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Hollywood-streiken: Skuespillerne og studioene gjenopptar dialogen

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New York Cornell to end partnership with Starbucks by June 2025 2023-09-30 [The Cornell Daily Sun]

USA Ontario Three strikes: Why today’s labour movements will be studied for years 2023-09-29 [McMaster]

White House estimates 3.5M federal workers will go without pay in government shutdown: Two million of them will be military 2023-09-29 [ABC]

Twenty-Five Thousand Auto Workers Are Now on Strike at the Big 3 2023-09-29 [Labor Notes]

VIDEO  BREAKING: LIVE From UAW Strike at GM in Lansing Michigan 2023-09-29 [Status Coup News]

Michigan What happened the last time a major UAW strike came to Lansing? 2023-09-29 [WLNS]

Tennessee UAW strike: Spring Hill GM autoworkers awaiting call to join walk outs 2023-09-29 [The Tennessean]

UAW Strike: Lansing’s Delta assembly plant union employees on strike 2023-09-29 [WLNS]

VIDEO  4,600 UAW members at Ford's Chicago assembly plant join strike 2023-09-29 [CBS Chicago]

VIDEO  UAW President Shawn Fain Livestream Update 9/29/23 2023-09-29 [UAW International]

United Auto Workers strikes spread as 7,000 more workers at two plants join the picket line 2023-09-29 [AP]

UAW reveals newest strike locations at GM and Ford amid ongoing fight with Detroit's Big Three 2023-09-29 [NBC]

UAW expands strike at Ford and GM, but Stellantis spared additional pain 2023-09-29 [Reuters]

U.A.W. Expands Strikes at Ford and G.M. 2023-09-29 [New York Times]

UAW announces more walkouts at Ford, GM 2023-09-29 [Politico]

Pennsylvania RAs at University of Pennsylvania vote to organize with OPEIU 2023-09-29 [New York Times]

Massachusetts Woman set to lead MA AFL-CIO for first time 2023-09-29 [The Globe]

Starbucks Illegally Kept Wages, Benefits From Union Workers 2023-09-29 [Bloomberg]

New York Elise Bryant – President, Coalition of Labor Union Women 2023-09-29 [The Amsterdam News]

VIDEO California SF Labor Community RallyTo Defend Community Space at Labor Redstone Building For more info 2023-09-29 [LVP]

Michigan Signs touting ‘auto workers for Trump’ at Michigan rally found to be fake – report 2023-09-28 [Guardian]

California Academy Museum Workers Ratify First Union Contract 2023-09-28 [Hyperallergic]

UAW workers on picket line get show of support from President Biden 2023-09-28 [AFSCME]

California California’s fast-food workers win fight for $20 hourly pay and industry council 2023-09-28 [Guardian]

New York Judge Affirms Pay Raise for Food Delivery Workers in New York 2023-09-28 [NYTimes]

California New California law raises minimum wage for fast food workers to $20 per hour, among nation's highest 2023-09-28 [ABC]

2023 UAW strike locations: Here's where autoworkers are picketing 2023-09-28 [CBS News]

UAW President Shawn Fain to provide strike update at 10 a.m. Friday 2023-09-28 [CBS News]

5 takeaways as the UAW strike captures the political stage 2023-09-28 [Detroit Free Press]

UAW President Fain says automakers are enabling attacks & hiring scabs; Stellantis ‘appalled’ by claims 2023-09-28 [Fox 2 Detroit]

VIDEO  Hometowns 2023-09-28 [UAW International]

VIDEO  Corporate Violence 2023-09-28 [UAW International]

‘Let me be blunt’: UAW VP for GM has strong words about Trump’s visit to Michigan 2023-09-28 [Detroit Free Press]

UAW could expand strikes at Detroit Three on Friday 2023-09-28 [Reuters]

UAW President Fain says automakers are enabling attacks & hiring scabs; Stellantis ‘appalled’ by claims 2023-09-28 [Fox 2 Detroit]

VIDEO  UAW set to announce more strike targets on Friday morning 2023-09-28 [WXYZ]

VIDEO  UAW strike day 13: Union sets new Friday deadline 2023-09-28 [WDIV]

UAW Aims For At Least 30% Wage Bump to Woo New Members 2023-09-28 [Bloomberg]

California Manga publisher Seven Seas 'has not expressed any enthusiasm' for its employees union, according to the union itself 2023-09-28 [Popverse]

California An inside look at graduate student unionization 2023-09-28 [The Daily]

What does the UAW strike have in common with this year’s wave of labor action? 3 experts explain 2023-09-28 [PBS]

USA EU leaders should join Biden on picket lines 2023-09-28 [ETUC]

Hollywood-streiken: Skuespillerne og studioene gjenopptar dialogen 2023-09-28 [abc nyheter/NTB]

Ekspert om bilstreiken: Et sjokkerende lønnsgap 2023-09-27 [Dagsavisen]

California SAG-AFTRA members vote yes to authorize video game strike 2023-09-27 [Game Informer]

What Will Happen If Congress Shuts Down the Government? For more info 2023-09-27 [AFGE]

Trump is trying to bamboozle union workers; he won’t succeed 2023-09-27 [The Hill]

Auto Workers Aren't Striking Only For Higher Wages. They Want Their Pensions Back, Too 2023-09-27 [Bloomberg]

Michigan 5 workers picketing in UAW strike hit by vehicle outside Flint-area plant 2023-09-27 [WZZM]

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