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Strippere fagorganiserer seg [Radio Haugalandet/NTB] 2023-05-19

Storstreik i Hollywood [Dagsavisen] 2023-05-02

Her streiker de for første gang i universitetets 257 år lange historie [Khrono] 2023-05-01

Manusforfattere streiker [TV 2] 2023-04-18

Google sparket 12000 ansatte via e-post [Dagsavisen] 2023-03-21

Vil styrke kvinners deltagelse i amerikansk arbeidsliv [Fri fagbevegelse] 2023-03-08

Fagforeninger ber Equinor bytte advokatfirma [E24] 2023-03-03

Equinor: Tar sterk avstand fra kurs i fagforenings­unngåelse [E24] 2023-02-24

Næringsministeren vil ha svar fra Equinor om bruk av fagforeningsfiendtlig advokatfirma [E24] 2023-02-23

Equinor hyret advokatfirma som holder kurs i å hindre fagorganisering [E24] 2023-02-22


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Tell your legislators: Stand With Workers! 2023-06-03 [CWA D1]

New York Report warns of danger of long hours for LIRR track workers For more info 2023-06-03 [Trains]

Wisconsin Workers at State Street Starbucks win unionization election 2023-06-02 [UW-Madison Badger Herald]

Washington In blow to unions, Supreme Court rules Glacier Northwest can pursue strike damage claim 2023-06-02 [NBC]

Texas Ascension Seton nurses overwhelmingly vote to strike following months of no deal on union contract 2023-06-02 [KVUE]

New York MTA reaches tentative agreement with subway, bus workers 2023-06-02 [Trains]

Washington Supreme Court rules against union in labor dispute involving truck drivers and wet concrete 2023-06-02 [FOX]

New York Union of Musicians and Allied Workers Leads Fair Pay at SXSW Rally in NY 2023-06-02 [Pitchfork]

Hawaii HI Gas union workers strike could affect residents and businesses statewide 2023-06-02 [KITV]

In Contested CWA Election: Can a Worker Fired for Organizing Become National Union President? 2023-06-02 [Counter Punch]

Activision Blizzard CEO denies culture of harassment and blames unions for company problems 2023-06-02 [The Verge]

UPS is Failing Women Workers. Can a Contract Change That? 2023-06-02 [In These Times]

SAG-AFTRA, Teamsters, IATSE, Writers Guild Issue Joint Statement in Solidarity with Directors Guild of America 2023-06-02 [IATSE]

I’m on Strike With the W.G.A. I Owe My Father at Least That Much. 2023-06-01 [New York Times]

New York Union Cleaning Workers in New York City Sue Twitter Over Back Pay 2023-06-01 [Insurance Journal] 2023-06-01 [Bleeding Cool]

Nearly 2,000 Amazon workers to walk out after return to office 2023-06-01 [ABC]

Illinois Unions can help reduce violence in Chicago with apprenticeships and jobs 2023-06-01 [The Tribune]

Workers and Activists Force Dollar General to Address Workplace Safety Issues 2023-06-01 [More Perfect Union]

Amazon Workers Walk Out Over Layoffs and Broken Climate Promises 2023-06-01 [Wired]

CEOs got smaller raises. It would still take a typical worker two lifetimes to make their annual pay 2023-06-01 [AP]

California California drivers and warehouse workers join strikes against Sysco in Indiana and Kentucky 2023-05-31 [WSWS]

New York Farmworker report gives insight into wage theft, workplace injuries 2023-05-31 [Spectrum]

Connecticut EMS union backs no-confidence vote after overwhelming rejection of contract offer 2023-05-31 [EMS1]

New York Twitter NYC cleaning workers sue over firings they say spoiled Christmas holidays 2023-05-31 [WRAL]

Abuse, overtime and misconduct: why the video game industry needs unions 2023-05-31 [Dazed]

What Happens to the Workplace When the Workers Become the Bosses? 2023-05-31 [Metropolis]

Remote Work Gives Amazon Workers a Common Cause 2023-05-31 [NYTimes]

Unions say U.S. labor rule violate international law 2023-05-31 [Retail Wire]

USA Hoffman: The ILO must recognize US-style union busting as fundamental rights violation 2023-05-31 [UNI Global Union]

Washington Seattle Amazon workers plan walkout Wednesday over layoffs, return-to-office mandate 2023-05-31 [KIRO]

We Asked Workers Why They’re Not Coming Back to the Office: Terrible commutes. Expensive child care. Employees explain why they will keep working from home 2023-05-31 [WSJrnl]

Workers are feeling grim about their retirement prospects, study finds 2023-05-30 [Yahoo Finance]

Workers' mental health takes a dive, survey finds 2023-05-30 [Yahoo Finance]

Tech workers are sick of the grind. Some are on the search for low-stress jobs. 2023-05-30 [Business Insider]

Historic gains: Low-income workers scored in the Covid economy 2023-05-29 [Politico]

Women’s basketball Is raking in more cash than ever, but the players aren’t 2023-05-28 [Bloomberg]

 VIDEO California LA Striking Writers and S. Cal Workers Fed Up! They Speak Out About Billionaires & Attacks On Labor For more info 2023-05-28 [LVP]

There's one big reason why workers don't want to go back to the office 5 days a week: Commuting 2023-05-28 [Insider]

Workers are feeling grim about their retirement prospects, study finds For more info 2023-05-28 [Yahoo]

Atlanta Fed: Undocumented Workers Have 'Negligible Impact' On Wages For more info 2023-05-28 [LexisNexis]

California $363K in back wages, damages recovered for 125 San Diego construction workers 2023-05-28 [FOX]

'Target doesn't have a spine': Workers slam retailer's decision to pull LGBTQ Pride-themed products amid backlash 2023-05-28 [Morning Star]

California 'Hot labor summer': Los Angeles unions back Hollywood writers 2023-05-28 [Reuters]

Nevada Nurses and Healthcare Workers From HCA’s Sunrise, MountainView and Southern Hills Hospitals to Hold “Speak Out for Safe Staffing and Quality Care” 2023-05-28 [SEIU 1107]

Washington Seattle Amazon Workers Plan Walkout Over Return to Office, Climate Concerns 2023-05-28 [Slashdot]

California ‘Hot labour summer’: Los Angeles unions back Hollywood writers 2023-05-28 [CyprusMail]

California Stand Up Fight Back! LA Strike Wave As Writers Guild Rally & Other Unions Prepare To Strike 2023-05-28 [Indybay]

Connecticut Group home workers continue to strike outside Governor Lamont’s home 2023-05-28 [WFSB]

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