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IFJ calls on government to protect British investigative journalist 2018-09-27 [IFJ]

Transport Workers Debate Strike As Gov't Stays Silent 2018-07-26 [TeleSUR]

Mayor privatises waste sector and sacks 700 municipal workers 2018-07-17 [PSI]

BWI for decent work in the cement industry 2018-06-22 [BWI]

3 Unionists Murdered in Guatemala, Honduras in Past Year 2018-03-23 [Solidarity Center]

The bid for dialogue following the post-electoral crisis in Honduras 2018-03-07 [Equal Times]

Chiquita and Honduran worker union “on the verge of agreement” 2018-01-31 [Fresh Fruit Portal]

Workers Union and Chiquita on the verge of an agreement 2018-01-29 [Fresh Plaza]

Striking palm oil workers, attacked, threatened 2017-12-17 [Solidarity Center]

Amid evidence of election fraud, police cracks down on peaceful protesters 2017-12-15 [ITUC]

Honduras: Unions Demand Respect for Will of the People For more info 2017-12-13 [Solidarity Center]

Ethical Trading Initiative upholds Fyffes suspension 2017-12-13 [Fresh Fruit Portal]

Worker rights dispute. Ethical Trade Initiative upholds Fyffes ban 2017-12-12 [FruitNet]

Honduran workers demand transparent election recount 2017-12-08 [IndustriALL]

A stolen election and the legacy of a coup d'état 2017-12-07 [IUF]

Unions call for transparency, respect for rights as election crisis deepens 2017-12-06 [Solidarity Center]

With Election Fraud in Tow, Honduran Police Calls out State Repression, Announce National Strike 2017-12-06 [teleSUR ]

Police strike, refuse crackdown on protesters 2017-12-06 [Al Jazeera]

Hundreds of Honduran police strike amid election tensions 2017-12-06 [BBC]

Honduran Unions to Be Honored at 20th Anniversary Event For more info 2017-11-09 [Solidarity Center]

AB InBev Honduras: STIBYS secures hundreds of permanent jobs for outsourced workers 2017-09-20 [IUF]

Melon Workers Push for Union Rights 2017-06-13 [Labor Notes]

Honduran workers’ rights activists face rising violence 2017-05-01 [Equal Times]

Fyffes Union Leader Escapes Murder Attempt 2017-04-24 [ITUC]

Fyffes Union Leader in Honduras Escapes Murder Attempt 2017-04-23 [ITUC]

Honduran Worker Rights Activists Face Rising Violence For more info 2017-04-20 [Solidarity Center]

Esperanza Cardona, Working for Agrarian Reforms, Gender Equality For more info 2017-03-31 [Solidarity Center]

Honduras controversy won't stop Fyffes' Japanese takeover 2017-02-16 [News Talk]

Fyffes melon workers’ dispute escalates as takeover nears 2017-02-16 [Irish Times]

Irish Firm Exploiting Plantation Workers 2017-01-31 [TeleSUR]

2 HONDURAN RIGHTS ACTIVISTS KILLED, MORE THREATENED For more info 2016-10-25 [Solidarity Center]

Employees at a textile factory that made Trump shirts report dangerous, abusive conditions — harsh even for Honduras 2016-08-08 [Buzzfeed]

“Berta Cáceres did not die. She multiplied” 2016-06-15 [Equal Times]

14 Honduran Unionists Attacked or Threatened in Past Year For more info 2016-04-18 [Solidarity Center]

Family and Allies of Berta Cáceres Remember Her Life and Continue Her Struggle 2016-04-12 [AFL-CIO]

Witness to the assassination of Honduran indigenous and environmental activist Berta Cáceres being held 2016-03-12 [CUPE]

Prominent human rights defender murdered 2016-03-09 [Education International]

More Than 30 Trade Unionists Have Been Killed Since 2009 2015-11-30 [The Nation]

Honduran Union Leader, Family Leave Home after Threats For more info 2015-11-17 [Solidarity Center]

2 More Honduran Union Leaders Threatened, Harassed For more info 2015-09-28 [Solidarity Center]

Anti-Union Violence in Honduras: Sixth Time this Year For more info 2015-09-11 [Solidarity Center]


Support for Honduras from EI’s Congress 2015-07-26 [Education International]

Honduran Workers Win Unions at 3 Plants, Get Pact at 4th For more info 2015-06-15 [Solidarity Center]

Garment workers under attack 2015-03-27 [IndustriALL Global Union]

Serious labour rights violations according to US Labor Department Findings 2015-03-17 [ITUC]

Child Workers, Other Labor Violations Found in Honduras by U.S. Gov't 2015-02-28 [NBC]

Trade policies blamed for for crisis 2015-02-18 [WW 4 Report]

Public Workers March Against Job Cuts 2014-12-02 [teleSUR]

Transport Workers Back to Strike Again 2014-11-11 [Prensa Latina]

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