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California Tidenes største streik i akademia [Khrono] 2022-11-18

California Uber & co. satser to milliarder kroner for å vinne folkeavstemning [Fri fagbevegelse] 2020-10-26

California Uber & Co. satset milliarder på å knuse arbeidstakernes rettigheter – og vant [Fri fagbevegelse] 2020-11-06

California Ansatte til sak mot Activision Blizzard - driver fagforeningsknusing [Pressfire] 2021-09-15


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Labor News: UAW Ramps Up Strike; Kaiser Permanente Health Workers Inch Closer to Major Strike 2023-10-02 [Democracy Now]

United Auto Workers union reaches tentative deal on 5-year contract with Mack Trucks 2023-10-02 [CBS News]

UAW strike day 17: Negotiations continue in third week of targeted walkouts 2023-10-02 [The Detroit News]

Here's a UAW strike math lesson for Detroit 3 execs | Letters to the Editor 2023-10-02 [Detroit Free Press]

Mack Trucks Reaches Tentative Deal With Auto Workers Union To Avoid Strike 2023-10-02 [Forbes]

UAW strike day 16: Fain visits Toledo Jeep picket line 2023-10-02 [WTOL 11]

 VIDEO  UAW walkouts expand amid possible strike in health care industry 2023-10-02 [Today]

 VIDEO  Solidarity Convoy 2023-10-02 [UAW International]

UAW strike update: 25K union members walking picket lines after strike expands to more GM, Ford plants 2023-10-02 [Fox 2 Detroit]

Striking UAW members say they want benefits they gave up in 2007-2009 back: What they lost 2023-10-02 [Detroit Free Press]

UAW strike day 16: Fain warns members not to let automaker messaging divide them 2023-10-02 [The Detroit News]

GM furloughs another 160 workers due to UAW strike 2023-10-02 [Reuters]

I walked the UAW picket line. Everyone should see what I saw. 2023-10-02 [MSNBC]

“Your Body Suffers”: The Unremarkable Pain of an Auto-Assembly-Line Worker 2023-10-02 [The Nation]

The International Longshore and Warehouse Union Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection 2023-10-02 [ILWU]

 VIDEO California GM Cruise Worker Rodrigo Sandoval Speaks Out On Robo Taxis & Execs: Threat To Workers & The People! For more info 2023-10-02 [LVP]

Kaiser Permanente workers prep for possibility of largest health care strike in US history 2023-10-02 [The Hill]

75,000 Kaiser Permanente health-care workers in California, Oregon, Colorado, Virginia, Washington state and DC prepare to strike 2023-10-01 [Washington Post]

California Gov Newsom rejects a bill to give unemployment checks to striking workers 2023-10-01 [WQLN]

Three strikes: Why today’s labour movements will be studied for years 2023-10-01 [Brighter World]

Judge Tosses Medieval Times' Trademark Lawsuit Against Union 2023-10-01 [Huff Post]

America is on strike. Here’s the progress unions have made 2023-10-01 [WSIL]

America is on strike. Here’s the progress unions have made 2023-10-01 [CNN]

Michigan Detroit Casino Union Members Overwhelmingly Vote To Authorize a Strike 2023-10-01 [Messenger]

United Auto Workers union expands strikes 2023-10-01 [CNN]

California 2 Bay Area unions vote to join Kaiser workers in planned Oct. strike 2023-10-01 [CBS]

As striking SAG-AFTRA returns to negotiations, Fran Drescher is in the lead role 2023-10-01 [Fast Company]

California Housekeepers won’t get work safety protections after another Newsom veto 2023-10-01 [The Times]

Actors strike: SAG-AFTRA congratuates WAGon tentative deal, urges studios to return to table with actors 2023-10-01 [Deadline]

US autoworkers expanding strike at Ford, General Motors 2023-10-01 [Al-Jazeerah]

Nevada Las Vegas hospitality workers vote for strike against hotels, casinos 2023-10-01 [Culinary Union]

NLRB judge: Starbucks violated labor law in offering pay raises, benefits to nonunion workers 2023-09-30 [The Hill]

California Unpaid 15-year-old Subway workers were threatened when they asked for wages, feds say 2023-09-30 [Sacbee]

Alabama ZF workers in Alabama mark 10-days on strike 2023-09-30 [UAW]

Illinois UAW expands stand-up strike against General Motors and Ford at noon Eastern 2023-09-30 [UAW]

Donald Trump's catastrophic and devastating anti-labour track record 2023-09-30 [AFL-CIO]

AFL-CIO president Liz Schuler on the passing of Senator Dianne Feinstein 2023-09-30 [AFL-CIO]

The United Auto Workers Strike Is the Latest GOP Culture War Talking Point 2023-09-30 [Inside Climate News]

Amazon’s warehouse wage woes: new study exposes severe pay discrepancies 2023-09-30 [UNI]

Writers’ strike over, members to vote on historic deal 2023-09-30 [UNI]

U.S. Federal Trade Commission and 17 States Sue Amazon for Monopoly Practices 2023-09-30 [UNI]

NLRB: Amazon violated national agreement on protecting workers' rights 2023-09-30 [Bloomberg]

California Tesla sued by US agency over alleged harassment of Black factory workers in Fremont 2023-09-30 [Reuters]


United Auto Workers strikes spread as 7,000 more workers at two plants join the picket line 2023-09-30 [Rochester First]

 VIDEO California Government Shutdown: An Attack On All Workers! Gilbert Galam AFGE1230 TSA Worker & Leader Speaks Out For more info 2023-09-30 [LVP]

New York Cornell to end partnership with Starbucks by June 2025 2023-09-30 [The Cornell Daily Sun]

Ytterligere 7000 bilarbeidere legger ned arbeidet 2023-09-29 [Dagsavisen/NTB]

Ontario Three strikes: Why today’s labour movements will be studied for years 2023-09-29 [McMaster]

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