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Unngår enorm jernbanestreik [Nordre/NTB] 2022-09-15

Ansatte i Amazon må urinere på flasker [Børsen] 2021-04-04

Amazon-toppsjef Jeff Bezos slår tilbake [Børsen] 2021-04-17

Direktørlønn på 34 millioner kan gi tidenes sykepleierstreik [Fri fagbevegelse] 2022-08-31

Tiktok-stjerner boikotter Amazon [abc nyheter/NTB] 2022-08-24

New York Starbucks-ansatte får tariffavtale for første gang [VG] 2021-12-09

Google-ansatte starter selskapets første fagforening [E24] 2021-01-04

Fagforbundet for kullgruvearbeidere støtter Bidens klimaplan [E24/NTB] 2021-04-20

På innsiden av Google-opprøret [E24] 2021-01-23

Fagbevegelsen ett skritt nærmere en revolusjon [Fri fagbevegelse] 2021-03-11


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Oklahoma GOP Senator Lankford targets NEA's charter 2022-09-26 [OK City Sentinel]

Hurricane Fiona disaster relief available 2022-09-26 [SAG-AFTRA]

California Teamsters' Women's Conference concludes in Seattle 2022-09-26 [International Brotherhood of Teamsters]

AFL-CIO, Chris Gardner Foundation join forces to give students life-changing job opportunities 2022-09-26 [AFL-CIO]

Ohio Garfield Heights Teachers’ Association unanimously votes to authorize 10-day strike notice 2022-09-25 [WOIO-TV]

Pennsylvania 'Bro, How Do I Fix This?': Home Depot Workers Form Independent Union 2022-09-25 [Labour Notes]

Massachusetts Strikers on their 60th day on Comm. Ave. 2022-09-25 [The Free Press]

Pennsylvania Home Depot Workers Want To Form Its First Store Union 2022-09-24 [Huff Post]

Union seeks representation election for 3,000 JetBlue ground workers 2022-09-24 [Reuters]

US healthcare workers walk off the job: 14 strikes in 2022 2022-09-24 [Becker's Hosp Rev]

Union seeks representation election for 3,000 JetBlue ground workers 2022-09-24 [Saltwire]

National Nurses United applauds Consumer Financial Protection Bureau on investigation into exploitative training repayment agreement provisions 2022-09-23 [National Nurses United]

Maine Maine Med nurses vote overwhelmingly to ratify first union contract 2022-09-23 [National Nurses United]

UMWA supports Energy Independence and Security Act, calls for inclusion in CR 2022-09-23 [UMWA]

NLRB accuses Amazon of singling out union organizers for puneishment, dismissal 2022-09-22 [New York Times]

Pennsylvania Home Depot workers petition the federal labor board to form 1st store-wide union 2022-09-22 [PBS]

 VIDEO  Workers Plan to Renovate Home Depot with a union 2022-09-22 [More Perfect Union]

Workers Plan to Renovate Home Depot with a union 2022-09-22 [More Perfect Union]

 VIDEO  Ripped off by Wells Fargo? This union has your back 2022-09-22 [Daily Kos]

NFLPA quietly seeks to oust executive director DeMaurice Smith 2022-09-21 [New York Times]

Pennsylvania Home Depot Workers File Union Petition in Philadelphia 2022-09-21 [Bloomberg]

New York Starbucks urged by city pension funds to order labor rights audit 2022-09-21 [Crain's NY Biz]

Actors' Equity Association Organizes Lecturers at the Griffith Observatory Planetarium 2022-09-21 [Broadway World]

Alabama NLRB revises damages calculations in Warrior Met strike 2022-09-20 [UMWA]

San Quentin Is Still Punishing People for Being Sick 2022-09-20 [Am Prospect]

While Fighting Workers, Railroads Made Over $10 Billion in Stock Buybacks 2022-09-20 [Common Dreams]

Workers' Rights Amendment: What's in it and how Democrats and Republicans are sizing it up 2022-09-20 [Daily Herald]

Bosses Are Winning The Battle To Get Workers Back To The Office 2022-09-20 [Forbes]

Research shows that salary range transparency helps close wage gaps 2022-09-20 [NWLC]

 VIDEO USA Indiana WorkWeek Fort Wayne Ind UAW 2209 Member Mike Turner Runs For UAW VP & Corruption For more info 2022-09-20 [WW]

Deal averting railroad strike has potential to fall apart 2022-09-19 [The Hill]

Next up for US unions: Major contracts for 700,000 workers 2022-09-19 [WREX]

Death on a train: A tragedy that helped fuel the railroad showdown 2022-09-18 [The Post]

Beaten Down, Worked Up: The past, present, and future of American Labor 2022-09-17 [Steven Greenhouse]

The rail strike that wasn't 2022-09-17 [The Week]

Everything you need to know about the averted rail strike 2022-09-17 [Wash Post]

Life Under the Algorithm: How a relentless speedup is reshaping the working class 2022-09-17 [TNR]

Minnesota Employers seeing ‘renewed interest’ in labor unions this year 2022-09-16 [Fox]

Massachusetts Starbucks demands union strikers move on 60th day of stakeout, protest ensues 2022-09-16 [The Free Press]

Maine Maine med nurses reach final agreement on historic first union contract 2022-09-16 [National Nurses United]

Minor League Baseball Union a historic victory that strengtens the sport and our movement 2022-09-16 [AFL-CIO]

Teamsters statement on tentative rail agreement 2022-09-15 [International Brotherhood of Teamsters]

 VIDEO USA Nevada US Rail Workers Fed Up & On Verge Of National Strike Over Working Conditions, Health & Safety For more info 2022-09-15 [LVP]

Ohio Cleveland Teachers Union raises concerns about Bibb boosting support for charter schools 2022-09-15 [WCPN]

Unngår enorm jernbanestreik 2022-09-15 [Nordre/NTB]

Railroad Unions and Companies Reach a Tentative Deal to Avoid a Strike 2022-09-15 [NYTimes]

California How California’s Heat Wave Impacts America’s Food Supply 2022-09-14 [TakeOut]

 VIDEO USA California Terrorism, Racism & Union Busting Against SEIU1021 SF General Hospital Workers By CCSF HR/DPH & Mayor For more info 2022-09-14 [LVP]

Ohio Ohio Supreme Court overturns 'targeted picketing' ban which barred unions from picketing at homes, workplaces of public officials 2022-09-14 [WEWS-TV]

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