Unite announces general secretary election result

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Remembering Bob Crow, a fighter for workers everywhere 2017-04-24 [USI]

Scotland Female council workers in Dundee are 'underpaid', say unions 2017-04-24 [Evening Telegraph]

Learning From Our History, Looking To Our Future 2017-04-23 [CWU]

England Launch for unique historical website of Manchester and Salford Women’s TUC 2017-04-23 [The Star]

Justice for Injured Workers Campaign 2017-04-22 [USDAW]

England מאבק לשמירה על הכבוד: בעקבות סרטו של קן לואץ' 'אני דניאל בלייק' 2017-04-21 [המפלגה הקומוניסטית הישראלית]

England Unite seeks assurances over job security as Grimsby fish processor firm put up for sale 2017-04-21 [Unite]

England Time for an honest conversation about trade unions 2017-04-21 [Guardian]

Unite announces general secretary election result 2017-04-21 [Unite]

New TUC guide will help health and safety reps keep both men and women safe at work 2017-04-21 [TUC]

Health visitors and school nurses to prepare election checklist to ringfence public health budgets 2017-04-21 [Unite]

Fighting for the future of homecare 2017-04-21 [UNISON]

Government should scrap tribunal fees so workers can challenge sexist dress codes, says TUC 2017-04-21 [TUC]

England London - 6 May demo to fight fascists in Croydon 2017-04-21 [PCS]

Unite призывает проявить солидарность с британскими рабочими Fujitsu 2017-04-20 [IndustriALL]

Unite appelle à la solidarité avec les travailleurs de Fujitsu UK 2017-04-20 [IndustriALL]

Unite apela a la solidaridad con los trabajadores de Fujitsu en el Reino Unido 2017-04-20 [IndustriALL]

Unite appeals for solidarity with Fujitsu UK workers 2017-04-20 [IndustriALL]

Unite - McCluskey rival suspended for 'bringing union into disrepute' 2017-04-20 [Guardian]

England Tomorrow’s Woolwich Ferry strike suspended, as talks make ‘positive’ progress 2017-04-20 [Unite]

Construction material warning as Cemex drivers ballot on strike action 2017-04-20 [Unite]

England London May Day March and Rally - Monday 1st May 2017-04-20 [ASLEF]

Marks and Spencer - store reorganisation starts with six closures - Usdaw calls for talks 2017-04-20 [USDAW]

England Woolwich Ferry staff set to strike over secretary’s ‘sexual harassment ordeal’ 2017-04-20 [The Standard]

Japan’s ambassador urged to intervene in Fujitsu’s ‘shameful’ job loss dispute 2017-04-20 [Unite]

England RMT responds to National Audit Office report 2017-04-20 [RMT]

Brutal Machete Attack On Union Man 2017-04-20 [GMB]

General Secretary's Message Ahead Of General Election 2017-04-20 [GMB]

England Hinkley Point Delays on Cards 2017-04-20 [GMB]

‘Solid support’ for BMW strike leaves production lines laying idle 2017-04-19 [Unite]

GMB Urges Councils to Use Existing Powers to Control ‘Wild West’ Taxi Regulation 2017-04-19 [GMB]

School Funding – Government must come clean before the Election 2017-04-19 [NUT]

England Strike action is 'last resort' for Plant Swindon workers fighting for their pensions, says union boss 2017-04-19 [The Advertiser]

Construction undercutting must end 2017-04-19 [TUC Going to Work]

Northern Ireland 'Tsunami' of initiatives causing despair across teaching profession, union warns 2017-04-18 [Belfast News Letter]

England Teachers opt not to disrupt primary tests 2017-04-18 [BBC]

England RMT members vote for action over 'London Bridge Three' 2017-04-18 [RMT]

Coming general election must be about the future of our public services, says UNISON 2017-04-18 [UNISON]

GMB Response To Snap General Election 2017-04-18 [GMB]

PCS NEC elections open on Thursday (20 April) 2017-04-18 [PCS]

Unite statement on call for an early general election 2017-04-18 [Unite]

Job security is key in Weetabix takeover, says Unite 2017-04-18 [Unite]

Putting the foxes in charge of the migration hen house 2017-04-18 [TUC]

The Guardian view on apprenticeships: an invitation for employers to cheat 2017-04-18 [Guardian]

Poorest children will be hit hardest by the Government's school funding proposals 2017-04-18 [NUT]

Biggest crackdown on trade unions for 30 years launched by Conservatives 2017-04-18 [Guardian]

Four years after Rana Plaza, union action prevents a repeat 2017-04-17 [TUC]

England Robots to replace 10 million workers in UK, study says 2017-04-17 [taipeitimes]

England Don’t give up on unions – they can still drive a more progressive politics 2017-04-17 [Guardian]

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