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2,000 unpaid Indian workers stranded in Kuwait 2018-01-03 [Times of India]

Tragedy of 588 nurses 2017-10-13 [Arab Times]

CSC ‘issues’ circular banning microwaves, coffee makers, toasters in office premises – Workers union denounces action 2017-10-13 [Arab Times]

Four oil field construction workers injured in Kuwait 2017-10-13 [BNA]

Cleaners protest late salaries - company violates rules 2017-09-19 [Arab Times]

KTUF says expats play a part in the thorny issues that Kuwait is currently facing 2017-08-28 [Arab Times]

GOC labor union official ‘decries’ number of death cases of workers – Company held responsible 2017-06-25 [Arab Times]

Kuwait Labor Law: Lawmakers mull 35-day annual leave 2017-04-10 [zawya]

Maid: My Kuwaiti employer was trying to kill me 2017-04-08 [Middle East Eye]

Ministry workers protest allowance suspension 2017-04-05 [The Times]

Woman who filmed her maid falling from a building and didn't try to help 'detained by police' in Kuwait 2017-04-04 [The Independent]

Domestic Worker from Ethiopia Survives Fall From Kuwait Building 2017-04-04 [HRW]

Rights of electricity and water ministry workers must be protected:Union 2017-04-04 [Arab Times]

Verbal duel at union federation ends in fisticuffs 2017-04-04 [Arab Times]

Kuwaiti govt work programme urged to give priority to citizens 2017-03-17 [zawya]

Domestic Workers Department shut down 27 domestic labor recruitment offices in 2016 after receiving several complaints 2017-02-12 [Arab Times]

Why one year on the domestic worker law is not working 2017-01-30 [Migrant Rights]

Workers union responds to KAC statement; sit-in still underway 2017-01-09 [The Times]

Kuwait Airways' workers union to go ahead with protest despite requests to halt it 2017-01-09 [Arabian Business]

Union chief reiterates oil workers’ demands 2016-12-28 [Kuwait Times]

Disabled Authority staff protest outside interference, low salaries 2016-12-26 [The Times]

Cleaning workers in Kuwait protest against unpaid salaries 2016-11-20 [Zawya]

UN urges Kuwait to abolish migrant labor system 2016-09-11 [Al-Arabiya]

Labor union reject fuel prices increase 2016-08-11 [The Times]

First Gulf state to set minimum wage for domestic workers 2016-07-23 [Middle East Eye]

Kuwait sets minimum wage for domestic workers 2016-07-14 [Gulf Business]

Workers query unfair bonus disbursements – ‘Move to psychologically affect employees’ 2016-07-09 [Arab Times]

14 Zimbabwean women return from Kuwait where they were subjected to slavery 2016-06-18 [Zimbabwe Herald]

Petroleum company to compensate workers who did not participate in April strikes 2016-05-31 [Arab Times]

Oil and gas workers win pay rises after 3 day strike 2016-05-31 [Gulf Business]

Government caves in to striking oil workers' salary demands 2016-05-24 [al Bawaba]

Oil unions in Kuwait resume negotiations over demands 2016-05-18 [IndustriALL]

30 housewives, ’employer’ get jail over labor fraud – Massive social security violations exposed 2016-05-13 [Kuwait Times]

KTUF signs deal to follow up expat labor complaints 2016-05-04 [The Times]

Three day oil worker strike demonstrates considerable opposition to Gvt austerity drive 2016-05-03 [Reuters]

Oil workers strike makes austerity drive tricky for government 2016-05-02 [The Times]

Panel to study unions’ demands for two weeks 2016-04-28 [The Times]

Workers who spurned strike to be rewarded; No doctors’ strike 2016-04-26 [The Times]

Gvt to take legal action against strikes 2016-04-21 [Gulf News]

3 day oil and gas worker strike: Kuwait lost up to $200m 2016-04-25 [Gulf Business ]

Oil strike ends after pledge 2016-04-21 [The Morning Star]

Oil workers call off strike and return to work 2016-04-21 [al Arabiya]

Oil unions end 3-day strike over government cutbacks 2016-04-21 [Metro]

Oil falls on end to Kuwaiti strike, supply outlook 2016-04-20 [Yahoo]

Striking Oil Workers Disable Over 60% Of Kuwait’s Oil Production 2016-04-19 [OilPrice]

Oil rises as Kuwaiti oil workers strike cuts output for third day 2016-04-19 [The Economic Times]

Oil price rise as Kuwait oil worker strike diminishes supply 2016-04-19 [Reuters ]

Country lowers crude, refining output as workers strike 2016-04-18 [Reuters]

National Petroleum Company trying to hire strike-breakers from Egypt and India 2016-04-18 [Sputnik]

Thousands join oil worker strike over pay cuts - dramatic plunge in crude production 2016-04-18 [The National]

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