Police infiltrated unions to get information for construction worker blacklist

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Police infiltrated unions to get information for construction worker blacklist 2018-03-23 [The Telegraph]

Metropolitan Police admits role in blacklisting construction safety activists 2018-03-23 [BBC]

England Teachers' Strike Continues as Demands Fall on Deaf Ears 2018-03-23 [Keighley Online]

England Migrant cleaners in Living Wage victory against the Daily Mail 2018-03-23 [libcom.org]

Metropolitan Police admits role in blacklisting construction workers 2018-03-23 [BBC]

Calls for an inquiry after the Met admits to passing info on to blacklisting organisations 2018-03-23 [Morning Star]

Firefighters' union backs walk out from Spycops inquiry 2018-03-23 [FBU]

Trinity Mirror’s digital branding destroys a further 49 editorial jobs 2018-03-23 [NUJ]

400,000 working age adults in Wales are living in poverty 2018-03-23 [TUC]

Women earn £8,400 a year less than men by the time they hit 50, TUC reveals 2018-03-23 [TUC]

Officers likely to have passed personal files to blacklisters, says Met 2018-03-23 [Guardian]

Long overdue NHS pay rise does not make up for 8 years of pay cuts, say Labour and unions 2018-03-23 [Morning Star]

Unite accuses ministers of UK passport betrayal 2018-03-23 [Unite the union]

Energy giant SSE workers accept ‘good’ pay deal 2018-03-22 [Unite the union]

Working people in poverty need a new deal, says TUC 2018-03-22 [TUC]

PCS condemns letters inciting violence towards Muslims which amount to racial hatred and hate crimes 2018-03-22 [PCS]

England 1.3 million health care workers are getting their first raise since 2010 2018-03-22 [CNN]

Scotland Union fears over Waverley station project workers' rights 2018-03-22 [BBC]

Northern Ireland Health staff could miss out on pay deal 2018-03-22 [Belfast Telegraph]

Real wages far below where they were before the recession 2018-03-22 [TUC]

RMT demands clear answers and an end to the 'barrage of obfuscation' over future of East Coast Main Line 2018-03-22 [RMT]

England Gosport protest march over defence site wage robbery 2018-03-22 [Unite the union]

NHS workers have a real pay offer – now it’s time for members to decide their future 2018-03-22 [UNISON]

Reject 'Jam tomorrow' NHS Pay Offer 2018-03-22 [GMB]

Scotland TSSA outraged at ScotRail interference in union and press freedom 2018-03-22 [TSSA]

England BCM-Fareva redundancy announcement is a crushing blow for loyal workforce at the Nottingham site 2018-03-21 [USDAW]

Reckless Tories' Gambling With Kids' Future 2018-03-21 [GMB]

Teaching union calls for 5% pay rise with possible strike backing 2018-03-21 [Guardian]

NHS offer must be followed by funded pay rises for all public servants, says TUC 2018-03-21 [TUC]

Unite backs walkout at SpyCops inquiry 2018-03-21 [Unite the union]

UNISON puts major proposal for NHS pay to its members 2018-03-21 [UNISON]

PwC charges more than £20m for first eight weeks of Carillion collapse 2018-03-21 [The Guardian]

England Ministers drop demand that NHS staff give up day’s leave for pay rise 2018-03-21 [The Guardian]

‘Genie out of the bottle’ on casualisation after pension strikes 2018-03-21 [The Times]

RMT confirms industrial action goes ahead as planned on South Western Railway over Easter 2018-03-21 [RMT]

The government’s benefit uprating policy is hitting the poorest families hard 2018-03-21 [TUC]

See where the money is and what your boss earns 2018-03-21 [Unite the union]

Film and Television Charity on a mission 2018-03-21 [BECTU]

RMT secures renewed mandates for action in ballots 2018-03-21 [RMT]

Trade unionists criticise Amey for threatening them over solidarity displays 2018-03-21 [Morning Star]

Funding review ‘must recognise real cost of providing quality college education’ 2018-03-21 [UNISON]

Making trade unions relevant to the next generation 2018-03-21 [Guardian]

Less than zero: six months working in low-wage Britain 2018-03-20 [newstatesman]

ITV sets up working group to tackle gender pay gap of almost 12% 2018-03-20 [irishexaminer.com]

Northern Ireland Employment growth 'due to EU migrants' 2018-03-20 [BBC]

Acas staff fail to negotiate themselves out of a strike 2018-03-20 [The Times]

A third of UK Muslims report abuse or crime while studying 2018-03-20 [Guardian]

England Dacorum dustbin collection threat in redundancy pay dispute 2018-03-20 [Unite the union]

CWU recommends Agreement on BT Pensions and Pay 2018-03-20 [CWU]

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