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Today's news - Haryana

Sanitation workers seek timely salary 2018-06-17 [The Tribune]

Protesting Haryana ASHA Workers Detained and Released 2018-06-17 [Newsclick]

‘Demands not met’, Asha workers strike work 2018-06-16 [TNN]

Domestic workers harassed daily as cops turn a deaf ear 2018-06-16 [The Times]

ASHA workers flay govt, court arrest 2018-06-16 [The Tribune]

‘Demands not met’, Asha workers strike work 2018-06-16 [The Times]

Workers filling potholes on NH service lane end up in police station 2018-06-14 [TNN]

Sanitation Workers strike called off, Government agrees to wage increase 2018-05-25 [BW]

Sanitation workers in Haryana call off 16-day old strike 2018-05-25 [India Today]

After 15 days, Haryana sanitation workers call off strike 2018-05-25 [The Indian Express]

Garbage piles across Haryana as municipal workers continue strike 2018-05-22 [The Express]

Civic body workers protest non-payment of salaries 2018-03-21 [The Tribune]

Power Board workers unions protests against anti-employee policies 2018-03-15 [UNI]

Wages of Anganwari workers increased 2018-03-02 [PTI]

Cooker blast raises questions on safety of midday meal workers, teachers seek health insurance 2018-02-12 [The Times]

On strike, Asha staff boycott polio drive 2018-01-29 [The Tribune]

Workers ‘suspended, transferred for bid to form union’, hold protest 2018-01-19 [The Times]

10 months after death on conveyor belt, workers still can’t form a union 2018-01-10 [The Times]

Roadways staff put off strike 2017-12-28 [The Tribune]

Bridgestone to take back suspended workers 2017-12-24 [Times of India]

About 500 protesting NHM workers sacked 2017-12-10 [The Times]

Gurgaon: Health workers’ strike continues for third day, services hit 2017-12-08 [The Times]

Workers at Manesar auto parts firm struggle to form union’ - Report 2017-12-06 [Steel Guru]

National Health Mission Workers Begin Two-Day Strike in Haryana 2017-12-05 [Newsclick]

Asha' Condoms Have Become A Bane In Haryana As Ruffians Hurl Taunts At Female Health Workers 2017-09-24 [India Times]

Minimum wages hiked to Rs18,000: CM 2017-09-18 [Tribune ]

Maids in Gurugram’s new sectors say they are underpaid, go on strike 2017-08-16 [The Times]

Domestic helps in Sector 70/71 demand higher wages, better facilities 2017-08-14 [The Times]

Anganwadi workers take out rally, seek better wages 2017-07-31 [TNN]

Violence at VIVO plant after 60 workers sacked 2017-07-27 [DNA]

Gurgaon Updates : Automax workers fight against surprise factory closure after two decades in service , and Aisin workers continue their struggle 2017-07-19 [tnlabour]

Maruti vendor Company Ahresty in Bawal employs goons and Police to repress workers 2017-07-03 [tnlabour]

Roadways buses off the road as employees strike work 2017-06-13 [PTI]

Workers protest demanding reinstatement of colleagues 2017-06-02 [TNN]

Roadways employees’ union to hold statewide protest today 2017-05-29 [TNN]

Haryana Roadways unions threaten fresh agitation from May 1 2017-04-30 [The Tribune]

India: workers vow to fight Maruti Suzuki murder charges 2017-04-18 [Equal Times]

CITU extends support to striking Haryana Roadways workers against privatisation of routes 2017-04-15 [CITU]

120 roadways staff suspended, strike continues 2017-04-13 [The Tribune]

पथेर की ईंटों की मजदूरी बढ़ाने की मांग, प्रदर्शन 2017-04-13 [Nagrik]

Roadways workers’ strike hits city commuters 2017-04-12 [The Express]

Govt, unions stick to stand, talks fail 2017-04-12 [Tribune ]

Unions to help acquitted workers get jobs 2017-03-16 [TNN]

Maruti case: Unions to meet in city today 2017-03-15 [TNN]

Maruti clashes case: Gurgaon court convicts 31, acquits 117 2017-03-11 [DNA]

2012 Maruti factory violence: Meet Sonu Gujjar, the man behind the strike 2017-03-10 [The Standard]

As jailed maruti workers wait for their verdict, an appeal to the working class 2017-03-04 [tnlabour]

मजदूर संगठनों ने एसडीएम कार्यालय पर दिया धरना 2017-03-02 [दैनिक भास्कर]

Dismissal of contract workers ends in tragedy 2017-02-16 [tnlabour]

Govt staff march to Assembly on March 7 2017-02-16 [Tribune India]

This month in labour history

3-06-1977 Police opened fire on a workers' demonstration, killing 12. Thousands of workers from the Bhilai Steel plant and mines had been demonstrating at the police station where strike leader Shankar Guha Niyogi was being held following his arrest. [more]

29-06-1928 The South Indian Railway strike begins. The bosses respond with a lock-out and the colonial government unleashes severe, violent repression. [more]