04-04

Amazon-toppsjef Jeff Bezos slår tilbake [Børsen] 2021-04-17


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California Alta-Bates Summit nurses to hold strike in Oakland and Berkley 2023-12-23 [National Nurses United]

California The real aim of big tech’s layoffs: bringing workers to heel 2023-02-06 [LA Times]

Union from the start (You don't have to wait) 2023-02-06 [Labor Notes]

Minnesota Non-compete agreement leaves workers homeless and jobless 2023-02-06 [Labor Notes]

Illegal union-busting is outrageously common, this week in the war on workers 2023-02-06 [Daily Kos]

 VIDEO Illinois The 1937 Flint UWA GM Occupation, The Lessons & Relevance For Today 2023-02-05 [LVP]

How 'crunch' time and low pay are fuelling a union drive among video game workers 2023-02-05 [STA]

Arizona ‘A step in the right direction’: UA to increase minimum wage for staff, student workers in July 2023-02-05 [The Dailyu Wildcat]

Florida 32,000 Disney World workers reject $1 an hour pay raise, demand $3 an hour to deal with skyrocketing costs near Orlando 2023-02-04 [New York Times]

Ohio Beachwood REI store headed to union vote after walk-out 2023-02-04 [WCPN]

 VIDEO USA California ILWU10 To Shutdown Bay Area Ports On 2/16/23 To Free CWA-NABET Journalist & Prisoner Mumia Abu-jamal For more info 2023-02-04 [LVP]

 VIDEO USA California The Union Busting War On Apple Workers & NLRB Ruling For Fired Apple Worker Ashley M. Gjøvik For more info 2023-02-02 [LVP]

TikTok Bans Medieval Times Union Account Following Trademark Complaint 2023-02-01 [HuffPost]

Apple workplace rules violate U.S. labor law, agency finds 2023-02-01 [Saltwire]

Tennessee National Nurses United statement on Tyre Nicholls death and police practices 2023-02-01 [National Nurses United]

NLRB rules that Apple's 'business secrets' policy is really just union-busting 2023-01-31 [New York Times]

Ohio Teamsters approve new contract with City of Cleveland 2023-01-30 [Cleveland-19]

California UC intends to dock pay of workers who went on strike 2023-01-30 [CalMatters]

California UCLA Lab School Teachers Strike Over Unfair Labor Practices 2023-01-26 [LA Mag]

Pennsylvania The first newspaper strike of the digital age stretches into a new year 2023-01-26 [The Nieman Lab]

Florida Orange County Convention Center hospitality workers avoid potential strike, win big raises and pension in new contract 2023-01-26 [The Weekly]

Global With claims of mass workers shortages and layoffs in the US, we must read between the lines 2023-01-26 [Equal Times]

How to Work with Your Unionizing Employees 2023-01-25 [Harvard Business Review]

UFW Statement On Killings of Farm Workers in Half Moon Bay 2023-01-25 [UFW]

Going on Strike to Escape Video-Gaming Dystopia 2023-01-25 [Wash Post]

USA TECH ‘Robots are treated better’: Amazon warehouse workers stage first-ever strike in the UK 2023-01-25 [CNBC]

 VIDEO Wisconsin Details of contract between union workers and CNH released For more info 2023-01-25 [KCRG]

YouTube Illegally Uses Return-to-Office Push to Derail Union, Complaint Claims 2023-01-25 [Bloomberg]

Unions and Video Games: Gaming is a huge industry, and workers are trying to unionize 2023-01-25 [NYTimes]

Amazon Worker Who Led Alabama Union Drive Blames Corporate Retaliation for Firing 2023-01-25 [Democracy Now]

In confidential memo, Tres Secy Janet Yellen celebrated unemployment as a 'worker discipline' device 2023-01-25 [Intercept]

The Anniversary of Roe v. Wade Reminds Us that the Fight for Workers' Rights Continues 2023-01-25 [AFL-CIO]

Workers at World of Warcraft studio Proletariat withdraw union petition 2023-01-25 [Polygon]

The game studios changing the industry by unionizing 2023-01-25 [Polygon]

Texas Texas workers file thousands of wage theft claims but recouping money proves difficult 2023-01-25 [CBS DFW]

California Half Moon Bay Mass Shooting: Impact on Our Farm Workers 2023-01-25 [NBC Bay Area]

Minnesota Minnesota House Backs Extended Jobless Pay for Mine Workers 2023-01-25 [Lakeland PBS]

California Janitors and home care workers demand better pay, labor protections from county 2023-01-25 [San Diego Union-Tribune]

India Mississippi Sold an American Dream, these workers from India wound up living a nightmare 2023-01-25 [NPR]

Working from home saves employees 2 hours a week in commute time, and they’re spending it in ways CEOs don’t expect 2023-01-25 [Fortune]

Walmart to raise minimum wage for U.S. hourly workers to $14 2023-01-25 [Reuters]

Nurses to rally nationwide for safe staffing 2023-01-24 [National Nurses United]

Union membership grows by 273,000 despite illegal corporate union-busting 2023-01-24 [AFL-CIO]

Illinois 'We Won!' UIC Faculty Suspend Strike After Notching Salary Boosts in Tentative Deal 2023-01-23 [Comon Dreams]

USA A Stronger Amazon Labour Union Means a Stronger CUPW 2023-01-23 [CUPW]

Laid-off Silicon Valley workers are panic-selling their start-up shares as valuations plummet — here are 3 top tech stocks for 2023 that actually make money 2023-01-22 [MoneyWise]

California Davis, California: Baristas Form First Unionized Peet's Coffee in US With Help From Starbucks Workers 2023-01-22 [Common Dreams]

How Restaurant Workers Help Pay for Lobbying to Keep Their Wages Low: Meet the Nat'l Restaurant Ass'n 2023-01-22 [New York Times]

Maine author delays book publication to support striking editors 2023-01-22 [The Daily News]

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