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Kentucky Miners' pay protest grows where 'Bloody Harlan' labor wars once raged 2019-08-19 [NY Times]

Yes, We Can Have a $20 Minimum Wage — And More 2019-08-19 [Jacobin]

Delaware State fines asbestos firm, months after union protested demolition at shuttered GM plant 2019-08-19 [DE Online]

I was skeptical of unions. Then I joined one 2019-08-19 [Vox]

Massachusetts Unions key to driving Worcester’s resurgence 2019-08-19 [Telegram]

Nevada Union’s voice helps all workers 2019-08-19 [Las Vegas Sun]

Workers of the (gig) world, unite! 2019-08-19 [Globe and Mail]

Georgia Stampede of workers flee business in fear of ICE raids 2019-08-19 [PIX11]

America as a Company Town: Royal Dutch Shell Workers in Pennsylvania Coerced to Show Up for Trump 2019-08-19 [Common Dreams]

In New Lawsuit , AFGE Argues Impasses Panel's Recent Decisions Are Illegitimate 2019-08-19 [Gov Exec]

Another Union Sues to Block Trump Workforce Orders 2019-08-19 [Gov Exec]

Pennsylvania Shell-ansatte trukket i lønn om de ikke deltok på valgmøte med Trump 2019-08-18 [Dagsavisen]

Pennsylvania Workers at Shell’s Trump event had to attend or lose pay 2019-08-18 [Quartz]

Levi, Wrangler to deal with abuse in factories 2019-08-18 [City Press]

Louisiana News Secunda in Louisiana: A black community decimated by a Sasol petrochemical plant 2019-08-18 [City Press]

California RNs at Chinese Hospital in SF vote to join CNA/NNU 2019-08-18 [NNU]

Sara Nelson: 'Solidarity is a force stronger than gravity 2019-08-18 [Jacobin]

'There Is a Real Crisis': Domestic Workers Are In High Demand, but the Jobs Have Few Protections and Little Pay 2019-08-17 [Money]

Pennsylvania Trump's large union crowd at Shell was given the option of not showing up — and not getting paid 2019-08-17 [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]

This industry’s workers are the lowest-paid 2019-08-17 [Biz Women]

Trump Administration Asks Supreme Court To Legalize Firing Transgender Workers 2019-08-17 [Huff Post]

Mississippi Chicago’s Koch Foods, whose Mississippi plant was raided by ICE, had history of ‘knowingly hiring and employing illegal aliens' 2019-08-17 [Chicago Tribune]

Undocumented Workers Provide Employers With Little Risk, Large Reward 2019-08-17 [Newsweek]

Construction workers prepare to battle former ally Trump 2019-08-17 [Politico]

Oregon USW members ratify new contract at Cascade Steel 2019-08-17 [nwLaborPress]

How Democrats can win back workers in 2020 2019-08-17 [Indian Country Today]

Democratic Socialists look to take over New York's powerful labor unions 2019-08-17 [Politico]

California Breaking: Forestville teachers win 2019-08-16 [CA Educator]

Labor Dept. moves to expand religion exemption for hiring and firing 2019-08-16 [NY Times]

The answer to burn out at work isn’t 'self-care'—It’s unionizing 2019-08-16 [Common Dreams]

Labour standards in the US and Canada 2019-08-16 [Oats for Breakfast]

Trump Labor Dept. Moves to Expand Religion Exemption for Hiring and Firing 2019-08-16 [NYTimes]

Government urged not to sell out UK food workers as ‘chlorinated chicken threatens jobs’, warns Unite 2019-08-15 [Unite the union]

Indiana Explosion at northwestern Indiana business injures 3 workers 2019-08-15 [Albany Times Union]

Massachusetts Dining workers mark end of Hampshire contract 2019-08-15 [Daily Hampshire Gazette]

Appeals court won’t allow agencies to immediately enforce Trump workforce executive orders 2019-08-15 [Fed News Ntwk]

Steven Greenhouse: Valuing corporations over workers has led to America’s income inequality problem 2019-08-15 [Guardian]

Oregon Burgerville Workers Union Launches Strike As Negotiations Break Down 2019-08-15 []

 VIDEO California Fired UESF Teacher Margaret Reyes Calls Out Bullying, PAR & Discrimination By SFUSD Bd and Superintendent Matthews For more info 2019-08-15 [LVP]

California Kaiser Union Workers Authorizing Potential Strike 2019-08-15 [KSRO]

Missouri TMC tech and lab workers push for unionization 2019-08-15 [Kansas City Biz Jrnl]

Trump Loses Bid to Expedite Revival of Anti-Union Orders 2019-08-15 [Courthouse News Service]

CEO Compensation Has Risen 940 Percent Since 1978, But Worker Compensation Has Only Increased 12 Percent 2019-08-15 [Newsweek]

Union Workers See Decline of Bonus Payments in Contracts 2019-08-15 [Bloomberg]

Trump Justice Department Moves To Decertify Union That Represents U.S. Immigration Judges 2019-08-15 [WUWM]

GE secures four-year labor deal with unions for 6,600 workers 2019-08-15 [KFGO]

Ocasio-Cortez knocks Barstool Sports founder over threat to fire unionizing workers 2019-08-15 [The Hill]

Caviar employees claim DoorDash and Square are mistreating them over acquisition offers 2019-08-15 [Verge]

Labor Reporter Steven Greenhouse: How Dems were complicit in union decline 2019-08-15 [The Hill]

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