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Pennsylvania Sanders rides the bus Downtown with UPMC worker to talk about health care 2019-12-15 [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]

Mexico objects to labor enforcement provision in North American trade deal 2019-12-15 [Reuters]

New York McNally Jackson Independent Booksellers’ Workers Opt to Join Union 2019-12-15 [Publishing Perspectives]

Alabama Court says workers can’t sue over blocked minimum wage boost 2019-12-15 [Wichita Eagle]

Wyoming 31 Blackjewel workers still owed $164,000 2019-12-15 [Telegraph]

Ohio Positive move: GM battery plant will hire 1,100 workers in Ohio 2019-12-15 [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]

Kansas Topeka paying up to $15,000 for workers to move there 2019-12-15 [WSB-TV]

Postal Pay Cuts Provoked a General Strike in Finland. US Postal Workers Deserve the Same Solidarity 2019-12-15 [Common Dreams]

Older Workers Are Being Pushed Out of Their Jobs, and It's a Problem 2019-12-15 [Motley Fool]

Washington Three big changes should benefit Washington workers beginning next year 2019-12-15 [Seattle Times]

Connecticut Hundreds of cleaning workers vote to authorize strike 2019-12-15 [Bradenton Herald]

Mississippi Nissan faces safety fine in Mississippi as union rally looms 2019-12-15 [Spring Hill Insider]

Nevada AT&T workers end their strike in California and Nevada 2019-12-15 [Stock Daily Dish]

About 1,800 union workers at Boeing accept voluntary buyouts in latest round of cuts 2019-12-15 [Spring Hill Insider]

Why Tesla‘s fight with auto union workers may be felt beyond Silicon Valley 2019-12-15 [Denton Daily]

Candidates threaten to boycott Democratic debate in LA over labor dispute 2019-12-15 [Indiana Gazette]

Challenger Schleuss wins re-run election for president of NewsGuild 2019-12-15 [CWA Canada]

Ohio City of Cleveland loses fight to withhold PTSD treatment from EMS workers 2019-12-14 [WOIO-TV]

California Sanders and Warren pledge to skip next debate if the alternative is crossing a picket line 2019-12-13 [Daily Kos]

McDonald’s Has Friends in High Places in High-Stakes Labor Fight 2019-12-12 [Insurance Jrnl]

Nearly 20% of workers illegally fired for union activity: report 2019-12-12 [Yahoo!]

Unions sceptical Trump trade pact will add the promised 76,000 jobs 2019-12-12 [NY Times]

 VIDEO California Emergency Life & Death Staffing Crisis At SFGH: SEIU1021 Nurses Speak At SF Board of Supervisors For more info 2019-12-12 [LVP]

Pete Buttigieg on Bernie Sanders: In high school, he wrote a prizewinning essay praising Bernie 2019-12-12 [Jacobin]

Massachusetts 'The Gig Academy': What’s Driving Union Organizing In The Ivory Tower? 2019-12-12 [WGBH]

Your Rights At Work: How To Review Pay Stubs And Protect Yourself From Wage Theft 2019-12-12 [WAMU]

Freelancers still opposing misclassification bill: Independent workers fear codifying regulation would cost them their livelihoods 2019-12-12 [NJ Globe]

House Approves Right to Earn Legal Status For Undocumented Farm Workers 2019-12-12 [UFW]

How robots are transforming Amazon warehouse jobs — for better and worse 2019-12-12 [Vox]

Workers’ Boards: Frequently Asked Questions 2019-12-12 [Ctr4AmProgress]

Federal Workers Poised To Get 12 Weeks Paid Parental Leave 2019-12-12 [NPR]

The Climate Crisis and the White Working Class: Does it really matter to these swing voters? You bet it does 2019-12-12 [Am Prospect]

Trump NLRB Reopens ‘Micro Unit’ Case Years After Union Election Win 2019-12-12 [Bloomberg]

The New Union Label: Female, Progressive and Very Anti-Trump 2019-12-12 [Politico]

Why a bipartisan trade deal finally passed Congress amid all the impeachment ruckus 2019-12-12 [Mic]

New York Manhattan hotel workers ‘traumatized’ after new boss fires them for union push 2019-12-12 [NYDaily News]

Congress reaches deal on paid parental leave for government employees 2019-12-11 [NBC]

Warren Pivots When Asked By Worried Union Workers If Their Negotiated Coverage Will Be Protected 2019-12-11 [KHM]

Virginia Metro Agrees To 4-Year Deal With Union Workers That Could End Privatization Efforts 2019-12-11 [WAMU]

New York State AFL-CIO Launches Digital Ad Backing Reclassification Of Gig Workers 2019-12-11 [State of Politics]

Pelosi: USMCA is a victory for America’s workers 2019-12-11 [FOX]

California UCSC Workers Withholding Final Grades During Strike 2019-12-11 [NBC]

Food service is grueling work -- so more and more wokers are organizing 2019-12-11 [Eater]

US workers could forfeit a record number of vacation days this year 2019-12-11 [CNBC]

Amazon warehouse workers say they’re doing “back-breaking” work without paid time off 2019-12-11 [Recode]

Half of U.S. businesses make workers sign noncompete agreements 2019-12-11 [CBS]

Wisconsin Willy Street Co-op's new union seeks support in uphill battle 2019-12-11 [Tone Madison]

Massachusetts As Pickets Continue, Some Student Workers Have Declined to Strike 2019-12-11 [Harvard Crimson]

Pennsylvania Philly’s Einstein Medical Center spent $1.1 million on ‘union avoidance.’ It isn’t alone 2019-12-11 [Phila Inquirer]

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