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Virginia Big Union Win in Virginia Schools where Bargaining Suddenly Legal 2024-06-14 [Labor Notes]

Tennessee Supreme Court backs Starbucks in fight over ‘Memphis 7’ unionizing effort 2024-06-14 [CNN]

AFL-CIO president on supreme court decision concerning Starbucks workers 2024-06-14 [AFL-CIO]

Siding with Starbucks, Supreme Court makes it harder for NLRB to win legal protections for unionizing workers 2024-06-14 [PBS / AP]

Near-unanimous Supreme Court says NLRB must have consistent standards for reinstating workers, rejecting 'loose standard' used in Starbucks case 2024-06-13 [New York Times]

Guest Editorial: Baldemar Velasquez, President, Farm Labor Organizing Committee (FLOC): WDACL 2024 2024-06-13 [IUF]

California Uber loses California gig work law challenge 2024-06-12 [The Hill]

Thousands of Amazon Flex drivers file arbitration claims for misclassification as contractors 2024-06-12 [Reuters]

UAW monitor investigating claims that president retaliated against two members who asked questions about financial impropriety 2024-06-11 [New York Times]

California Judge Orders UC Workers to Pause Strike 2024-06-11 [Campus Safety]

Washington Farm Workers to Rally at Yakima Court in Windmill Farms Lawsuit 2024-06-11 [UFW]

Workers Reject Trump 'Pandering' on Tipped Wages—But Have Message for Democrats Too 2024-06-11 [Common Dreams]

Biggest U.S. ports union suspends labor talks, with East Coast, Gulf Coast strike risk rising 2024-06-11 [CNBC]

Why Food4Less Workers Are Fighting For Pay Equity 2024-06-11 [Forbes]

 VIDEO Texas The IBT, AI, Labor, Fascism & The Deadly Heat Wave With IBT VP John Palmer For more info 2024-06-10 [LVP]

Republicans Try To Block 4 Million Workers From Getting Overtime Protections 2024-06-08 [Huff Post]

California UCal Workers Ordered to End Strike Over Protest Grievances 2024-06-08 [NYTimes]

Ohio Cuyahoga County Public Library staff mulls strike as wages remain sticking point 2024-06-08 [WCPN]

Maryland Glenstone museum workers form union after contentious campaign 2024-06-08 [Washington Post]

Community Organizer Wildfire Preparation and Rapid Response Campaign 2024-06-08 [PCUN]

Oljefondet vil stemme mot Musks lønnspakke i Tesla 2024-06-08 [E24]

Progressive influencers push labor board to crack down on Amazon 2024-06-07 [Washington Post]

AFL-CIO president supports senate leadership's action on contraception 2024-06-07 [AFL-CIO]

Ohio Cuyahoga County Library Employees Picket, Claiming Unfair Wages and Treatment 2024-06-06 [Cleveland Scene]

American Airlines offers pay bump as flight attendant union opens strike center 2024-06-06 [Dallas Morning News]

New York More than 600 administrative workers at Syracuse University vote to join union 2024-06-06 []

Amazon’s first U.S. labor union moves to affiliate with Teamsters 2024-06-06 [CNBC]

Florida Brazen Assault on Public Sector Workers Puts Unions in Survival Mode 2024-06-06 [In These Times]

Oregon AFSCME president joins OHSU workers in contract fight, celebrates organizing win 2024-06-06 [AFSCME]

Mississippi Jackson Starbucks files for unionization for better work conditions 2024-06-06 [WLBT]

California UC Sues Academic Workers Union to Halt Pro-Palestinian Solidarity Strikes 2024-06-06 [KQED]

South Carolina Newberry Starbucks workers file for union elections, one of 18 in massive day of filing 2024-06-06 [WISTV]

 VIDEO California At SEIU1021 SF Mayoral Debate Workers & Residents Speak Out On Genocide, Retaliations, MTA & Corruption For more info 2024-06-06 [LVP]

 VIDEO California SF AFM 6 Commemoration Of A Merger Of White & Black Locals For more info 2024-06-06 [LVP]


Biden administration pushes for more women construction workers at Intel chips site 2024-06-05 [Columbus Dispatch]

IATSE Leader Is 'Hopeful' as Contract Talks Continue 2024-06-05 [Variety]

Får ikke med seg Stortinget på å kaste ut Tesla fra Oljefondet 2024-06-05 [Fri fagbevegelse]

Independent Amazon Labor Union moves to affiliate with Teamsters 2024-06-05 [Washington Post]

Amazon Labor Union affiliates with Teamsters 2024-06-05 [The Hill]

California UCLA workers to strike over university handling of Gaza protests 2024-06-05 [Washington Post]

California Denied again: UC fails a second time to get court order to stop academic workers’ strike 2024-06-04 [LA Times]

West Virginia Stand up for workers rights: Stop union-busting in Monongalia County! 2024-06-04 [UMWA]

West Virginia UMWA rescinds endorsement of Monongalia county commission candidate 2024-06-04 [UMWA]

AFL-CIO president on LBGTQIA pride month 2024-06-03 [AFL-CIO]

CEOs made nearly 200 times what their workers got paid last year 2024-06-03 [AP]

California UC workers strike blends traditional labor stoppage with pro-Palestinian fervor 2024-06-03 [The Times]

Starbucks, Union Reach Tentative Agreements for Job Protections 2024-06-02 [Bloomberg Law]

District of Columbia Compass Coffee workers at seven stores launch union drive 2024-06-01 [Washington Post]

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