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Trade union dispute with state-owned ferry company may end up in court 2018-10-27 [ERR]

Grappling With Wage Pressures 2018-05-27 [The Financial Tribune]

EFJ meets Estonian MEPs to discuss Baltic fact-finding mission 2018-05-16 [EFJ]

HKScan, trade union reach agreement on wage terms 2018-04-13 [ERR News]

Union: HKScan must begin negotiations with strikers 2018-03-10 [ERR News]

Union includes HKScan's Finnish parent company in talks with employer 2018-03-08 [ERR News]

No developments at Rakvere plant since strike began last month 2018-03-07 [ERR News]

HKScan meat workers strike for rights, recognition and a collective agreement 2018-03-02 [IUF]

Union to organize picket in Finland to support strikers at Rakvere plant 2018-02-09 [ERR News]

Workers of Rakvere meatpacking plant go on strike 2018-02-07 [ERR News]

Luminor Trade Union reach agreement with Bank 2018-02-06 [UNI Global Union]

Unions, Rakvere meat plant preparing for strike 2018-02-05 [ERR]

EVR Cargo extends collective agreement with railway workers 2017-12-31 [ERR News]

EFJ urges Estonia to reconsider denied accreditation to Russian journalists 2017-09-06 [EFJ]

Unions inform Baltic colleagues of issues with Lumino 2017-09-04 [err]

Health care workers planning to start political strike May 15 2017-04-13 [The Times]

Unions says Telia collective agreement an example,for others 2017-03-17 [Baltic Times]

Dockers – support Estonian union dismissal battle 2016-07-08 [ITF Global Union]

Dockers – support Estonian union dismissal battle 2016-07-07 [ITF]

Tallink to increase payroll of ship crew members by 5.3% 2015-12-28 [The Baltic Course]

LabourStart appeal backs Estonian activist sacked for speaking out  ActNOW!  2015-10-21 [ITF]

Trade Unions called for a 1-year minimum wage agreement 2015-09-17 [Baltic Course]

Employers' confederation proposes minimum wage increase by 2017 2015-05-26 [The Baltic Times]

TUC Head urges Govt to find solutions to wave of redundancies 2015-01-27 [The Baltic Course]

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