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Partene i Hollywood-streiken møtes denne uken


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Partene i Hollywood-streiken møtes denne uken [NRK] 2023-09-19

Storstreik i bilindustrien [NRK] 2023-09-15

Storstreik truer i bilindustrien [E24/NTB] 2023-09-12

Varsler mulig streik for skuespillere i spillbransjen [Gamer] 2023-09-04

Hollywood-streiken har kostet California over 50 milliarder kroner [E24] 2023-09-02

Hva betyr skuespillerstreiken for oss? [Rushprint] 2023-08-16

Fagforeningene i film- og tv-bransjen kjemper mot sterke krefter [Klassekampen] 2023-08-05

UPS-sjåførene truet med gigantstreik. Nå kan de tjene over en million i året [Fri fagbevegelse] 2023-07-26

160.000 skuespillere er tatt ut i streik [NRK] 2023-07-13

Skuespillere i Hollywood varsler streik over KI [abc nyheter] 2023-07-11


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Ontario Different approaches in auto talks leads to deal in Canada first 2023-09-21 [Detroit News]

Nær en løsning på manusforfatter-streiken i Hollywood 2023-09-21 [abc nyheter/NTB]

 VIDEO California Teamsters & CA Labor Fighting Gov Newsom On AI Robo Trucks & Future of Labor in Sacramento For more info 2023-09-21 [LVP]

Kansas General Motors idles auto plant, sending 2,000 workers home 2023-09-20 [NBC]

4 key demands in UAW auto strike 2023-09-20 [NPR]

Minnesota Unions work to connect construction workers with mental health care 2023-09-20 [NPR]

 VIDEO California Stop Robo Trucks! IBT At CA Capitol Demand That Gov. Newsom Sign AB316: Some Say 'Fuck Gavin Newsom” For more info 2023-09-20 [LVP]

Partene i Hollywood-streiken møtes denne uken 2023-09-19 [NRK]

United Auto Workers threaten to expand targeted strike 2023-09-19 [AP]

United Auto Workers on strike for share of profits 2023-09-18 [IndustriALL]

NUMSA allies itself with US auto workers out on strike at 3 big car makers 2023-09-18 [Eyewitness News]

Minnesota Meatpacking union workers reject contract offer from Hormel 2023-09-18 [The Post]

Why Wells Fargo is the only big bank where workers are trying to unionize 2023-09-18 [Axios]

Unions of the future will have to work differently to survive 2023-09-18 [Mint]

Union workers strike against Big Three automakers 2023-09-18 [CNN]

UAW strike exposes tensions between Biden’s goals of tackling climate change and supporting unions 2023-09-18 [AP]

Oklahoma Lawmakers double pay for poll workers 2023-09-18 [Enid News&Eagle]

How Shawn Fain, an unlikely and outspoken president, led the UAW to strike 2023-09-18 [NPR]

Ontario Ford also faces strike at Canadian plants Monday night 2023-09-17 [CNN]

California CA Lawmakers Approve Nation-Leading $25 Minimum Wage for Health Workers 2023-09-17 [CA Healthline]

‘No Justice, No Jeeps!’ Scenes from the Auto Workers Strike 2023-09-17 [Labor Notes]

Obama on UAW strike: Time to ‘do right’ by workers that kept companies ‘on their feet’ 2023-09-17 [The Hill]

Ford and GM announce hundreds of temporary layoffs with no compensation due to strike 2023-09-17 [NPR]

Michigan PA Sen. John Fetterman joins striking UAW workers in Michigan 2023-09-17 [Axios]

 VIDEO  Kaiser Permanente workers authorize strike For more info 2023-09-17 [FOX]

Donald Trump Is Siding With Auto Bosses Against Workers 2023-09-17 [Jacobin]

AFL-CIO onUAW strike: Working people united in fight to win fair contracts autoworkers deserve 2023-09-17 [AFL-CIO]

Service & Solidarity spotlight: Are you 'all in' with UAW members? 2023-09-17 [AFL-CIO]

Michigan US autoworkers launch historic strike at GM, Ford, and Stellantis plants 2023-09-17 [Al-Jazeerah]

Partene i bilstreiken har gjenopptatt forhandlingene 2023-09-16 [abc nyheter/NTB]

UAW Strikes at Select Plants: The ‘Stand Up Strike’ is intended to keep the Big Three automakers off-balance 2023-09-16 [Am Prospect]

Studio's shutdown of entertainment industry puts diverse representation at risk 2023-09-15 [SAG-AFTRA]

Biden om bilstreiken: Overskuddet må fordeles rettferdig 2023-09-15 [abc nyheter/NTB]

Biden says he respects United Auto Workers strike after talks collapse 2023-09-15 [NBC]

NUMSA supports auto workers’ strike in the US 2023-09-15 [SABC]

Ontario Canadian automakers, union stare down Monday strike deadline 2023-09-15 [BNN]


Auto Workers Strike Plants at All Three of the Big 3 For more info 2023-09-15 [Labor Notes]

Unifor solidarity letter to UAW autoworkers on strike 2023-09-15 [Unifor]

UAW launches historic strike against Big 3 automakers 2023-09-15 [Wash Post]

Workers strike at all 3 Detroit automakers in a battle for a bigger share of industry profits 2023-09-15 [AP]

The UAW launches a historic strike against all Big 3 automakers 2023-09-15 [NPR]

UAW strike: Workers walk out at US motor industry giants 2023-09-15 [bbc]

Here Are the Plants Where U.A.W. Strikes Are Happening 2023-09-15 [NYTimes]

UAW hits Detroit Three automakers with first simultaneous strike 2023-09-15 [Reuters]

 VIDEO  UAW workers launch unprecedented strike against all Big Three automakers 2023-09-15 [CNN]

U.A.W. Halts Work at 3 Plants in Contract Fight With Automakers 2023-09-15 [NYTimes]


United Auto Workers on strike for share of profits 2023-09-15 [IndustriALL]

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